Ancient lineage of algae found to include five "cryptic" species

All land plants originated from a single evolutionary event when freshwater algae got a foothold on land, giving rise to an astonishing biodiversity of plants on earth. However, the group of algae that would later give rise to land plants had already.....»»

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Gene Variant May Have Helped Ancient Humans Survive Starvation

When there’s no food, it pays to be small -- Read more on»»

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How Marine Wildlife can Coexist With Offshore Wind [Sponsored]

Harnessing the wind to blow back emissions is not without its own impacts, so researchers are developing technologies to co-exist with whales and other ocean-dwelling species. -- Read more on»»

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To Fully Mitigate Climate Change, We Need to Curb Methane Emissions

The Build Back Better legislation, now in the Senate, would include programs to reduce methane output -- Read more on»»

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Apple now lets developers create custom offer codes for subscriptions

Apple in 2020 introduced new ways to help developers boost in-app subscriptions, which include special discount codes. Now the company is finally letting developers create custom offer codes for in-app subscriptions. more… The post Apple now.....»»

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Got an Invasive Army of Crayfish Clones? Try Eating Them

The marbled crayfish is a threat to the native species, but the “Berlin lobster” may also offer a sustainable food source and help stop the spread of parasites......»»

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Your teeth, body, and home will love these activated charcoal products

It's funny how simple ancient remedies come back into vogue as scientists realise that no chemical combinations can replace honest nature. As many indigenous civilisations of old could tell you, activated charcoal is an excellent, all-natural whiteni.....»»

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Orange M&M is now a Gen Z icon because of its extreme anxiety

Remember the orange M&M? Apparently, he's a Gen Z icon now. In an effort to make the M&M brand more inclusive, Mars has redesigned its beloved M&M characters for a "more dynamic, progressive world," reports CBS News. The 2022 updates include a signif.....»»

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The best sex toy deals as of Jan. 21: Lelo, Satisfyer, Magic Wand, and more

UPDATE: Jan. 21, 2022, 2:45 p.m. EST This story has been updated to include new early Valentine's Day deals and more — check out some of our favorite finds below. The We-Vibe Tango is a bullet vibe but better — $59 $79 (save $20) Th.....»»

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IBM Sells Some Watson Health Assets for More Than $1 Billion

IBM agreed to sell part of its IBM Watson Health business to private equity firm Francisco Partners, scaling back the technology company's once-lofty ambitions in health care. From a report: The value of the assets being sold, which include extensive.....»»

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Federal agents return 4,000-year-old artifacts to Iraqi government

Federal agents on Thursday returned two ancient stone artifacts to representatives of the Iraqi government at the country's consulate in Los Angeles......»»

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Balanced diet can mitigate negative impact of pests for bumblebees

Bumblebees are important pollinators because they pollinate many different plant species and are extremely resilient. They can still manage to fly at temperatures that are too cold for other pollinators. Like many other insects, they are in sharp dec.....»»

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Marine sponge cells in 3D could ramp up production of drug compounds

There are more than 9,000 species of marine sponges (Phylum Porifera) worldwide, which are a source of novel natural products. They contain promising chemical agents that may be useful in combatting cancer, COVID-19 and antibiotic-resistant Staphyloc.....»»

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Pristine groundwater seeps support native algae on Hawai"i"s coasts

Native marine macroalgae, also known as limu, or as seaweed, thrive in environments created by natural groundwater seeps, specifically benefiting from the combined effects of enhanced nutrients despite lowered salinity levels, according to a review p.....»»

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Yes, you can finally play Wordle on your BBC Micro like it"s 1985

Wordle is being ported to unexpected systems, with a BBC Micro being the latest to include the game in its library......»»

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English Channel stops new rockpool species reaching UK

The English Channel prevents many rockpool species "making the jump" from Europe to the UK, new research shows......»»

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The new Logitech Pen works great for Chromebooks, if you can get one

If you look at the Chromebook market, it’s chock-full of options with reversible touchscreen displays, many of which include support for stylus input. But as we know, not all stylii are the same, as there are different types that can be used. T.....»»

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Product showcase: Adaptive Shield SaaS Security Posture Management

Whether it’s Office 365, Salesforce, Slack, GitHub or Zoom, all SaaS apps include a host of security features designed to protect the business and its data. The job of ensuring that these apps’ security settings are properly configured falls on t.....»»

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Apple"s 2022 iPad rumored to have A14 processor, Wi-Fi 6, and 5G

A new report claims that Apple will release a 10th generation iPad in late 2022, ahead of a more major redesign in 2023.Following reports that the iPad Air 4 may soon be revamped to include 5G, a new claim says that the same will happen with the regu.....»»

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Best deals Jan. 18: $379 Apple Watch Series 7, TurboTax discounts, more!

Alongside an Apple Watch Series 7 for $379, Tuesday's best deals include discounts on TurboTax packages, CyberPower battery backup devices, and Sabrent NVMe savings.Best Deals for January 18As we do every day, we've collected some of the best deals w.....»»

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Best deals Jan. 19: $190 AirPods Pro, $400 off 65-inch 4K 120Hz TV, more!

In addition to discounted AirPods Pro, Wednesday's best deals include $250 off a Roomba smart vacuum, $250 off Linksys WiFi 6E router 3-pack, 12% off a Polaroid instant camera, and a $35 Air Fryer.Best deals January 19As we do every day, we've collec.....»»

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