AI system learns to speak the language of cancer to enable improved diagnosis

A computer system which harnesses the power of AI to learn the language of cancer is capable of spotting the signs of the disease in biological samples with remarkable accuracy, its developers say......»»

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What happened to CDK Global and how long will systems be down?

The dealership management system outage is interrupting thousands of new- and used-vehicle sales, service, parts orders and more as the end of the second quarter approaches......»»

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40 years later, X Window System is far more relevant than anyone could guess

One astrophysics professor's memories of writing X11 code in the 1980s. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images) Often times, when I am researching something about computers or coding that has been around a very long while, I will.....»»

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iOS 18: How to take advantage of Game Mode on iPhone and what it does

iOS 18 takes gaming further with a dedicated Game Mode for iPhone and iPad. The new feature redirects system resources to maintain high frame rates, improves Bluetooth controller responsiveness and audio with AirPods, and more. Here’s how to use Ga.....»»

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Novel catalysts for improved methanol production using carbon dioxide dehydrogenation

Encapsulating copper nanoparticles within hydrophobic porous silicate crystals has been shown by scientists at Tokyo Tech to significantly enhance the catalytic activity of copper-zinc oxide catalysts used in methanol synthesis via CO2 hydrogenation......»»

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New insights into methyl jasmonate-induced saponin biosynthesis in the balloon flower

Platycodon grandiflorus, commonly known as balloon flower, is renowned for its medicinal properties, primarily due to its rich saponin content. Saponins are known for their anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, and immune-boosting properties, making P. gra.....»»

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Many more bacteria produce greenhouse gases than previously thought, study finds

Caltech researchers have discovered a new class of enzymes that enable a myriad of bacteria to "breathe" nitrate when in low-oxygen conditions. While this is an evolutionary advantage for bacterial survival, the process produces the greenhouse gas ni.....»»

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Exploring the roots of the Anthropocene

Understanding how tropical land use and deforestation affects the dynamics of the global Earth system and identifying potential tipping points are key to the future of our species on this planet. By exploring the long history of human societies in tr.....»»

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How to enable secure boot in Windows 11

Secure Boot is a setting that makes sure only official software runs on your PC, and it needs to be enabled for Windows 11 to work. Here's how to enable it......»»

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Apple Intelligence & iPhone mirroring aren"t coming to EU because of the DMA

Apple isn't releasing Apple Intelligence and other major operating system changes in the EU, because of Digital Markets Act interoperability mandates.European flagsThe biggest changes in Apple's fall operating system updates include the machine learn.....»»

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Deep inside iOS 18"s best new features and improvements on the AppleInsider Podcast

It's still only in beta, and there still isn't any sign of Apple Intelligence, but after more than week with iOS 18, there's a lot of good and a little bad to say about Apple's latest iPhone operating system.Some of iOS 18's finest features are major.....»»

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New tomato, potato family tree shows that fruit color and size evolved together

Fruits of Solanum plants, a group in the nightshade family, are incredibly diverse, ranging from sizable red tomatoes and purple eggplants to the poisonous green berries on potato plants. A new and improved family tree of this group, produced by an i.....»»

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Radioactive drugs strike cancer with precision

Tumor-seeking radiopharmaceuticals promise targeted treatments with fewer side effects. Enlarge / Pharma interest and investment in radiotherapy drugs is heating up. (credit: Knowable Magazine) On a Wednesday morning in.....»»

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Dealership finance offices can still work while CDK is down

The temporary shutdown of the car dealership management system CDK following cyberattacks complicates life for auto retailers' finance and insurance offices. However, it's not insurmountable, according to experts......»»

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New iOS 18 API brings AirPods setup experience to third-party accessories

When Apple introduced in 2016, the company also unveiled a new, easy and intuitive way to pair wireless accessories to iPhone and iPad. Rather than having to go to Bluetooth settings and press buttons, the system identifies the accessory nearby and.....»»

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Anthropic introduces Claude 3.5 Sonnet, matching GPT-4o on benchmarks

Claude 3.5 Sonnet is a speedy mid-sized entry in a new family of AI models. Enlarge (credit: Anthropic / Benj Edwards) On Thursday, Anthropic announced Claude 3.5 Sonnet, its latest AI language model and the first in a n.....»»

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An efficient protein delivery system with spider minor ampullate silk protein nanoparticles

In a study published in the journal MedComm, researchers have developed an efficient protein delivery carrier based on spider silk proteins (spidroins), derived from Araneus ventricosus minor ampullate silk protein (MiSp). The MiSp-based nanoparticle.....»»

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This Blink security camera 3-pack bundle is only $140 today

Best Buy has a huge discount on a Blink Outdoor 4 3-camera security system so you can save $120 on your purchase......»»

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Researchers describe how to tell if ChatGPT is confabulating

Finding out whether the AI is uncertain about facts or phrasing is the key. Enlarge (credit: Aurich Lawson | Getty Images) It's one of the world's worst-kept secrets that large language models give blatantly false answer.....»»

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CDK Global says shutdown of its DMS will last "likely for several days" after overnight cyberattack

CDK Global has shut down its dealership management system for a second day. The company said the cyberattack that began June 19 will idle its DMS “likely for several days” in the U.S. and Canada......»»

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Statewide 911 outage was caused by 911 vendor’s malfunctioning firewall

911 vendor Comtech still investigating why firewall blocked emergency calls. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images | artas) A 911 vendor's malfunctioning firewall caused a statewide outage in the emergency calling system in Mass.....»»

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