A Fair Warning: Avoid most so-called HDR monitors

This column was taken from our recent Best HDR Gaming Monitors - Mid 2022 buying guide......»»

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The PC market decline hasn"t hit monitors quite yet, as demand grows in Q2 2022

A new International Data Corporation (IDC) report shows a Q2 2022 growth of 2.7 percent in global monitor shipments compared to Q2 2021. The numbers contrast with the current falling demand for PCs and other computer components, at least for now......»»

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Gaming monitor shipments are down for the first time ever

Trendforce's Anita Wang released a report on the matter that also covers details such as sales for panel types and screen curvature. In 2021, there were 22.8 million shipments of gaming monitors compared to an estimated 20.5 million units shipped for.....»»

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New superconducting qubit testbed benefits quantum information science development

If you've ever tried to carry on a conversation in a noisy room, you'll be able to relate to the scientists and engineers trying to "hear" the signals from experimental quantum computing devices called qubits. These basic units of quantum computers a.....»»

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"Longtermism" Movement Misses the Importance of War

A moral movement called longtermism, which focuses on protecting humanity’s future, dwells too much on artificial intelligence and not enough on war.....»»

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A glaring error in methane flaring

Three million cars’ worth of emissions could be cut by addressing inefficiency. Enlarge (credit: HHakim) A common practice in the oil industry called flaring is believed to cut down on methane emissions by burning waste.....»»

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New FDA baby formula warning: Stop using this recalled formula right now

It hasn’t been a great year for parents with newborn babies. The massive Abbott baby formula recall in early 2022 triggered a nationwide product shortage. We then saw additional recalls and baby formula warnings. Mother’s Touch baby formula is th.....»»

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Apple iPhone 14 review: Minor tweaks but still a great phone

The iPhone 14 is a little bit of a weird release from Apple. The iPhone 14 Pro gets new features like an always-on display, a new 48-megapixel camera sensor, and the so-called Dynamic Island. The standard iPhone 14, however, gets none of that. It doe.....»»

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Apple"s iPhone 14 Plus was originally the "iPhone 14 Max"

Previous speculation that Apple's larger iPhone 14 would be called the iPhone 14 Max, instead of iPhone 14 Plus, have been proven correct by Apple's own website code.Even though it seemed obvious that Apple would revive its old Plus name for the iPho.....»»

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Scientists improve process for turning hard-to-recycle plastic waste into fuel

Turning plastic waste into useful products through chemical recycling is one strategy for addressing Earth's growing plastic pollution problem. A new study may improve the ability of one method, called pyrolysis, to process hard-to-recycle mixed plas.....»»

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India reportedly seeks smartphones sold locally to include NavIC support

To avoid the dependence on foreign satellite navigation systems and strengthen strategic security, India reportedly urged smartphone and fabless semiconductor companies to add support for NavIC, India's self-developed navigation system......»»

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Ad-free Instagram client ‘OG App’ taken down, and not by Meta

This week, a new Instagram client called “OG App” caught the attention of the internet as it promised a better Instagram experience without advertisements or content suggestions from people you don’t know. The app seemed too good to be true, b.....»»

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Near-threshold resonance helps explain a controversial measurement of exotic decay in beryllium-11

Most mass in everyday matter around us resides in protons and neutrons inside the atomic nucleus. However, the lifetime of a free neutron—one not bounded to a nucleus—is unstable, decaying by a process called beta decay. For neutrons, beta decay.....»»

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Nullmixer is a nasty, new Windows malware dropper

Nullmixer gives you a new reason to avoid downloading cracked software and questionable Windows apps, threatening dozens of malware infections......»»

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Ohio State football player caught sporting Apple Watch (and Louis Vuitton cleats) during game

Apple Watch was a point of concern over the weekend during the Ohio State Buckeyes college football game. The team’s wide receiver Marvin Harrison Jr. was spotted wearing one during the game until someone called timeout on it. more… The post Oh.....»»

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New algorithm could reduce the effects of long-term drift in fiber Bragg-grating temperature sensors

Photonic thermometers—which measure temperature using light—have been around in optical fiber form for decades. These devices, called fiber Bragg gratings, are embedded in commercially available fibers thinner than a human hair, similar to the on.....»»

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Pixel 6 Pro for $399, Pixel 6 for $199 at Best Buy

The Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro are days away from stealing all the attention and tempting you into a purchase. There may even be a launch deal or two to make that purchase hard to avoid. But here’s the thing – the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are.....»»

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Some Apple Watch Ultra users notice ‘jelly scrolling,’ here’s why it’s happening

The Apple Watch Ultra features the largest display yet on an Apple Watch, but it uses the same display technology as on previous models. Now that the Apple Watch Ultra has been available for a few days, some users are noticing a so-called “jelly s.....»»

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Pokémon Violet and Scarlet’s newest monster is a floppy Diglett

The Pokémon Company revealed the floppy version of Diglett called Wiglett, the newest species for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet......»»

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Water fleas as "canaries in a coal mine" offer key to managing chemical pollution

Water fleas, or Daphnia, could provide an important 'early warning system' for chemical pollution in our lakes and rivers......»»

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Hurricane Ian: Older adults have many reasons for not evacuating. Why it"s important to check on aging neighbors

As mandatory evacuations for Hurricane Ian began in Florida and the warnings about damaging wind and flooding intensified, I called my aging parents to check in......»»

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