1,900 Signal users exposed following Twilio breach

The attacker behind the recent Twilio data breach may have accessed phone numbers and SMS registration codes for 1,900 users of the popular secure messaging app Signal. “Among the 1,900 phone numbers, the attacker explicitly searched for three.....»»

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Google calls Drive data loss “fixed,” locks forum threads saying otherwise

The fix will sift through app data for cached files, but users say it doesn't work. Enlarge (credit: Google Drive) Google is dealing with its second "lost data" fiasco in the past few months. This time, it's Google Drive.....»»

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HP misreads room, awkwardly brags about its “less hated” printers

Opinion: HP's printer business practices have infuriated users for years. Enlarge (credit: HP) HP knows people have grown to hate printers. It even knows that people hate HP printers. But based on a new marketing campai.....»»

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Meta defies FBI opposition to encryption, brings E2EE to Facebook, Messenger

Default E2EE rolling out now but will take months to reach all 1 billion users. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images | Chesnot ) Meta has started enabling end-to-end encryption (E2EE) by default for chats and calls on Messenger.....»»

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Phylum integrates with Sumo Logic to identify software supply chain attacks

Phylum announced the availability of the Phylum Threat Feed and its partnership with Sumo Logic. With the Phylum App for Sumo Logic, users can know if their organization has been impacted by software supply chain risks, including: Zero-day attacks Cr.....»»

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Malwarebytes unveils vulnerability assessment module to help users identify critical vulnerabilities

Malwarebytes announced its comprehensive vulnerability assessment module is now included in every ThreatDown bundle at no additional cost via its integrated console. Many IT organizations are struggling with rising cybersecurity costs associated with.....»»

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Apple grabs its chance to tell users about push notification privacy

A senator's open letter making it public that iPhone push notifications can be used to track users has let Apple publish a warning about the topic.You can control what push notifications you see, but you can't stop governments using them for survelil.....»»

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Third-party breaches shake the foundations of the energy sector

90% of the world’s largest energy companies experienced a third-party breach in the past 12 months, according to SecurityScorecard. Powering the global economy and everyday activities, the energy sector’s significance makes it a key focus for.....»»

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Do you prefer Dark Mode or Light Mode on your iPhone?

Sponsored by Capital One Shopping: Capital One Shopping users saved over $800 million in the past year. Get automatic free coupons at........»»

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Google Drive offers possible fix for missing files, but isn"t guaranteed

Google Drive users have a path to recover missing files from the service, but it isn't foolproof, requires local storage, and may need a trip to the command line interface.Google DriveIn November, users began complaining that months of files began di.....»»

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iOS 17.3, iOS 17.4 & More: What’s Coming Next for iPhone

We’ve seen a lot of information about upcoming iOS 17 software updates surface recently so we felt it would be prudent to put together a software release timeline for iPhone users. Apple’s been busy in the weeks since iOS 17’s initi.....»»

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iMessage will reportedly dodge EU regulations, won’t have to open up

iMessage isn't popular enough with businesses to force interoperability. Enlarge (credit: Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images) Android users' hopes that Apple's iMessage would be forced to open up in the European U.....»»

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After hack, 23andMe gives users 30 days to opt out of class-action waiver

Anyone who fails to opt out "will be deemed to have agreed to the new terms." Enlarge (credit: Bloomberg / Contributor | Bloomberg) Shortly after 23andMe confirmed that hackers stole ancestry data of 6.9 million users, 2.....»»

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Ocean acidification creates legacy of stress for red abalone, study finds

Stressful childhoods can affect an individual's adult years and influence future generations. Scientists at the University of California, Davis, found a similar pattern holds true for red abalone exposed as babies, and again as adults, to the stress.....»»

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Apple drops new MLX machine learning framework for Apple silicon Macs

Don’t ask me what any of this means, but it might be of interest for some of you real Mac users. Apple has released MLX, “an array framework for machine learning on Apple silicon, brought to you by Apple machine learning research.” more….....»»

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Goodbye, green bubbles: How to send blue iMessages from Android with Beeper Mini

It's highly unlikely we'll ever see Apple bring its beloved iMessage app to Android users in full, but thanks to Beeper Mini, it's now possible with only minor caveats. Here's how.Use iMessage on AndroidBeeper Mini feels almost magical. It's dead-sim.....»»

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Microsoft will offer extended security updates for Windows 10

Microsoft will not abandon Windows 10 users to an insecure fate once it reaches end of support (EOS) on October 14, 2025: both enterprises and individual consumers will be able receive Extended Security Updates (ESU), but will have to pay for them. D.....»»

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Lenovo and Microsoft join forces to simplify security deployments

Lenovo and Microsoft are working together to help organizations operate more securely across their devices, users, apps, data, networks, and cloud services through a subscription-based Cyber Resiliency as a Service (CRaaS) offering. The offering enab.....»»

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Google Chrome could soon gain a “Help me write” AI tool

Google is expected to bring its “Help me write” AI feature to Chrome for desktop, making it easier for users to fill in text fields if they need a bit of help. The post Google Chrome could soon gain a “Help me write” AI tool appeared first on.....»»

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Beeper Mini gives Android users a way to talk to iMessage on iOS right now

Beeper Mini offers a wide array of iMessage features although its future as a mainstay in the industry is a mystery......»»

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iOS 17.2 unlocks Qi2 wireless charging support on older iPhone models

iOS 17.2 unlocks a significant new feature for iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 users: support for Qi2 wireless charging. This comes after the iPhone 15 was announced as the first Qi2-enabled iPhone and before the first Qi2 accessories hit the market this mon.....»»

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