America’s Billion-Dollar Tree Problem Is Spreading

Grasslands are being overrun by drought-resistant invaders that wreck animal habitats, suck up water supplies, and can cost landowners a fortune......»»

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Forests found to benefit from tree species variety and genetic diversity

Reforestation projects should include a variety of tree species and ensure genetic diversity within each species to maximize new forests' health and productivity, suggests a study published today in eLife......»»

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NASA Awards ICON $57 Million Contract For "Lunar Surface Construction System"

NASA has established a multi-million dollar contract with a 3D printing construction company to invest in "space-based construction" for the Moon and Mars. NASA has.....»»

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Meta Fined $275 Million In Facebook Data Scrape

The Irish Data Protection Commission fined Meta over $200 million for a Facebook privacy breach involving the data of half a billion users. Here's a recap. The Irish.....»»

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Crypto Founder Tiantian Kullander Dies Unexpectedly At 30

Amber AI Group co-founder Tiantian Kullander died unexpectedly last week, leaving behind a multi-billion-dollar company. Here is his legacy in the crypto world. Ambe.....»»

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Elon Musk wants 1 billion Twitter users within 18 months

The Elon Musk Twitter carnival continues with a strange new development many people might not have had on their Twitter disaster bingo card. The newly minted CEO of Twitter shared a lofty goal for a company that some fear is struggling to keep on the.....»»

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RNA enzyme ensures development of red blood cells by safeguarding genome integrity

The body needs a lot of blood. In humans, 200 billion new erythrocytes—or red blood cells—are generated daily by erythropoiesis, a multi-step process starting from blood-related stem cells, requiring rigorous maintenance of DNA integrity. Until n.....»»

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Hyundai teams with SK to make batteries for U.S.-built EVs

The deal will “secure supply of EV batteries in North America” as the carmaker embarks on a plan to sell 3.23 million a year EVs globally by 2030......»»

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Study finds that big rains eventually bring big algae blooms

In the lake-rich regions of the world, algae blooms are a growing problem. Not only are the floating green scums a nuisance for anyone hoping to enjoy the water, they can turn toxic and threaten public health......»»

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Elon Musk claims Apple has "threatened to withhold" Twitter from its app store

Elon Musk on Monday claimed that Apple has "threatened" to pull Twitter from its iOS app store, a move that could be devastating to the company Musk just acquired for $44 billion......»»

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Researchers reveal how extinct Steller"s sea cow shaped kelp forests

For millions of years, the Steller's sea cow, a four-ton marine mammal and relative of the manatee, shaped kelp forests along the Pacific coast of North America by eating massive quantities of kelp fronds from the upper canopies, thus allowing light.....»»

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This Amazfit fitness tracker is $35 for Cyber Monday, and it’s selling fast

When you consider value for your dollar, the Amazfit Bip 3 Urban Edition smartwatch is one of the outstanding Cyber Monday deals......»»

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Bringing the Kelvin problem solutions to life with the first-ever polymeric Weaire-Phelan structures

An interesting class of problems in geometry concerns tiling or tessellation, in which a surface or three-dimensional space is covered using one or more geometric shapes with no overlaps or gaps in between. One such tessellation problem is the "Kelvi.....»»

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Biodiversity in Africa and Latin America at risk from oil palm expansion, new report warns

Zero deforestation commitments may inadvertently leave vital habitats in Latin America and Africa vulnerable to agricultural expansion, a new study has found......»»

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New species of tyrannosaur, Daspletosaurus wilsoni, hints at ancestor of T. rex

Tyrannosaurids, the family of dinosaurs that includes T. rex, has been known from North America and Asia for over a century, yet many details of their evolutionary history remain unclear. Since the 1990s, debate has surrounded Daspletosaurus, a large.....»»

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Leading plastics scientists call for inclusion of all associated chemicals in global plastics treaty

Plastic pollution is a global health and environmental problem, with serious social and economic consequences. Without political intervention, the amount of plastic waste in the environment is expected to double by 2030 to around 53 million tons per.....»»

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iPhone 14 Pro availability improves despite assembler riots

Lead times for the iPhone 14 Pro orders have moderated slightly outside of China, but the ongoing COVID-related labor problems at the main iPhone factory are still a problem.A Foxconn facilityWeek 12 of the JP Morgan Apple Product Availability Tracke.....»»

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The best Cyber Monday HEPA air purifier deals of 2022

Everyone is shopping for HEPA air purifiers in 2022, especially on Cyber Monday. That shouldn’t be much of a surprise, since we’re all trying to breathe more easily as the weather gets colder and dust and allergens are always a problem. T.....»»

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Axiomtek expects 2022 revenues to hit record

Axiomtek, a maker of own-brand industrial motherboards, single-board computers and system-on-modules, expects 2022 consolidated revenues to exceed NT$6.0 billion (US$192 million), the highest-ever annual level, according to spokesman Skin Huang......»»

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BMW doubles investment to EUR$2 billion in Hungary EV plant

BMW AG is doubling its investment at its Hungarian factory to EUR2 billion ($2.1 billion), adding a high-voltage battery assembly facility that will create more than 500 jobs......»»

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Brazilian regulator seizes iPhones from retail stores as Apple fails to comply with charger requirement

The Brazilian Ministry of Justice ordered in September the suspension of iPhone sales in the country after concluding that Apple harms consumers by not offering the power adapter included with the device. Even after million-dollar fines, Apple still.....»»

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