Bat guts become less healthy through diet of "fast food" from banana plantations

Nectar-feeding bats foraging in intensively managed banana plantations in Costa Rica have a less diverse set of gut microbes in comparison to bats feeding in their natural forest habitat or organic plantations, reveals new research published today in.....»»

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US Regulators Exploring How Banks Could Hold Crypto Assets

A top U.S. bank regulator said U.S. officials are looking to provide a clearer path for banks and their clients that are looking to hold cryptocurrencies, in order to keep control over the fast-developing asset. Reuters reports: Jelena McWilliams, wh.....»»

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A new 3D printing frontier: Self-powered wearable devices

When most people think of wearable devices, they think of smart watches, smart glasses, fitness trackers, even smart clothing. These devices, part of a fast-growing market, have two things in common: They all need an external power source, and they a.....»»

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How do plants act fast to fight off infections?

New work led by Carnegie's Kangmei Zhao and Sue Rhee reveals a new mechanism by which plants are able to rapidly activate defenses against bacterial infections. This understanding could inspire efforts to improve crop yields and combat global hunger......»»

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Rapid echolocation helps toothed whales capture speedy prey

Whales use a combination of rapid echolocation adjustments and nimble brain responses to zero in on fast-moving prey, suggests a study published today in eLife......»»

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Nutritional value of giant kelp decreases as sea temperatures increase

As a foundational species, giant kelp (Macrocystis pyrifera) is vital to the ecosystem of the temperate, shallow, nearshore waters where it grows. When the kelp flourishes, so do the communities that rely on the fast-growing species for food and shel.....»»

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Making short-wave infrared light visible with a single component

Infrared (IR) light is invisible to humans. However, some animals, such as rattlesnakes or bloodsucking bats, can perceive IR radiation and use it to find food. But even for humans, the ability to see in the short-wave IR (SWIR) range would sometimes.....»»

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Waters off French coast in winter may be a deadly trap for small, foraging turtles

The documented habitat boundaries of the loggerhead, Kemp's ridley and green turtles are questioned by a new study suggesting that stranded turtles rescued from European French Atlantic and Channel waters could be visiting the area to forage for food.....»»

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Sony Xperia Pro-I is an on-the-go YouTuber’s dream phone

The Sony Xperia Pro-I is an on-the-go videographer’s dream phone with fast specs, custom video software, and a 1-inch light sensor for low-light recording......»»

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Walmart has a $99 Chromebook for Black Friday — but hurry!

Walmart is offering a $99 Lenovo Chromebook for Black Friday, but other retailers that offered the same sold out fast! Hurry if you want one!.....»»

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The best movies about technology gone wrong

We can't live without high-tech toys but boy do they know a lot about us. In these flicks, tech gets evil fast and starts taking lives or even entire planets......»»

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Environmentally hazardous coal waste diminished by citric acid

In one of nature's unexpected bounties, a harmless food-grade solvent has been used to extract highly sought rare-earth metals from coal ash, reducing the amount of ash without damaging the environment and at the same time increasing an important nat.....»»

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Crunchy algae, anyone? NASA shares ideas for food in space

From bugs to algae, and from 3D printing to artificial photosynthesis, NASA has announced a plethora of ideas about the future of food in space......»»

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NASA’s Lucy spacecraft is in cruise mode, but solar array issue persists

NASA is investigating what is wrong with the solar array of its Lucy spacecraft, but says the craft is healthy and is traveling along the correct trajectory......»»

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Sodium-cooled fast reactors and the future of nuclear energy

A new paper by Technical Director of the Generation IV International Forum, Gilles Rodriguez, published in the open-access journal EPJ Nuclear Sciences & Technologies, provides a comprehensive review of joint research into sodium-cooled fast reactors.....»»

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Small- to medium-size TV panels see fast price drops

While LCD TV panel prices have generally been falling since July 2021, the extent of decrease for the 32-, 43- and 55-inch segments has been much bigger the 65- and 75-inch ones, which has sent makers cutting more of their small- to medium-sise TV pa.....»»

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Best cheap Dyson vacuum and fan deals for October 2021

It's pretty easy to find deals on Dyson's class-leading hardware to keep your home clean and healthy......»»

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VR Treatment For Lazy Eye In Children Gets FDA Approval

The Food and Drug Administration approved a virtual reality-based treatment for children with the visual disorder amblyopia, or lazy eye, the company behind the therapy announced today. The Verge reports: Luminopia's approach uses TV and movies to de.....»»

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Biodiversity of islands worldwide is in peril, scientists warn

Scientists are sounding the alarm. The biodiversity of islands around the world is becoming increasingly threatened, due in large part to habitat loss, overexploitation, invasive species and climate change. If healthy island environments are to be co.....»»

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Why no tusks? Poaching tips scales of elephant evolution

A hefty set of tusks is usually an advantage for elephants, allowing them to dig for water, strip bark for food and joust with other elephants. But during episodes of intense ivory poaching, those big incisors become a liability......»»

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Valorizing into urban biowaste locally: Conclusive results of the European DECISIVE project

Biowaste, food waste and other natural biodegradable refuse make up a third of French household waste. This biodegradable waste is a potential source of energy for producing electricity and heat but can also provide a wealth of products with high add.....»»

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