AUO sets up solution R&D center in southern Taiwan

AU Optronics (AUO) has inaugurated an R&D center in southern Taiwan as part of a wider plan to accelerate its biaxial "Go Premium, Go Vertical" transformation strategy and build a smart and sustainable IoT ecosystem......»»

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Indian spacecraft heads towards center of solar system

India's sun-monitoring spacecraft has crossed a landmark point on its journey to escape "the sphere of Earth's influence", its space agency said, days after the disappointment of its moon rover failing to awaken......»»

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Bitdefender Threat Intelligence enables organizations to improve their security posture

Bitdefender unveiled Bitdefender Threat Intelligence (TI), a solution for businesses with a security operation center (SOC), managed security service providers (MSSPs) and technology partners to integrate cyber threat intelligence and dynamic malware.....»»

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Omnicase 2 Pro USB-C Hub review: Compact and competent data and charging

The Jsaux Omnicase 2 and 2 Pro offer a functional USB-C hub solution while also providing adapter and SD card storage, but it could use a slightly better build quality.USB-C hubs have grown to be extremely useful for both productivity and entertainme.....»»

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"New way of looking at nature": These naturalists explore queer ecology with geese, owls and more

As Raquel García-Álvarez guides hikers on a trail surrounding the Sand Ridge Nature Center, her remarks on flora and fauna are interrupted by geese honking. She explains, as curious onlookers admire the birds skirting the water, that there's more t.....»»

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In Shawnee National Forest, a debate swirls around how to best protect trees amid climate change and wildfires

The Shawnee National Forest in southern Illinois is a mosaic of towering trees, lush wetlands and commanding rock formations that are the native habitat for a wealth of plants and animals, including 19 species of oaks......»»

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Unifor sets Oct. 9 deadline for contract talks with General Motors

Negotiations between the union and the U.S. automaker resumed after workers at Ford Motor Co. of Canada voted to approve a new contract......»»

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Study shows bacteria in the soil can defy periods of drought

While many bacteria become inactive during dry spells, specific groups persist and even thrive. A new study, published in Nature Communications and conducted by the Center for Microbiology and Environmental Systems Science (CeMESS) at the University.....»»

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Opinion: Changing age of consent is not the solution to protecting young people from unhealthy relationships with adults

Comedian and actor Russell Brand has been accused of abuse, including sexual assault and rape, by four women. The allegations—which Brand denies—include the sexual assault of a woman who says she was in a relationship with Brand when she was 16 a.....»»

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Evidence of the oldest hunter-gatherer basketry in southern Europe discovered

A team of scientists, led by researchers from the Universidad de Alcalá (UAH) and the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), has discovered and analyzed the first direct evidence of basketry among hunter-gatherer societies and early farmers in so.....»»

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Journey partners with Webex by Cisco to enhance security for customer interactions

Journey announced its partnership with Webex by Cisco to streamline customer experience and enhance security for businesses that utilize Webex Contact Center. Journey’s integrated identify platform is now available to all Webex Contact Center c.....»»

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Norton Small Business offers protection against scams and phishing threats

Norton announced Norton Small Business, the all-in-one cybersecurity solution to help entrepreneurs and small business owners protect their financial futures. While nearly 90% of businesses globally are small businesses – 99.9% in the US –.....»»

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Swissbit releases N5200 Enterprise SSD

Swissbit is expanding its data center solutions portfolio with an SSD range for enterprise server and edge data center applications. The N5200 Enterprise SSD combines reliability, durability, and scalability, making it the ideal choice for mission-cr.....»»

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Fungi as a sustainable and tasty alternative with potential to transform our food systems

They are sustainable and healthy—filamentous edible fungi that are fed with, for example, oats. The latest addition to the world-leading research at the Swedish Center for Resource Recovery is Neda Rousta's doctoral thesis on filamentous fungi with.....»»

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Mechanism of methyltransferase METTL8-mediated mitochondrial RNA m3C modification and its relaxed substrate specificity

A study published in the journal Science Bulletin was led by Profs. Xiao-Long Zhou and En-Duo Wang (CAS Center for Excellence in Molecular Cell Science, Shanghai Institute of Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences)......»»

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Apple issues first tvOS 17.1 developer beta

Apple's first developer beta for tvOS 17.1 is now available to download for testing, marking the first beta since the release of tvOS 17.Developers taking part in the beta can pick up the latest builds through the Apple Developer Center, or by updati.....»»

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Curving light in a record-setting way

A team led by scientists and engineers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the University of Southern California and Washington University in St. Louis, has created a unique, record-setting material that can bend one infrared ray of light in tw.....»»

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Three astronauts return to Earth after a year in space. NASA"s Frank Rubio sets US space record

A NASA astronaut and two Russian cosmonauts returned to Earth on Wednesday after being stuck in space for just over a year. American Frank Rubio set a record for the longest U.S. spaceflight—a result of the extended stay......»»

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Thermal magIC: Digging into the details of an ambitious new "thermometry camera"

Thermometers can do a lot of things: Measure the temperature at the center of your perfectly braised chicken or tell you whether to keep your child home from school due to illness. But because of their size, traditional thermometers' uses are still l.....»»

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NASA"s OSIRIS-REx capsule arrives in Houston

The first U.S. asteroid sample, delivered by the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft to Earth on Sept. 24, has arrived at its permanent home at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston, where it will be cared for, stored, and distributed to scientists worldwide......»»

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South American bat rediscovered after a century

The Strange Big-eared Brown Bat, Histiotus alienus, was first described by science in 1916, by the British zoologist Oldfield Thomas. The description of the species was based on a single specimen captured in Joinville, Paraná, in southern Brazil......»»

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