Baidu"s Kunlun Xin not only focuses on AI, but also eyes self-driving

China's Baidu recently announced the AI product "ERNIE Bot," which uses the second generation of Kunlun AI chip in its model. Besides focusing on AI chip development, Baidu is also focusing on applying Kunlun chips to autonomous driving. Recently, Ch.....»»

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iOS 17 locks access to your Safari private browsing tabs behind Face ID auth

With iOS 16, Apple made it so that Hidden album in Photos could be automatically locked from prying eyes with Face ID. With iOS 17, that privacy is now extended to Safari too with Private Browsing. more… The post iOS 17 locks access to your Safar.....»»

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Hyundai invests in 42dot to establish global software center

Hyundai Motor took another step forward to transform its vehicles. The automaker injected KRW346.2 billion (US$265.1 million) into the majority-owned self-driving startup, 42dot, last week to set up a global software center for software-defined vehic.....»»

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mmWave application scenarios getting clear

With the advent of the B5G (beyond 5G) era, mmWave applications continue to emerge, including IoT demand in smart cities and advanced driving assistance systems, driving many major players to expand their related R&D efforts, with startups also joini.....»»

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The “death of self-driving cars” has been greatly exaggerated

GM’s Cruise aims to turn self-driving into a billion-dollar business. Enlarge / The latest iteration of Waymo's self-driving technology is based on the Jaguar I-PACE. (credit: Waymo) Seven years ago, hype about self-dr.....»»

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Panasonic eyes 3rd North American EV battery plant

Panasonic said it will announce the site of a new North American battery production site by March 2024......»»

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Best Apple CarPlay retrofit options for your car

Apple CarPlay is the safest way to interact with your iPhone in the car. You never need to touch your iPhone while driving – something you should never ever do anyway. Instead, you control navigation, communication, and entertainment with voice co.....»»

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Apple Music Classical Arrives for Android Devices

The app focuses on letting listeners enjoy a wide catalog of compositions and pieces from classical musicians. If you’ve ever wanted to try out Apple’s approach to “classical” music streaming, then you might be thril.....»»

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Radar technology gets a refresh, increased role in automated driving systems

Advances in radar could make it easier to develop and deploy automated-driving technology. A number of companies are working on products they think might soon supplant lidar......»»

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Valeo will invest in China-based DiDi to develop robotaxi safety solutions

French automotive supplier Valeo announced an investment in China-based DiDi Autonomous Driving. The pair will jointly develop safety solutions for robotaxi that enables level 4 vehicle autonomy......»»

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Evolution driving improvements in racehorse speed, study shows

A new study by experts from the University of Exeter has found that genetic improvement is underlying the increasing speed of Britain's thoroughbreds. This contrasts with earlier studies that suggested racehorses were showing no genetic improvement i.....»»

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Deep learning helps in global estimation of phytoplankton pigment concentrations

The community structure of phytoplankton can reflect changes in marine environment and help us understand driving factors behind ecological evolution. Quantifying pigment concentration in phytoplankton is crucial for comprehensive assessment of taxon.....»»

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Israeli startup Imagry takes contrarian mapless approach to autonomous driving

While Waymo and others build high-definition maps for autonomous driving, Israeli startup Imagry says going mapless saves money and is just as safe......»»

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Unveiling the RNA-guided mechanisms driving cell fate

The early stages of embryonic development contain many of life's mysteries. Unlocking these mysteries can help us better understand early development and birth defects, and help develop new regenerative medicine treatments......»»

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TSMC seen as driving force behind recent AMD, Nvidia rise

TSMC is widely regarded as the driving force behind AMD and Nvidia's recent success in eroding Intel's share of the data center processor market......»»

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From self-driving cars to military surveillance: Quantum computing can help secure the future of AI systems

Artificial intelligence algorithms are quickly becoming a part of everyday life. Many systems that require strong security are either already underpinned by machine learning or soon will be. These systems include facial recognition, banking, military.....»»

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Arm unveils TCS23, driving immersive experiences and new-generation AI applications

Arm held a new product launch event at COMPUTEX 2023, unveiling the "2023 Total Compute Solution" (TCS23). Chris Bergey, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Arm's Client Line of Business, stated that TCS23 includes the new Arm Immortalis GPU.....»»

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10 Of Tesla"s Coolest Electric Vehicle Innovations

Tesla has proven to be the world's most innovative auto company, combining top-tier technologies with an unmatched driving experience. Tesla has proven to be the.....»»

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Abortion Bans Are Driving Off Doctors and Putting Basic Health Care at Risk

Many physicians say they are reluctant to practice in states with abortion bans, harming access to regular exams and screenings.....»»

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Taiwan self-driving technology passes open-field test at Taoyuan Airport

Taiwan's self-driving technology has achieved a significant breakthrough as the government-funded Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) has just successfully completed a test of driverless shuttle car service at the Taoyuan International Ai.....»»

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The future is uncertain for our last old-growth boreal forests

Driving along the Trans-Canada Highway, with its endless succession of spruce, aspen, fir and birch trees, it's easy to assume that our country is bursting with forests......»»

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