Auto trade group to argue against AM radio mandate at House hearing

The Alliance for Automotive Innovation will argue that while its members are "committed to ensuring drivers have access to free, public alerts and safety warnings through the Federal Emergency Management Agency's Integrated Public Alert and Warning S.....»»

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Penske bids throw wrench into Lithia deal for Pendragon

Lithia's potentially transformative deal for Pendragon would significantly grow the auto retailer's U.K. footprint, add a sizable fleet business and give the company a pathway to a dealership management system. But Lithia has competition for the deal.....»»

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Cultural adaptation study shows what"s better for the individual isn"t always better for the group

Humans are arguably the most adaptable species on Earth. The species' enormous capacity to adapt and live in different environments is thanks to cumulative culture, the transmission and continuous improvement of knowledge and technologies between ind.....»»

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Generating homozygous mutant populations of barley microspores by ethyl methanesulfonate treatment

A new study combined expertise in barley genetics and genomics from the research group led by Dr. Ping Yang (Institute of Crop Sciences, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences) and that in barley microspore culturing led by Dr. Chenghong Liu (Biote.....»»

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Mercedes production continues in Ala. despite UAW strike against ZF axle plant

German supplier giant ZF Group has been able to keep up production of axles at its Tuscaloosa, Ala., factory in the two days since UAW workers began striking there, allowing nearby production of key Mercedes-Benz models to continue......»»

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McIntosh’s House of Sound is a five-story audio Eden in NYC

McIntosh Group's House of Sound is a custom towhnouse in Manhattan that offers personalized listening tours of some of the world's best-sounding audio gear......»»

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Toyota to speed up EV production, aims for over 600,000 vehicles in 2025, report says

Toyota Group is seeking to raise EV production to about 150,000 vehicles in 2023 and gradually increase it further to about 190,000 next year on the way to producing 600,000 vehicles in 2025......»»

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Where to watch Love Is Blind season 5

Love Is Blind season 5 returns with a new group of singles looking to find the one. Find out where to watch Love Is Blind season 5......»»

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Quiet cables set to help reveal rare physics events

Imagine trying to tune a radio to a single station but instead encountering static noise and interfering signals from your own equipment. That is the challenge facing research teams searching for evidence of extremely rare events that could help unde.....»»

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Teacher well-being not a priority in schools, experts warn

Against a backdrop of funding shortages and recruitment issues across the education sector, two education experts argue that equipping leaders with more soft skills will improve mental health and well-being in school staff......»»

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EU game devs ask regulators to look at Unity’s “anti-competitive” bundling

Company's power is a "market failure" with "significant vendor lock risk" for devs. Enlarge In the wake of Unity's sudden fee structure change announcement last week, a European trade group representing thousands of gam.....»»

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Researchers reveal origins of zirconium nitride"s superior performance

A group of researchers have unraveled the mysteries behind a recently identified material—zirconium nitride (ZrN)—that helps power clean energy reactions. Their proposed framework will help future designs for transition metal nitrides, paving a p.....»»

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Dealerships improve response times to customer website inquiries

Most major dealerships improved response times, but Ken Garff Automotive Group made the biggest gains......»»

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New origin story for key regulatory gene: PRC2 repressed jumping genes in ancestors of eukaryotes

The key protein complex PRC2 was discovered decades ago to silence genes, but new findings by Frederic Berger and his group at the Gregor Mendel Institute show that PRC2 represses transposons in a range of eukaryotes and only gradually evolved to sil.....»»

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Topological materials open a new pathway for exploring spin hall materials

A group of researchers have made a significant breakthrough which could revolutionize next-generation electronics by enabling non-volatility, large-scale integration, low power consumption, high speed, and high reliability in spintronic devices......»»

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Apple"s iPhone modem design is three years behind Qualcomm

Apple intended for the iPhone 15 to use an 5G modem designed in-house, and it has spent billions working to achieve that. Here's why it still has to buy modems from Qualcomm.Apple is trying to make its own 5G modem for the iPhoneModems are hard. In 2.....»»

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I heard Alexa speak like a trusted friend and I don"t know how to feel

Hearing the new Alexa voice in person is making me ponder a "Her" voice assistant future.....»»

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Trade in your old iPhone before the official iPhone 15 retail launch

Apple’s iPhone 15 and 15 Pro land in stores this Friday, which means the clock is ticking to lock in the best trade-in price. The good news is that Decluttr – 9to5Mac’s official trade-in partner – allows you to avoid iPhone depreciation and.....»»

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Penske-Hedin bid for Pendragon rejected after Lithia acquisition announcement

Days after Lithia Motors Inc. said it had agreed to a deal to acquire Pendragon's dealership and fleet businesses, Pendragon's board of directors rejected a joint offer from a Penske Automotive Group subsidiary and Hedin Mobility Group......»»

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So long, robotic Alexa. Amazon"s voice assistant gets more human-like with generative AI

Amazon's Alexa is about to bring generative AI inside the house, as the company introduces sweeping changes to how its ubiquitous voice assistant both sounds and functions......»»

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George R. R. Martin, Jodi Picoult and other famous writers join Authors Guild in class action lawsuit against OpenAI

A group of famous fiction writers joined the Authors Guild in filing a class action suit against OpenAI on Wednesday, alleging the company's technology is illegally using their copyrighted work......»»

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