Asus will offer local ChatGPT-style AI servers for office use

"AFS Appliance" will avoid the cloud and place an AI language model on premises. Enlarge / The ASUS logo in front of an AI-generated background. (credit: ASUS / Stable Diffusion) Taiwan's Asustek Computer (known popularl.....»»

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Tivoli Audio reimagines its SongBook as two retro-style boomboxes

The Tivoli Audio SongBook is back, but it looks nothing like the original clock radio from 2004. The SongBook and SongBook Max are powerful Bluetooth portables......»»

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Tubi supercharges its search with ChatGPT-4 and Rabbit AI

Tubi is revamping how you search for and discovery content in its massive on-demand catalog, using ChatGPT-4 for its new Rabbit AI feature......»»

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14 top Amazon deals on Apple gear offer up to $550 in savings

It's now officially fall, and as days become cooler, it's time to think about how you'll keep yourself and the kids entertained. Luckily, Amazon has huge discounts on Apple products, including savings on the latest releases.Amazon's best deals for th.....»»

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Q&A: Can AI in school actually help students be more creative and self-directed?

One fear about generative artificial intelligence, such as ChatGPT, is that students will outsource their creative work and critical thinking to it. But Katie Davis, a University of Washington associate professor in the Information School, is also in.....»»

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Traditional downtowns are dead or dying in many US cities. What"s next for these zones?

The hollowing out of U.S. cities' office and commercial cores is a national trend with serious consequences for millions of Americans. As more people have stayed home following the COVID-19 pandemic, foot traffic has fallen. Major retail chains are c.....»»

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Now you can speak to ChatGPT — and it will talk back

You can now speak aloud to ChatGPT and hear the artificial intelligence-powered chatbot talk back......»»

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Wind energy projects in North America are more likely to be opposed by white, wealthy communities, finds study

Wind energy is, by far, the most common type of clean energy. And transitioning to clean energy is critical to addressing the climate crisis. Yet local opposition poses a significant barrier to the deployment of wind energy projects......»»

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ChatGPT’s new upgrade finally breaks the text barrier

The AI brand announced on Monday it will be making its images and voice features available to ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise users......»»

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These LG true wireless noise-canceling earbuds are $30 off

The LG Tone Free Fit wireless earbuds, which are perfect for working out and offer active noise cancellation, are currently on sale from Best Buy for just $170......»»

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ChatGPT update enables its AI to “see, hear, and speak,“ according to OpenAI

Image recognition and voice features aim to make the AI bot's interface more intuitive. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images) On Monday, OpenAI announced a significant update to ChatGPT that enables its GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 AI mod.....»»

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New Klipsch tabletop wireless speakers are a more affordable, capable take on mid-century modern

Klipsch's new The One and The Three Plus tabletop wireless speakers evolve the company's mid-century modern style, with better support for digital audio......»»

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Get this HP laptop with a year of Microsoft Office for $179

The HP Stream 14 laptop is enough for your everyday tasks with its Intel Celeron N4020 processor and 4GB of RAM, and it's on sale from Walmart for just $179......»»

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Apple weaved itself into a fine mess with the awful iPhone 15 FineWoven case

Apple’s new FineWoven cases for iPhone 15 are a huge swing and miss. They suck. Apple should remove them from sale and refund everyone who’s already bought one. You could pretty much stop reading the story at this point, but I’ll offer a few pi.....»»

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Tinder $500/month subscription launches, as other apps make similar plans [U]

Update: Engadget reports that Tinder Select is now live for ‘selected’ users, and does indeed cost $500/month or $6k/year. The companies behind popular dating apps like Tinder, Grindr, Match, and Bumble are planning to offer premium tiers, wit.....»»

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iPhone 15 camera vs 15 Pro camera: What sets them apart?

Many of the differences between the iPhone 15 and 15 Pro come down to the new camera systems. As the name implies, the Pro devices offer the most advanced cameras but 15 and 15 Plus still have very capable systems. However, new this year, iPhone 15 P.....»»

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Hands-on with Apple’s new Blue Titanium iPhone 15 Pro [Gallery]

Apple officially launched the new iPhone 15 series today. Everyone in particular is ranting and raving about just how great the Natural Titanium style is – our very own Chance Miller included. Meanwhile, I am just absolutely delighted by the new Bl.....»»

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Contrast Security integrates with AWS Security Hub to help organizations mitigate threats

Contrast Security, the code security platform built for developers and trusted by security, today announced its integration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) Security Hub to offer full-spectrum security visibility, from infrastructure to applications. A.....»»

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Ends today: Microsoft Office for Mac or Windows drops to $34.97

Install the popular office productivity software with this incredible 84% off deal on a Microsoft Office 2021 lifetime license.Lifetime license for 2021 Microsoft Office for only $34.97.StackSocial is offering this incredible deal, which brings the t.....»»

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Can cloud-based quantum computing really offer a quantum advantage?

A quantum machine can drastically speed up certain kinds of computation, but only if two or more quantum bits in the machine are entangled—that is, capable of displaying related behavior despite being separated......»»

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Great for school: This 15-inch Windows 11 laptop is on sale for $199

The Asus VivoBook Go L510MA, a laptop featuring a 15.6-inch Full HD screen and powered by Windows 11 Home in S Mode, is on sale from Walmart for just $199......»»

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