Analysis of cyberstalking research identifies factors associated with perpetration, victimization

The widespread use of digital technologies and the Internet has spurred a new type of personal intrusion, known as cyberstalking. Incidences of cyberstalking have risen, with the U.S. Department of Justice estimating that more than 1.3 million people.....»»

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New class of organic nanoparticles shows promise for diverse applications

Nanoparticles have a wide variety of applications, from drug delivery to electronics to air purification. Their small size and tunable properties make them particularly valuable for technological advancements and scientific research. When polymers ma.....»»

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Research team develops light-activated compounds to treat neuropathic pain

Light can be used to activate drugs in specific parts of the body through photopharmacology. This innovative approach involves modifying the chemical structure of a drug by adding a light-activated molecular switch, such as azobenzene. This allows th.....»»

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Integrating small-angle neutron scattering with machine learning enhances measurements of complex molecular structures

Small-angle scattering (SAS) is a powerful technique for studying nanoscale samples. So far, however, its use in research has been held back by its inability to operate without some prior knowledge of a sample's chemical composition. Through new rese.....»»

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Bridging culture, cuisine, and urban planning: New book explores the connections between food and urban spaces

Agriculture, fishing, hunting, and gathering—through thousands of years of urbanization, these ways of acquiring food, which were deciding factors in settlement landscape patterns in the primitive society, have gradually been replaced by the manufa.....»»

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Hatcheries can boost wild salmon numbers but reduce diversity, research shows

The ability of salmon hatcheries to increase wild salmon abundance may come at the cost of reduced diversity among wild salmon, according to a new University of Alaska Fairbanks–led study......»»

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Novel gene writing technology enables all-RNA-mediated targeted gene integration in human cells

In a recent study published in Cell, a research team led by Li Wei and Zhou Qi from the Institute of Zoology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has developed an innovative gene-writing technology based on retrotransposons. This achievement enables al.....»»

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Social contagion research explores how ant colonies regulate group behaviors

In the world of social creatures, from humans to ants, the spread of behaviors through a group—known as social contagion—is a well-documented phenomenon. This process, driven by social imitation and pressure, causes individuals to adopt behaviors.....»»

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Studies unravel climate pattern impacts on the Antarctic Ice Sheet

New Monash research has untangled the influence of regional climate drivers, including the Southern Annular Mode (SAM) and the El Niño-Southern Oscillation (El Niño), on the Antarctic Ice Sheet. Snow accumulation and surface melting are two importa.....»»

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MacPaw introduces on-device phishing detection to boost macOS security

MacPaw's latest research introduces an on-device, real-time phishing detection system to improve Mac users' cybersecurity.MacPaw introduces on-device phishing detection to boost macOS securityIvan Petrukha, Senior Research Engineer at MacPaw, will pr.....»»

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Belle II experiment reports the first direct measurement of tau-to-light-lepton ratio

The Belle II experiment is a large research effort aimed at precisely measuring weak-interaction parameters, studying exotic hadrons (i.e., a class of subatomic particles) and searching for new physical phenomena. This effort primarily relies on the.....»»

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Study introduces lead-coated nickel catalyst for enhanced hydrogen evolution reaction efficiency

In a recent collaboration, a research team developed a hydrogen evolution reaction catalyst that minimizes degradation caused by reverse current in alkaline water electrolysis systems......»»

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Popular climate assessment method can be enhanced to improve tipping point accuracy

The optimal fingerprinting method (OFM) has been used extensively to detect and attribute the effects of climate change. A recent analysis of the various assumptions used by OFM has revealed several ways the method could be improved to enhance its us.....»»

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Research team models connection between enzyme activity and yields for the first time

A team from the University of Illinois has developed a modeling framework connecting enzyme activity related to photosynthesis to yield. This is the first time a model has tied the dynamic photosynthetic pathways directly to crop growth......»»

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New research reveals how galaxies avoid early death

Galaxies avoid an early death because they have a "heart and lungs" which effectively regulate their "breathing" and prevent them from growing out of control, a new study suggests......»»

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The new AI tool that was deemed ‘too dangerous’ to release

The AI system will be available "for research purposes only" for the foreseeable future......»»

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Women and social exclusion: Research explores the complicated nature of rejection and retaliation

New research from the University of Ottawa (uOttawa) has provided a complicated glance into young women's responses to interpersonal conflict, with retaliation often the answer to rejection and perceived social exclusion by other females......»»

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New portable fluorescence sensors enable targeted detection of heavy metal chromium (III)

Prof. Jiang Changlong's research team from the Hefei Institutes of Physical Science of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has developed a highly sensitive ratiometric fluorescent probe that can detect heavy metal trivalent chromium (Cr3+) in the environ.....»»

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Respiratory bacteria "turn off" immune system to survive, study finds

Researchers from The University of Queensland have identified how a common bacterium is able to manipulate the human immune system during respiratory infections and cause persistent illness. The research was published in PLOS Pathogens......»»

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Can you do better than top-level AI models on these basic vision tests?

Abstract analysis that is trivial for humans often stymies GPT-4o, Gemini, and Sonnet. Enlarge / Whatever you do, don't ask the AI how many horizontal lines are in this image. (credit: Getty Images) In the last couple of.....»»

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Opening the right doors: New work reveals "jumping gene" control mechanisms

International joint research led by Akihisa Osakabe and Yoshimasa Takizawa of the University of Tokyo has clarified the molecular mechanisms in thale cresses (Arabidopsis thaliana) by which the DDM1 (Decreased in DNA Methylation 1) protein prevents t.....»»

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