Artificial Intelligence provides sharper images of lunar craters that contain water ice

The moon's polar regions are home to craters and other depressions that never receive sunlight. Today, a group of researchers led by the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research (MPS) in Germany present the highest-resolution images to date cov.....»»

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How Bali could teach the world to manage its limited resources

Water is a limited resource. As such, efficient ways to jointly manage and optimize water reserves are essential for our present and future. But how can a well-balanced system be established? In order to single out the relevant parameters, an interna.....»»

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Zapping untreated water gets rid of more waterborne viruses

Using sophisticated microscopy and computational analysis, Texas A&M University researchers have now validated the merit of a water purification technology that uses electricity to remove and inactivate an assortment of waterborne viruses. They said.....»»

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First artificial scaffolds for studying plant cell growth

As a baby seedling emerges from the depths of the soil, it faces a challenge: gravity's downward push. To succeed, the plant must sense the force, then push upward with an even greater force. Visible growth is proof that the seedling has won against.....»»

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Changing ocean currents are driving extreme winter weather

Throughout Earth's oceans runs a conveyor belt of water. Its churning is powered by differences in the water's temperature and saltiness, and weather patterns around the world are regulated by its activity......»»

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Attorney conflict could benefit Activision Blizzard in harassment suit

Game-maker says it "could raise serious questions about... underlying investigation." Enlarge / Activision's Los Angeles offices. (credit: Getty Images) In a new legal filing, Activision Blizzard is pointing to alleged conflic.....»»

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Could search engines be fostering some Dunning-Kruger?

Study shows that we think Internet searches are a sign we know more than we do. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images | Aurich Lawson) Many of us make jokes about how we've outsourced part of our brain to electronic devices. But based.....»»

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Growing Crops Under Solar Panels? Now There’s a Bright Idea

In the new scientific (and literal) field of agrivoltaics, researchers are showing how panels can increase yields and reduce water use on a warming planet......»»

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People Should Drink Way More Recycled Wastewater

Filtration technology produces water so pure, it would actually harm you if they didn’t put minerals back into it......»»

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Researchers observe enhanced bulk photovoltaic effect in 2D ferroelectric material

Bulk photovoltaic effect (BPVE) is widely used in generating electricity. As a process of energy transference from photons to electrons and of voltage formation within ferroelectric material, BPVE acts like a dam, raising up "water" (voltage) to gene.....»»

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Research suggests canals can help the UK to cope with the climate emergency

Research published by The University of Manchester and the Canal & River Trust has shown that the presence of canal water can cool urban areas by up to 1.6°C during heatwaves in a 100-meter-wide corridor along the waterway......»»

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Study: The benefits of automation and AI are mixed regarding worker well-being

Employers who prioritize employee health and well-being enjoy a competitive advantage in retaining and hiring employees during what many are calling "The Great Resignation." Those investing in automation and artificial intelligence (AI) are seeing pr.....»»

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New sensor detects low air humidity

Measuring air humidity is important in many areas. However, conventional sensors in hygrometers have so far not been able to determine a very low water vapor content. Physicists at the University of Duisburg-Essen (UDE) and the Yuri Gagarin Technical.....»»

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The surprising marine biodiversity in the Barcelona Forum beach

A study identified 514 marine species in the bathing areas of the Barcelona Forum, an artificial beach affected by different anthropogenic impacts. This high biodiversity—which includes the presence of exotic species—is a shocking finding in such.....»»

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Why extraterrestrial intelligence is more likely to be artificial than biological

Is there intelligent life elsewhere in the universe? It's a question that has been debated for centuries, if not millenia. But it is only recently that we've had an actual chance of finding out, with initiatives such as Seti (Search for Extraterrestr.....»»

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Toxic "forever chemicals" found in tap water raise questions for scientists

Several chemicals found in South Florida tap water and surface water belong to a concerning group of contaminants that can pose serious health risks to humans and wildlife......»»

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Samples from China mission show Moon "active" more recently than thought

The first lunar rocks brought back to Earth in decades show the Moon was volcanically active more recently than previously thought, Chinese scientists said Tuesday......»»

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Foxconn to promote localized EV production for regional markets

Foxconn Technology (Hon Hai) is well prepared to leverage its software and semiconductor prowess to turn out more EVs with high performance and intelligence in 2022/2023, and will move to promote localized production in different regions to strengthe.....»»

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Ookla’s Speedtest determines the fastest 5G provider in the U.S.

Ookla's Speedtest Intelligence found the best 5G provider in the U.S., and the results shouldn't be a surprise......»»

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How herbivore activity around water affects plant communities

Plants need water to grow. So if there's water, shouldn't there be more plants? New research out of UC Santa Barbara and Mpala Research Centre in Laikipia, Kenya shows it's a lot more complicated than that......»»

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Valuable peatlands at risk of disappearing

Peatlands are valuable ecosystems that store water and large quantities of carbon and that support high biodiversity. However, 20 percent of the European raised bog habitat is currently under threat from climate change and dewatering......»»

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