AboCom sees clear order visibility for next 5 months

Wireless networking solution provider AboCom System has seen clear order visibility for the next five months, encouraging it to negotiate higher prices with customers, according to the company......»»

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Google and Microsoft Clash Over Documents in US Antitrust Suit

An anonymous reader shares a report: Alphabet's Google asked a federal judge to order Microsoft to hand over internal documents from certain executives that Google says it needs to defend a Justice Department's monopoly lawsuit. Google said in a cour.....»»

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6 months in, the Galaxy S21 Ultra is on target to be 2021’s best Android phone

Revisiting the Galaxy S21 Ultra six months into its life reveals Samsung may have already made the best Android phone of the year. Yes, it's still that good......»»

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Intel "Beast Canyon" NUC 11 Extreme kit is now available, starts at $1,150

About a week ago, Simply NUC listed the Intel NUC 11 Extreme configurations for pre-order, available for $1,399 (i7-11700B) and $1,599 (i9-11900KB). However, Intel puts their MSRP below that mark, at $1,150 and $1,350, respectively, but they don't co.....»»

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Facebook, Netflix, and Google to make vaccinations mandatory for personnel

In a note to employees (via The New York Times), Google CEO Sundar Pichai said the vaccine mandate would apply to US office locations “in the coming weeks” and to other regions “in the coming months.”.....»»

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The most common Amazon Fire problems, and how to fix them

Is your Amazon tablet giving you grief? We explain each issue and glitch and provide clear troubleshooting steps to get your Amazon Fire tablet back on track......»»

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Airtel Africa gets an extra $200M for its mobile money business from QIA

Qatar Holding LLC, an affiliate of Qatar Investment Authority, the sovereign wealth fund of Qatar, is set to invest $200 million into AMC BV through a secondary purchase of shares from Airtel Africa. Three months ago, Mastercard invested $1.....»»

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Testis-specific gene involved in sex ratio regulation discovered

Although enormous progress has been made over the past few decades in genetics, molecular biology and biochemistry, the ways in which living beings orchestrate their internal processes at the microscopic scale is still full of mysteries. One clear ex.....»»

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Server ODMs enjoy strong pull-in of orders from US datacenter vendors

Taiwan-based server ODMs have enjoyed a strong pull-in of orders placed by US datacenter vendors with clear order visibility extended to the end of this year, according to industry sources......»»

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HTC sees loss narrow with gross margin growth in 2Q21

With its Vive business and ecosystem continuing to expand, HTC saw its net losses narrow further in the second quarter of 2021 with a higher gross margin......»»

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Google Play gets mandatory app privacy labels in April 2022

After delaying its iOS privacy labels for months, Google copies the feature for Play. Scroll down on a Google Play app listing and you'll soon see this new privacy section......»»

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Forget “App Tracking Transparency”: Facebook is enjoying more ad revenue than ever

Facebook's CFO predicts the worst is yet to come, though. Faebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. (credit: Facebook) For months, Apple and Facebook waged a PR war (with threats of a legal one) over App Tracking Transparency, a change in recent versions o.....»»

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Pfizer Vaccine Effectiveness Drops To 84 Percent After Six Months, Study Finds

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Hill: The effectiveness of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine fell from 96 percent to 84 percent over six months, according to data released on Wednesday. The preprint study funded by the companies deter.....»»

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Unimicron sees ABF substrate capacity fully booked through 2025

Unimicron Technology expects to sustain full capacity utilization for ABF substrates through 2025 as its capacity has been almost fully booked till then, according to the Taiwan-based IC substrate and PCB maker......»»

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Steam Deck"s expected order availability is starting to bit vague

Anyone that's visited the Steam Deck recently will notice that the expected availability for the 64GB model has changed from "Q2 2022" to a less certain "After Q2 2022" date. This might be simply pointing to a Q3 2022 availability, but it could also.....»»

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Sony Has Sold 10 Million PS5 Consoles

The PlayStation 5 just crossed a significant milestone. Sony has revealed that it has sold 10 million PS5 consoles as of July 18th, eight months after the system's November 12th debut. From a report: The company considered that no mean feat between t.....»»

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eBay manager imprisoned for harassment of journalists the CEO wanted to “take down”

One ex-eBayer gets 18 months, four others await sentencing, and two face trial. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images | Charles O'Rear) A former eBay security manager who pleaded guilty for his role in a cyberstalking conspiracy was sentenced to 18 mo.....»»

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Solastalgia and doomism: new climate lingo boggles the mind

One of the annoying things about global warming—besides the likelihood it will ravage life on Earth—is all the new words we are expected to learn in order to track our descent into climate chaos......»»

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Atera raises $77M at a $500M valuation to help SMBs manage their remote networks like enterprises do

When it comes to software to help IT manage workers’ devices wherever they happen to be, enterprises have long been spoiled for choice — a situation that has come in especially handy in the last 18 months, when many offices globally have.....»»

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Macronix sees profits more than double in 2Q21

ROM and NOR flash memory maker Macronix International saw its net profits climb 110% sequentially to NT$1.93 billion (US$68.6 million) in the second quarter of 2021, buoyed by rising chip shipments and ASPs. EPS for the quarter came to NT$1.04......»»

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Ghostbusters: Afterlife calls a new generation in latest trailer

The latest trailer for Ghostbusters: Afterlife makes it clear that the newest entry to the franchise is all about a new generation. See it on November 11, 2021......»»

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