As Florida punishes schools, study finds masks cut school COVID outbreaks 3.5X

Universal masking prevents some school outbreaks and lowers case rates. Enlarge / A second-grade teacher talks to her class during the first day of school at Tustin Ranch Elementary School in Tustin, CA on Wednesday, August 11, 2021. (credit: Ge.....»»

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Female mountain lion is 99th to be tracked in Santa Monica Mountains study

The National Park Service has captured its 99th mountain lion for an ongoing study of the community of big cats living in the Santa Monica Mountains......»»

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When humanlike chatbots miss the mark in customer service interactions

Researchers from University of Oxford published a new paper in the Journal of Marketing that examines the use of chatbots in customer-service roles and finds that when customers are angry, humanlike chatbots can negatively impact customer satisfa.....»»

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First large-scale census of coral heat tolerance published

In a first-of-its-kind study, Florida's  critically endangered staghorn corals were surveyed to discover which ones can better withstand future heatwaves in the ocean. Insights from the study, led by scientists at Shedd Aquarium and the University o.....»»

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What drove the invention of military technologies?

Peter Turchin from the Complexity Science Hub Vienna (CSH) and an interdisciplinary team of colleagues set out to test competing theories about what drove the evolution of war machines throughout world history. Their study, published today in the jou.....»»

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Gender gap revealed in academic journal submissions during first COVID-19 wave

A study of 2,329 academic journals has found that, during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, fewer manuscripts were submitted by women than by men, and this gender gap was especially prominent in the medical field and for women in earlier stage.....»»

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NASA challenges K-12 students to design moon-digging robots

NASA seeks young engineers to help design a new robot concept for an excavation mission on the Moon. The Lunabotics Junior Contest is open to K-12 students in U.S. public and private schools, as well as home-schoolers......»»

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Could search engines be fostering some Dunning-Kruger?

Study shows that we think Internet searches are a sign we know more than we do. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images | Aurich Lawson) Many of us make jokes about how we've outsourced part of our brain to electronic devices. But based.....»»

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NASA"s Perseverance Rover Finds Signs of Epic Ancient Floods on Mars

New results from the mission reveal that its landing site of Jezero Crater has a surprisingly dynamic and complex hydrologic history -- Read more on»»

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Mammoths Roamed when Humans Started Using Tobacco at Least 12,300 Years Ago

A dig in the Nevada desert finds telltale seeds at the site of a late Paleolithic hearth -- Read more on»»

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The Smartest Way to Use Rapid At-Home COVID Tests

The self-administered tests are sold over the counter, holding out the promise of safer gatherings. But interpreting results requires savvy -- Read more on»»

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Assessing COVID Risk and More with Air Quality Monitors

The consumer devices track pollutants as well as CO2—a proxy for potentially virus-laden human breath -- Read more on»»

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Who Needs a COVID Booster Shot? Experts Answer Common Questions

Now that the FDA has authorized the shots for a broad range of Americans, many people want to know if they need a booster dose. Here’s what we have learned so far -- Read more on»»

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Cigarette Smoke Kills Eye Cells

A new study reveals how tobacco from traditional or noncombusted cigarettes kills corneal cells -- Read more on»»

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Will Giving COVID Booster Shots Make It Harder to Vaccinate the Rest of the World?

Wealthy countries have bought up most of the available vaccine doses for booster shots but still have far more than they need -- Read more on»»

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9 Best Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg Movies, Ranked By IMDb

Ever since the instant classic high school comedy Superbad put them on the map and the subsequent release of action-packed buddy picture Pineapple Express proved they weren’t one-trick ponies, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg have been two of the most.....»»

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More Covid Vaccine Boosters Are Coming. Who Should Get Them?

Federal advisers meet again this week to discuss third shots, but it’s still not clear what the best timing is—or what the US owes the world......»»

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13 Face Masks Your Kids May Actually Wear

Your child still needs a face mask for school or play. These are the styles my little ones will tolerate......»»

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How plasma technology can safely clean disposable PPE for reuse

A new study from the University of Southampton has demonstrated a new method to safely clean and reuse facemask respirators with advanced low-temperature plasma technology. The discovery could help future pandemic responses by providing contingency o.....»»

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The disappearance of women researchers in times of pandemic

When an article is published in a scientific journal, three authorship positions indicate who the study's principal researchers are: first author, last author and corresponding author. These positions are used for decision-making, particularly in the.....»»

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Humans did not cause woolly mammoths to go extinct—climate change did: study

For five million years, woolly mammoths roamed the earth until they vanished for good nearly 4,000 years ago—and scientists have finally proved why......»»

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