Are Roblox’s new AI coding and art tools the future of game development?

New initiative aims to take game development past "the hands of the skilled few." Enlarge / All these characters were generated directly by human developers, but future Roblox content may rely more on AI-generation tools. (credit.....»»

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I tried Apple"s new headset. Here"s what it"s like to use

It's rare to find a new technology that feels groundbreaking. But last night, while sitting on a couch in a private demo room at Apple's campus wearing its newly announced Vision Pro mixed reality headset, it felt like I'd seen the future — or at l.....»»

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How to use emotes in Diablo 4

Even though the game is set in a hellish world overflowing with horrific monstrosities, friendliness is always appreciated by your fellow demon hunters......»»

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Zoom’s new AI tools will let you ditch meetings for good

Zoom IQ adopt OpenAI artificial intelligence to deliver a summary of conversations to users when they enter Zoom chats......»»

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Apple announces macOS Sonoma with aerial screensavers, Game Mode, and more

Apple on Monday announced macOS Sonoma, or macOS 14, with new features and enhancements. This includes improvements to iMessage, desktop widgets, aerial screensavers, a new Game Mode, and more. more… The post Apple announces macOS Sonoma with aer.....»»

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Apple releases first macOS Sonoma beta to developers

Apple on Monday announced macOS Sonoma, the next major update to the Mac operating system. It comes with multiple enhancements, such as a new Game Mode, desktop widgets, and aerial screen savers. Now the company is rolling out the first beta of macO.....»»

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How to prepare your Mac for macOS Sonoma with CleanMyMac X

Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference has officially kicked off, and we’ve now seen the future of macOS with the new macOS Sonoma release. While macOS Sonoma won’t officially be out until later this fall, early adopters like us are ready to l.....»»

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macOS Sonoma brings new Lock Screen with aerial wallpapers, here’s how it works

macOS Sonoma, or macOS 14, is the new version of the Mac operating system. It comes with multiple new features, such as desktop widgets, FaceTime and iMessage enhancements, web app support, and new tools for editing PDFs. But macOS Sonoma also has a.....»»

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13-year old girl wipes out family savings making in-game purchases

A 13-year old girl from China blew her family’s fortune on microtransactions in a mobile game, wiping out their life savings in the process. Microtransactions are the new way that developers make money from their games and apps. This is.....»»

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1Password introduces two new passkey features to promote passwordless future

1Password begins to offer customers the ability to save and sign into online accounts with passkeys. This summer, early adopters can begin unlocking their 1Password account with a passkey. “Our mission is to help people safeguard their digital.....»»

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Developers gain new SDK tools for Privacy Label generation and security checks

Apple is creating new tools around third-party SDK use to simplify developer software pipelines, like Privacy Label generation.A Privacy Label for TikTokWhen developers build their apps, they often use third-party SDKs to implement different features.....»»

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Apple Vision Pro developer kits will be made available eventually, and to a select crowd

Developers will be able to apply for an Apple Vision Pro developer kit, but no details are available yet.Apple Vision ProApple's next platform is spatial computing, and the Apple Vision Pro is the first step into that future. Developers will need to.....»»

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Apple says emulation in macOS can show devs how Windows games could run

Apple's push to improve gaming on Mac may involve some form of emulation, with its Game Porting Toolkit including a way for developers to try out existing Windows games within macOS.Apple's announcements during WWDC for macOS and Mac include quite a.....»»

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Apple may have just enabled thousands of Windows games on Mac

Apple's Game Porting Toolkit makes it easy to get Windows games on Mac, but Apple didn't talk about the fact that it could enable thousands of games right away......»»

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A novel green photoreactor for the synthesis of desirable chiral enantiomers

Chirality of molecules is a crucial consideration in drug development as the enantiomeric purity of a compound can significantly impact its pharmacological properties. Chiral molecules possess mirror-image enantiomers that can exhibit distinct pharma.....»»

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An immersive tactile book for blind children

Children with visual impairment do not perceive the world in the same way as sighted people. As a result, they need specific educational tools, including children's books, that enhance their skills and senses. A team from the University of Geneva (UN.....»»

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How activity in outer space will affect regional inequalities in the future

Science fiction has always been a tool for processing life on Earth. Norwegian sci-fi expert Karl Kristian Swane Bambini has said that the space-bound genre is well placed to "interrogate and reimagine real-world economic disparities"......»»

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One of the best gaming laptops you can buy is $650 off at Best Buy

The Asus ROG Zephyrus 14-inch gaming laptop is great for anyone who wants to game on the move without being weighed down. It's on sale now......»»

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Anti-counterfeiting fluorescent marker developed

A team of researchers at the Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces (MPICI) has developed a method that could make it more difficult to counterfeit products in the future. The new and patented method makes it possible to produce unique, non-.....»»

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Female scent found to accelerate growth in juvenile male mice

Exposing female house mice (Mus musculus) to the scent of male urine is known to accelerate their sexual development in what scientists call the Vandenbergh effect. A study recently published in Scientific Reports led by the University of Veterinary.....»»

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Summer Game Fest Kickoff 2023: how to watch and what to expect

If you're going to watch one gaming live stream this year, you'll want to choose Summer Game Fest Kickoff. Here's how to watch the summer's biggest show......»»

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