A push for a shift in the value system that defines "impact" and "success"

Discussions of a broken value system are ubiquitous in science, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic served to expose inequality globally. However, according to the authors of an article publishing 15th June 2021 in the open access journal PLOS Bio.....»»

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Intel"s Itanium is finally dead

Itanium was the offspring of a 1990's partnership between HP and Intel, back when the range of ISAs in use was far more diverse than the x86 and Arm titans of today. The IA-64 architecture was designed to push forward into the realms of then-exotic 6.....»»

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2 Red Objects Found In the Asteroid Belt. They Shouldn"t Be There.

Slashdot reader fahrbot-bot quotes the New York Times: Two red things are hiding in a part of the solar system where they shouldn't be. The space rocks may have come from beyond Neptune, and potentially offer hints at the chaos of the early solar sys.....»»

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Genshin Impact is the closest you can get to playing Breath of the Wild on PC

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play game that resembles Zelda BOTW's action but has developed further to become much more than a simple copycat. Climb any mountain, swim across any river, and glide over the world below, taking in the jaw-dropping scener.....»»

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Best cheap elliptical machine deals for August 2021

Choose an elliptical machine to exercise your arms, legs, and core without joint and bone impact......»»

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Image: Hubble spots squabbling galactic siblings

A dramatic triplet of galaxies takes center stage in this image from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope, which captures a three-way gravitational tug-of-war between interacting galaxies. This system—known as Arp 195—is featured in the Atlas of P.....»»

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The spatial relationship between damaged understory and felled trees in a shelterwood forest

The shelterwood forest system is a natural regeneration method of forest management that supplies the next generation of trees from overstory tree seeds without planting. This method lowers the cost of forest management by reducing the need for artif.....»»

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Microsoft to pull Forza Motorsport 7 from online stores after September 15

Initially marred by a frustrating loot box system, Forza Motorsport 7 came with a plethora of cars and tracks, and it remains one of the most gorgeous ‘simcade’ racers currently out there. For the racing/driving fans who still haven't given it a.....»»

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Sony unlocks PlayStation 5 M.2 SSD expansion bay, but only for beta testers

First and foremost, the expansion port is currently only accessible to users participating in the PS5 system software beta program (technically, anyone can physically access the port, but you’ll need the right software to make it work)......»»

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Weather during mountain race tragedy was predicted, but its impact was not

On May 22, about 170 ultramarathon racers were climbing an eight kilometer stretch of sand and gravel to a mountain top in Yellow River Stone Forest Park in northwest China. Suddenly, it seemed, the temperature dropped, the wind picked up, and the sk.....»»

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How fire today will impact water tomorrow

In 2020, Colorado battled the four largest wildfires in its history, leaving residents anxious for another intense wildfire season this year. .....»»

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3D Imaging Shows How Shark Guts Work Like a Tesla Valve

Using CT scans and 3D modeling, researchers found the fish’s spiral digestive system is analogous to Nikola Tesla’s ingenious check valve design......»»

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Playdate, the Console With a Crank, Will Not Ship Until 2022

Playdate, the portable, one-bit gaming system with an analog crank as a primary control option, won't be shipping to those who preordered the console anytime soon. According to CNET, "shipping has been delayed to some point in 2022." From the report:.....»»

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PS5 gets high-speed M.2 SSD storage support in new beta system software

Compatible drives need to meet stringent physical and technical guidelines. Seagate says its Firecuda 530 M.2 drive will work with the PS5. [credit:.....»»

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A new spin on planet formation mysteries

Astronomers have captured the first-ever spin measurements of planets making up the HR 8799 star system......»»

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World pledges $4B in push to repair COVID"s education damage

International governments and companies have pledged more than $4 billion to educate 175 million children around the world and prevent a generation's chances being blighted by the coronavirus pandemic......»»

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Experiment with working poor in India finds no impact from more night sleep

Subjectively, getting more sleep seems to provide big benefits: Many people find it gives them increased energy, emotional control, and an improved sense of well-being. But a new study co-authored by MIT economists complicates this picture, suggestin.....»»

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Employers must act now to make a success of hybrid working across the North of England

New research from the Work Foundation and Newcastle University Business School has found that over a quarter of workers across the North of England were still working remotely in 2021, and that hybrid working is set to become a feature of northern wo.....»»

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Simulated microgravity system created to experiment with materials

Crystallization studies conducted in space laboratories, which are costly and unaffordable for most research laboratories, showed the valuable effects of microgravity during the crystal growth process and the morphogenesis of materials. Now, a resear.....»»

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Ground system for NASA"s Roman Space Telescope moves into development

When it launches in the mid-2020s, NASA's Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope will revolutionize astronomy by building on the science discoveries and technological leaps of the Hubble, Spitzer, and Webb space telescopes. The mission's wide field of vi.....»»

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Microsoft just made testing out the new Windows 11 features easier

Microsoft just moved one of the most recent Windows 11 preview builds to the Windows Insider Beta Channel, making testing the operating system easier......»»

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