"No need to panic" as sunspot with potential for solar flares doubles in size overnight, scientists say

A sunspot pointing toward Earth has the potential to cause solar flares, but experts told USA TODAY it's far from unusual and eased concerns over how flares would affect the Blue Planet......»»

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EU Scraps 115 Grants For UK Scientists And Academics Amid Brexit Row

British scientists and academic researchers have been dealt a blow after 115 grants from a flagship EU research programme were terminated because of the continuing Brexit row over Northern Ireland. From a report: One academic said he was "relieved" t.....»»

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Rampant wildfires once led to global mass extinction, scientists say. Can it happen again?

A long time ago, the carbon was rock, buried in the earth as securely as a secret. Then an environmental catastrophe of unprecedented scale began. The rocks burned, and the atoms inside them disassembled into carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.....»»

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Imaging solves mystery of how large HIV protein functions to form infectious virus

Understanding how HIV replicates within cells is key for developing new therapies that could help nearly 40 million people living with HIV globally. Now, a team of scientists from the Salk Institute and Rutgers University have for the first time dete.....»»

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Snow At One of World"s Highest Observatories Melting Earlier Than Ever Before

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Guardian: The snow at the highest observatory in the world to be operated all-year-round is expected to completely melt in the next few days, the earliest time on record. Scientists at the Sonnblick observ.....»»

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A potential danger of CRISPR gene editing—and why base editing may be safer

Gene therapy using CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing is currently in clinical trials around the world for a variety of diseases. A report from Boston Children's Hospital, published June 27 in Nature Communications, warns of a potential, previously undiscovere.....»»

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Solar-powered chemistry uses carbon dioxide and water to make feedstock for fuels, chemicals

Solar-powered synthesis gas could recycle carbon dioxide into fuels and useful chemicals, an international team of researchers has shown......»»

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Capturing California"s biodiversity for the future of conservation

When UC Santa Cruz postdoctoral scholar Merly Escalona assembled the first-ever reference genome for the Stephen Colbert Trapdoor Spider, she was shocked by the dataset's unexpectedly large size. For a small invertebrate, this California native spide.....»»

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Spintronics: Giant Rashba semiconductors show unconventional dynamics with potential applications

Germanium telluride is a strong candidate for use in functional spintronic devices due to its giant Rashba-effect. Now, scientists at HZB have discovered another intriguing phenomenon in GeTe by studying the electronic response to thermal excitation.....»»

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Save up to 20% on solar generators in BLUETTI"s Prime Day deals

BLUETTI is taking part in the Prime Day deals, with discounted solar generators available so you can get reliable power wherever you are.The Prime Day sales are upon us, with steep discounts on a variety of products running from July 12 to 13. Portab.....»»

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Researchers develop a new method for studying functionality of microbiota

A research group from Turku Bioscience Center, Finland, has developed a new method for studying the functionality of microbiota through metaproteomics. The new method shows broad potential for the study of microbiota on a new, functional level. The c.....»»

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Sub-angstrom noninvasive imaging of atomic arrangement in 2D hybrid perovskites

National University of Singapore scientists have demonstrated the non-invasive imaging of both the organic layers and underlying inorganic lattice of two-dimensional (2D) hybrid perovskites at the sub-angstrom level......»»

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Rocks unravel the secrets of the Earth"s magnetic field

More than 350 million years ago something odd was going on with the Earth's magnetic field. Scientists now propose that the field was really weak, which may have affected life on our planet......»»

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Could we eavesdrop on communications that pass through our solar system?

Communications across the vastness of interstellar space could be enhanced by taking advantage of a star's ability to focus and magnify communication signals. A team of graduate students at Penn State is looking for just these sorts of communication.....»»

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Globalwafers to help ease 12-inch wafer shortage in the US; Sharp buys back SDP as wholly-owned subsidiary

This week's Asia tech industry summary will focus on Globalwafers' plan to establish a 12-inch silicon wafer factory in the US' Texas to mend the shortage of large-size silicon wafers in the US, while Globalwafers' Japan-, Germany-, and Korea-based c.....»»

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Researchers expand understanding of vortex spread in superfluids

An international team of scientists featuring Florida State University researchers has developed a model that predicts the spread of vortices in so-called superfluids, work that provides new insight into the physics that govern turbulence in quantum.....»»

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Scientists uncover novel aspects of HIV infection by monitoring sugars at the surface of individual immune cells

HIV researchers have long been trying to identify the specific cells that the virus prefers to infect and hide in. They know that HIV favors a special type of immune cells called memory CD4 T cells. But these cells come in many flavors, and it has be.....»»

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Gurman: Apple Watch Series 8 to feature body temperature sensor (as long as it passes internal tests)

Apple Watch Series 8 will have at least one exciting feature for its users when it launches later this year: a body-temperature sensor. In his latest edition of the Power On newsletter, Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman doubles down on the new sensor coming.....»»

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Display leak suggests Apple Watch Series 8 may have 47mm size

Rumors have stated the "Apple Watch Series 8" could come in three size classes, with the largest being a 1.99-inch display, which would lead to a device about 2mm taller than the previous model.Apple Watch Series 8 may have a 1.99-inch display option.....»»

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Compared: Rumored 47mm Apple Watch Series 8 size versus Series 7

The Apple Watch Series 8 could have a new larger model coming in at 47mm when it is announced this fall. Here's how that compares to the existing Apple Watch lineup.The 'Apple Watch Series 8' could have a new larger modelThere are numerous case mater.....»»

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Making it easier to differentiate mirror-image molecules

Using a new method, scientists are better able to distinguish between mirror-image substances. This is important amongst others in drug development, because the two variants can cause completely different effects in the human body. Researchers from P.....»»

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