Aerosol instrument SPEXone mounted on NASA"s climate satellite

Over the past few weeks, a group of engineers from SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research, Airbus Netherlands and NASA has been working on installing the Dutch aerosol instrument SPEXone on NASA's PACE satellite. PACE will conduct measurements.....»»

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Calculating the positive impact of electric car adoption

We calculate that 2 million EVs equates to 20,000 fewer deaths from climate change. Enlarge / A row of Tesla EVs charging at one of the company's Supercharger fast charging locations. (credit: Don and Melinda Crawford/UCG/Universal Ima.....»»

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Coastal fishing and farming at risk from climate change

Coastal communities could face losses of food from both fisheries and agriculture as a result of climate change, a study of five Indo-Pacific countries suggests. The research is published in Nature Communications......»»

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Climate warming could deepen environmental injustice in urban areas

Extreme heat events could become more intense and frequent both locally and globally, increasing the risk of harm to health and global economies, according to a new study that includes research from the UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health......»»

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Climate evolution in the Southeast Indian Ocean during the Miocene

The Miocene, 23 to 5 million years ago, was an important period for the formation of the Antarctic ice sheets (AIS). The mid-latitudes in the southern hemisphere are the area where the westerlies prevailed and the climate there is sensitive to the vo.....»»

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Twitter launches legal challenge in India over orders to block content

Twitter has mounted its first legal challenge to the Indian government over official orders to take down content......»»

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Monsoon rains kill 77 in Pakistan

At least 77 people have died in monsoon rains lashing Pakistan, the country's climate change minister said Wednesday, warning more heavier-than-usual downpours lay ahead......»»

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Warming world creates hazard for Alpine glaciers

Italy was enduring a prolonged heat wave before a massive piece of Alpine glacier broke off and killed hikers on Sunday and experts say climate change will make those hot, destabilizing conditions more common......»»

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Arctic temperatures are increasing four times faster than global warming

A new analysis of observed temperatures shows the Arctic is heating up more than four times faster than the rate of global warming. The trend has stepped upward steeply twice in the last 50 years, a finding missed by all but four of 39 climate models.....»»

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NASA: Contact lost with spacecraft on way to test moon orbit

NASA said Tuesday it has lost contact with a $32.7 million spacecraft headed to the moon to test out a lopsided lunar orbit, but agency engineers are hopeful they can fix the problem......»»

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Climate Change Breaks Plant Immune Systems. Can They Be Rebooted?

When temperatures rise, plants mysteriously lose their ability to defend against invading pathogens—but there may be a fix......»»

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How Landsat Chronicled 50 Years on a Changing, Fiery Planet

The pioneering satellite program has provided the longest continuous document of how fire, global warming, and humanity are remaking our world......»»

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Caught in the act: Key chemical intermediates in pollutant-to-fuel reaction identified

Carbon dioxide pollution continues to change the global climate. Researchers know how to pinpoint such pollution, even on a regional and near-real-time basis. As part of a solution to carbon dioxide pollution, many studies focus on how to convert thi.....»»

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US announces a stop to testing anti-satellite weapons

The United States Government has declared that it will no longer be performing tests of anti-satellite (ASAT) weapons. In a public statement during a visit to the Vandenberg Space Force Base, Vice President Kamala Harris confirmed that this policy ha.....»»

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Novel NASA instrument sets sights on earthbound solar radiation

A very small instrument has a big job ahead of it: measuring all Earth-directed energy coming from the sun and helping scientists understand how that energy influences our planet's severe weather, climate change and other global forces......»»

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Hubble delves into cosmic treasure trove

This image from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope captures the sparkling globular cluster NGC 6569 in the constellation Sagittarius. Hubble explored the heart of this cluster with both its Wide Field Camera 3 and Advanced Camera for Surveys, reveal.....»»

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NASA"s new Hubble E-book takes readers on a journey to curious worlds

NASA's Hubble Space Telescope team has released a new edition in the Hubble Focus e-book series, called "Hubble Focus: Strange New Worlds." This e-book highlights the mission's recent discoveries about worlds outside our solar system, known as exopla.....»»

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Video: The Fingertip Galaxy: Reflecting Euclid in art

"After Euclid's lifetime, it will just be floating in space. What if future beings found Euclid? How would they know anything about the humanity of the people?" says Tom Kitching, lead scientist of Euclid's VIS instrument......»»

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Qisda eyes LEO satellite biz opportunities, says chairman

EMS provider Qisda is looking to many potential business opportunities derived from low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites, with strategic partners Alpha Networks and Hitron Technologies having stepped into the business, according to company chairman and C.....»»

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Check out NASA’s skywatching tips for July

July is an exciting month for skywatchers, as it offers a great chance to get a good look at the Milky Way and its hundreds of billions of stars......»»

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NASA explains the mission to bring samples of Mars soil, rock and atmosphere back to Earth

NASA's Mars Sample Return Mission aims to bring 30 samples of rock, soil and atmosphere now being collected by the Perseverance rover back to Earth sometime in the early 2030s. The goal is to look for signs of past life and also to find out more abou.....»»

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