Based on a True Story season 1’s ending, explained

Curious about how season one of Based on a True Story, the new Peacock series starring Kaley Cuoco and Chris Messina, ends? Digital Trends has all the answers......»»

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Researchers fabricate chip-based optical resonators with record low UV losses

Researchers have created chip-based photonic resonators that operate in the ultraviolet (UV) and visible regions of the spectrum and exhibit a record low UV light loss. The new resonators lay the groundwork for increasing the size, complexity and fid.....»»

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South American bat rediscovered after a century

The Strange Big-eared Brown Bat, Histiotus alienus, was first described by science in 1916, by the British zoologist Oldfield Thomas. The description of the species was based on a single specimen captured in Joinville, Paraná, in southern Brazil......»»

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El Paso, Elsewhere review: you won’t want to put down this Max Payne-inspired indie

El Paso, Elsewhere is designed like third-person shooters from the early 2000s, and it uses that aesthetic to tell a captivating story......»»

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Researchers develop minimal nanozymes with carbon dioxide capture capacity

Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) researchers have developed minimal nanozymes with the capacity of capturing carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted in industrial processes—and applicable to other environmental remediation processes—based on artific.....»»

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Holographic hybridization technique allows changes of depth of field in recorded pictures and videos

Most of the imaging technologies available today, including smartphone cameras, digital video cameras, microscopes and telescopes, are based on the concepts of direct imaging, i.e., a camera directly recording a scene in a single step. This is precis.....»»

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Coatings made from a wood by-product can keep our glasses and windshields clear

Researchers have developed a way to turn a waste material from wood into a bio-based transparent film that can be used for anti-fogging or anti-reflective coatings on glasses or vehicle windows. In addition to offering an alternative to the toxic syn.....»»

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I’m sick of Motorola phones not having this one essential feature

I have enjoyed using some of Motorola's top phones recently, but have become increasingly annoyed by one missing feature: a true, permanent always-on display......»»

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Single sideband modulation technique can relax the bandwidth restriction

As an ultra-wideband microwave signal, amplitude shift keying (ASK) can be used in many applications, such as electronic warfare, wireless communications and modern radar systems. Initially, ASK microwave signals are generated based on radio frequenc.....»»

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Unleashing the power of AI to track animal behavior

Movement offers a window into how the brain operates and controls the body. From clipboard-and-pen observation to modern artificial intelligence-based techniques, tracking human and animal movement has come a long way. Current cutting-edge methods ut.....»»

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Study finds Antarctica"s glacial border migrates for miles with the tide

The grounding line of the southern Ronne Ice Shelf in Antarctica can shift up to 15 km with changing tides, new analysis shows. The research, published today in The Cryosphere, examines the key region where land-based Antarctic ice spills over into t.....»»

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What to know about the auto supplier Trump is visiting in Michigan

Trump's camp confirmed Saturday that he will "deliver remarks" at Clinton Township-based Drake Enterprises Inc. at 8 p.m. Wednesday, according to a news advisory on his website. Drake is located about 25 miles Northeast of Detroit......»»

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Iron-based molecular switch improves reaction yield by modulating zeolite catalyst acidity

A molecular switch, or molecule that changes in response to varying environmental stimuli, has successfully modified the acidity of a zeolite catalyst to improve the yield of paraxylene from methanol in heterogeneous catalysis, or a reaction where th.....»»

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These LG true wireless noise-canceling earbuds are $30 off

The LG Tone Free Fit wireless earbuds, which are perfect for working out and offer active noise cancellation, are currently on sale from Best Buy for just $170......»»

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Q&A: How extreme weather impacts fall foliage

After a summer of extreme weather—historic rainfall, devastating floods, wildfire smoke—leaf peeping season has finally arrived in Vermont and New England......»»

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When to watch The Great British Baking Show

The Great British Baking Show is returning later this month with a new season of competition, and we're telling you when and where you can watch it......»»

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Apple weaved itself into a fine mess with the awful iPhone 15 FineWoven case

Apple’s new FineWoven cases for iPhone 15 are a huge swing and miss. They suck. Apple should remove them from sale and refund everyone who’s already bought one. You could pretty much stop reading the story at this point, but I’ll offer a few pi.....»»

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Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone Season 6 release date and new weapons

Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone are heading into Season 6. Here's the new maps, weapons and changes......»»

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iPhone 15 boxes have new security mechanism to prove authenticity

There are a lot of scams out there involving Apple products, and it’s no different with the iPhone. This year, with the iPhone 15, Apple seems to have implemented a new security mechanism based on UV light to prove the authenticity of the device an.....»»

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First iPhone 15 Pro drop test suggests new rounded edge titanium design is less durable

By flying to Australia, AppleTrack’s Sam Kohl brings us the first iPhone 15 drop tests available on YouTube. Based on his video, it seems the new rounded titanium edges are not better for drop test durability than the remarkably enduring iPhone 14.....»»

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Kuo: iPhone 15 Pro Max biggest growth driver, Apple may cut 15/15 Pro orders if no price drop

Ming-Chi Kuo is out with some iPhone 15 launch day analysis based on supply chain sources. As the new iPhones reach customers around the world, Kuo shares four conclusions about how each model is performing and Apple’s fall quarter will go. mor.....»»

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