Balancing act: Creating companies that generate profit and social impact

Companies should prioritize data collection, analysis and education to measure the effectiveness of social impact solutions. Companies should prioritize data collection, analysis and education to measure the effectiveness of social impact solutio.....»»

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"Love hormone" is revealed to have heart healing properties

The neurohormone oxytocin is well-known for promoting social bonds and generating pleasurable feelings, for example from art, exercise, or sex. But the hormone has many other functions, such as the regulation of lactation and uterine contractions in.....»»

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DART asteroid impact imaged by Webb and Hubble space telescopes

The Hubble and Webb telescopes captured DART smashing into an asteroid this week – the first time they've simultaneously observed the same celestial target......»»

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Fortress Blockchain Technologies and Google Cloud bring private data storage for NFTs

Fortress Blockchain Technologies has launched The Fortress Vault, a new non-fungible token (NFT) database solution built on Google Cloud‘s open, secure, scalable, and sustainable cloud infrastructure. The Fortress Vault helps companies across i.....»»

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California bars tech companies from complying with other states" abortion-related warrants

California is attempting to stymie abortion prosecutions in other states by making it illegal for Silicon Valley giants and other businesses based in the Golden State to hand over the personal information of abortion-seekers to out-of-state authoriti.....»»

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Meta is using AI to generate videos from just a few words

Artificial intelligence is getting better and better at generating an image in response to a handful of words, with publicly available AI image generators such as DALL-E 2 and Stable Diffusion. Now, Meta researchers are taking AI a step further: they.....»»

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Invisibility cloak: Clothing company says garments that make the wearer invisible are only 5-10 years away

Vollebak embedded the coat with 42 panels of graphene, a highly conductive material that some companies, like Samsung, believe can provide longer-lasting and faster-charging batteries. In fact, Professor Coskun Kocabas of UoM says the material works.....»»

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First probable impact crater discovered in Spain

The first probable impact crater in Spain has been identified in the southern province of Almeria. The discovery was presented last week at the Europlanet Science Congress (EPSC) 2022 by Juan Antonio Sánchez Garrido of the University of Almeria......»»

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Chernobyl black frogs reveal evolution in action

The accident at reactor four of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in 1986 generated the largest release of radioactive material into the environment in human history. The impact of the acute exposure to high doses of radiation was severe for the envi.....»»

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Apple continuing command of global smartphone profits, and the lead is growing

Continuing a decade-long string of domination, Apple is again on top of the heap for smartphone profits, with the iPhone collecting 80% of all the profit in the industry.iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro MaxApple's revenues grew 3% year-over-year despi.....»»

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Taiwan companies make perfect partners in competitive 5G tech war, says Roger Huang, head of DIGITIMES Research

"Taiwan's ICT companies have a longtime focus on hardware advancement, capable of agile and flexible development to adapt to unprecedented circumstances. For example, the services and system integration providers can team up with Taiwan ICT suppliers.....»»

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Data security trends: 7 statistics you need to know

U.S. businesses are at high risk for data security threats from increasingly effective phishing attempts and the lack of procedures to restrict data access, according to GetApp’s 4th Annual Data Security Report. Newer companies are especially vulne.....»»

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65% of companies are considering adopting VPN alternatives

Despite high awareness of VPN risks, remote work forced many companies to rely more heavily on legacy access methods during the pandemic. At the same time, cybercriminals continue to take advantage of long-standing security vulnerabilities and increa.....»»

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India reportedly seeks smartphones sold locally to include NavIC support

To avoid the dependence on foreign satellite navigation systems and strengthen strategic security, India reportedly urged smartphone and fabless semiconductor companies to add support for NavIC, India's self-developed navigation system......»»

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Demand for V2X information security is on the rise

V2X devices and the data they generate continue to increase. Together with AI applications and electrical grid connections, they highlight the importance of information security protection. All car manufacturers should come to a consensus in terms of.....»»

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Intel says launch of new-gen processors on track

Intel said the launch of its new-generation processors remains on track despite ongoing inventory adjustments at PC companies......»»

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Experts warn AI assistants are hurting the social development of children

An analysis from Cambridge experts suggest that interactions with AI assistants like Alexa is impeding the social development of children and disrupt learning......»»

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Russia regulator demands answers for VK removal from the App Store

Following Apple's removal of VKontakte from the App Store, Russian regulators are saying that it will impair communications between its citizens, and are demanding answers.Logo for Apple's App StoreVKontakte is Russia's largest social network app. Fo.....»»

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Satellites can accurately take Earth"s temperature

Changes in near-surface air temperatures around the world are one of the most important indicators of climate change. But to fully capture the impact rising temperatures have on people, plants, and processes at Earth's surface, climate scientists and.....»»

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Apple removes Russian social media giant VK from app store

Apple has removed VKontakte, a top Russian social media platform, from its app store, according to the app's developer......»»

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Twitter says Elon Musk’s own data scientists did not back up bots claims

Social media group seeks sanctions as billionaire attempts to pull out of acquisition. Enlarge (credit: Thomas Trutschel/Getty Images) Twitter has said Elon Musk’s own data scientists did not support his claim that the numb.....»»

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