AI Fake-Face Generators Can Be Rewound To Reveal the Real Faces They Trained On

An anonymous reader quotes a report from MIT Technology Review: Load up the website This Person Does Not Exist and it'll show you a human face, near-perfect in its realism yet totally fake. Refresh and the neural network behind the site will generate.....»»

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First teardowns reveal new MacBook Pro’s improved approach to repairability

The first MacBook Pros are hitting the streets, and providing a glimpse at changes to the internals that could improve repairability......»»

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Fossil dental exams reveal how tusks first evolved

A wide variety of animals have tusks, from elephants and walruses to five-pound, guinea pig-looking critters called hyraxes. But one thing tusked animals have in common is that they're all mammals—there are no known fish, reptiles, or birds with tu.....»»

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Holograms are coming to Cisco Webex

Cisco wants to remove the barriers to hybrid work by using real-time, photorealistic holograms for remote training and collaboration......»»

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To better understand speech, focus on who is talking

Seeing a person's face as we are talking to them greatly improves our ability to understand their speech. While previous studies indicate that the timing of words-to-mouth movements across the senses is critical to this audio-visual speech benefit, w.....»»

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Best Buy will soon repair Samsung smartphones, including foldables

Samsung in announcing the service said repairs will be completed by Samsung-certified Geek Squad members that have been trained to use genuine replacement parts. Most in-warranty and out-of-warranty repairs, including screen and battery replacements.....»»

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Intel Core i5-12600K CPU-Z benchmarks possibly leaked

Two leaks appeared on Twitter over the weekend claiming to show CPU-Z benchmarks for the Core i5-12600K at stock and overclocked speeds. The person who posted the overclocked benchmark says they can't confirm whether or not it's real......»»

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Watch this: Halo Infinite gets a new and improved campaign gameplay reveal

Now, a full year later, it seems like the studio has been on the right track. Halo Infinite just got another campaign gameplay reveal, and it looks incredible......»»

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Historic warships to be raided for missing climate data

Logbooks kept by sailors on board the UK warship HMS Warrior in the 1860s could soon help reveal a more complete picture of how Earth's climate has changed since pre-industrial times......»»

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Adobe’s new Photoshop and Illustrator features make the iPad a real photo editor

The iPad is getting lots of new Photoshop and Illustrator updates from Adobe. Can it finally be a real photo editor?.....»»

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How a CDP Can Optimize Customer Lifecycle Management

Using a CDP to supplement lifecycle journey orchestration, marketers will be able to leverage data to respond to their customers in real-time. Continue reading........»»

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Self-driving tech firms take R&D to the track

On Northern California's Thunderhill Raceway, self-driving competitors get a crack at trying out their advanced technologies in a real-world environment......»»

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Brembo plans to launch "breakthrough" active-braking system by 2024

Sensify uses two control units, one for the front axle and one for the real axle, to apply the desired braking force to each individual wheel......»»

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Apple Very Likely to Face DOJ Antitrust Suit

Apple so far has avoided the worst outcome in its U.S. legal battle with Epic Games, but its antitrust woes remain. The Information: In the last several months the U.S. Department of Justice has accelerated its two-year-old antitrust probe of the iPh.....»»

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New study finds black spruce trees struggling to regenerate amid more frequent arctic fires

A new study, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), finds that black spruce trees—a key species on the boreal landscape for millennia—are losing their resilience and capacity to regenerate in the face of warming.....»»

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Sharpest images ever reveal the patchy face of living bacteria

The sharpest images ever of living bacteria have been recorded by UCL researchers, revealing the complex architecture of the protective layer that surrounds many bacteria and makes them harder to be killed by antibiotics......»»

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AMC To Add Onscreen Captions at Some Locations

AMC Entertainment, the largest movie theater chain in the world, will offer open captioning at 240 locations in the United States, a move that the company's chief executive described as "a real advance for those with hearing difficulties or where Eng.....»»

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Scientists reveal genetic secrets of stress-tolerant mangrove trees

Mangrove trees straddle the boundary between land and ocean, in harsh environments characterized by rapidly changing levels of salinity and low oxygen. For most plants, these conditions would mark a death sentence, but mangroves have evolved a remark.....»»

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It begins. Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra rumored to notch

It's already happening. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra renders reveal a notch for slimmer bezels......»»

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Toxicity On Youtube: Your Favorite Creators Talk About Comments

there's a real psychological toll, and it is harming your favorite channels. The post Toxicity On Youtube: Your Favorite Creators Talk About Comments appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers......»»

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Windows 10 vs. Windows 11 Performance Test: Gaming, Application & Storage Benchmarks

Today we’re talking our first real look at Windows 11 performance with some Intel Core processors. First, to see how much difference there is when compared to Windows 10, but also to establish a baseline for testing Alder Lake in a few weeks. That.....»»

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