A new spin on planet formation mysteries

Astronomers have captured the first-ever spin measurements of planets making up the HR 8799 star system......»»

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Is Venus volcanically active? New approach could provide an answer

Out of all planets in the solar system, Venus has the most volcanoes. Much of the planet is covered in volcanic deposits that are less than 300 million years old, and volcanic activity has played a pivotal role in its history. Although the precise ti.....»»

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Lost Judgment review: Yakuza spin-off loses the plot

Lost Judgment delivers fast fights and tons of content, but its story makes this an uncomfortable return to Kamurocho......»»

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A six-year search of the outer solar system turns up 461 new objects (but no Planet 9)

In the near future, astronomers will benefit from the presence of next-generation telescopes like the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) and the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope (RST). At the same time, improved data mining and machine learning techn.....»»

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NASA confirms thousands of massive, ancient volcanic eruptions on Mars

Some volcanoes can produce eruptions so powerful they release oceans of dust and toxic gases into the air, blocking out sunlight and changing a planet's climate for decades. By studying the topography and mineral composition of a portion of the Arabi.....»»

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Hard single-molecule magnets: Tetranuclear rare earth metal complexes with giant spin

Magnets formed from a single molecule are of particular interest in data storage, since the ability to store a bit on every molecule could vastly increase the storage capacity of computers. Researchers have now developed a new molecular system with a.....»»

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Spin photovoltaic effects in magnetic van der Waals heterostructures

In a new report now published on Science Advances, Tiancheng Song and a research team at the department of physics, University of Washington, U.S., and materials and nanoarchitectronics in Japan and China, detailed spin photovoltaic effects in van de.....»»

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Lab-grown cochlear organoids enable screening for hair cell–inducing drugs

New research published in Stem Cell Reports found that organoid culture-based models for cochlear hair cell formation can be used to identify drugs that promote hair cell regeneration in a high throughput drug library screen......»»

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Filling the gaps in the SuperDARN archive

When solar wind slams into Earth's magnetic field, the impacts ripple down through the planet's ionosphere, the outer shell of the atmosphere full of charged particles. A global array of high-frequency radars known as the Super Dual Auroral Radar Net.....»»

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Researchers find the dynamics behind the remarkable August 2018 Greenland polynya formation

A polynya is a region of open water that is surrounded by sea ice. These areas fluctuate throughout seasons, and weather events can influence their size and development. Extremely high wind in February 2018 led to a polynya that developed in the Wand.....»»

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Solar "Superflares" Rocked Earth Less Than 10,000 Years Ago--and Could Strike Again

Although our sun is considered a quiet star, it is now thought to have repeatedly pelted our planet with enormous eruptions in the not too distant past. Could another occur in the near future? -- Read more on»»

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Mars rocks collected by Perseverance boost case for ancient life

NASA's Perseverance Mars rover has now collected two rock samples, with signs that they were in contact with water for a long period of time boosting the case for ancient life on the Red Planet......»»

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Could a Black Hole Surrounded by Energy-Harvesters Really Power a Civilization?

"In the long-running TV show Doctor Who, aliens known as time lords derived their power from the captured heart of a black hole, which provided energy for their planet and time travel technology," writes Science magazine. "The idea has merit, accor.....»»

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The art of blowing up a planet: Behind the visual effects of Marvel’s Loki series

Here's how visual effects studio Digital Domain helped Marvel blow up a planet in Loki's third episode using plenty of technical artistry and movie magic......»»

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China"s Mars rover soldiers on after completing program

China's Zhurong Mars rover is soldiering on after completing its initial program to explore the red planet and search for frozen water that could provide clues as to whether it once supported life......»»

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Effect of "eddy killing" in oceans is no longer a matter of guesswork

Ocean currents, propelled by kinetic energy from the wind, are the great moderators of our climate. By transferring heat from the equator to polar regions, they help make our planet habitable......»»

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Comet ATLAS may have been a blast from the past

It's suspected that about 5,000 years ago a comet may swept within 23 million miles of the Sun, closer than the innermost planet Mercury. The comet might have been a spectacular sight to civilizations across Eurasia and North Africa at the end of the.....»»

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Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are arguing over the moon already. Here"s what it all means

Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk, the two wealthiest people on this planet, both want to be center stage when NASA returns astronauts to the moon. But NASA only has enough money for one of them, and it went with Musk's SpaceX. That means Bezos' Blue Origin i.....»»

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Companion animals in the climate crisis: How pet owners can reduce their environmental impacts

Pet ownership doesn't have to be so tough on the planet, according to new UBC research......»»

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Fritillary butterflies preserve genetic diversity through interbreeding

The formation of hybrids—organisms obtained after crossing genetically different forms—is more widespread in nature previously thought. Usually, only closely related species can hybridize. For example, hybrids occur in some populations of Daphnia.....»»

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Researchers refine estimate of amount of carbon in Earth"s outer core

New research from Florida State University and Rice University is providing a better estimate of the amount of carbon in the Earth's outer core, and the work suggests the core could be the planet's largest reservoir of that element......»»

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