“Complete incompetence:” Biden team slams Trump’s COVID work

Biden Administration starts off with a flurry of orders, actions, and comprehensive plan. Enlarge / US President Joe Biden releases his strategic COVID-19 plan at the White House on Thursday, Jan. 21, 2021. (credit: Getty | Bloomberg) Just a.....»»

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Hong Kong fintech unicorn WeLab raises $75M led by insurance giant Allianz

One of the few industries that have benefited from the COVID-19 crisis is online finance. Around the world, the pandemic has forced consumers to adopt digital banking. Hong Kong’s WeLab, a fintech company founded in 2013, saw users soar by 20%.....»»

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A tale of two earthquakes: In Japan, some lessons learned, others deferred

In an industry as massive as the automotive business it's impossible to plan for everything. The 10th anniversary of the 2011 earthquake-tsunami disaster in Japan is a reminder of improvements made since, and the work left to be done......»»

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"What the Truth Is": FAA Safety Engineer Slams Oversight of Boeing"s 737 MAX

The Seattle Times reports: Haunted by the two deadly crashes of Boeing 737 MAX jets and his agency's role in approving the plane, veteran Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) safety engineer Joe Jacobsen is stepping forward publicly to give the vic.....»»

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The Product Manager asterisk

Product manager might be one of the most grey roles within a startup. However, as a company progresses and the team grows, there comes a time when a founder needs to carve out dedicated roles. Of these positions, product management might be one of th.....»»

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Imaginary Numbers May Be Essential for Describing Reality

A new thought experiment indicates that quantum mechanics doesn’t work without strange numbers that turn negative when squared......»»

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Antitrust Advocate Who Coined the Phrase "Net Neutrality" Joins Biden"s White House

Tim Wu coined the phrase "net neutrality". He's the author of The Curse of Bigness: Antitrust in the New Gilded Age , and Bloomberg calls him an "outspoken advocate for aggressive antitrust enforcement against U.S. technology giants." They add that.....»»

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Best cheap gaming headset deals for March 2021

Every deal-savvy gamer should shop around for a discounted gaming headset. We've already done the work for you,.....»»

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COVID"s Unlikely Offspring: The Rise of Smartwatch as Illness Detector

Researchers are stretching the capabilities of smartwatches to track illnesses from COVID-19 to Crohn's disease Smartwatches and wearable devices have come a long way beyond counting steps. They’re getting better at detecting illness,.....»»

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Vaccine selfies are everywhere. That"s actually a good thing

When Brittany Hall from upstate New York received her first Covid-19 vaccine after barely leaving home since last March, she pulled out her phone and took a selfie to mark the occasion. "I cried so hard the lady that helped me had to comfort me," she.....»»

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Are you eligible for the FCC"s emergency internet discount program? Here"s how to find out

More help is coming soon for the many Americans still struggling to afford at-home, high-speed internet, which has become an essential for school, work and many other areas of life during the pandemic......»»

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ISS astronauts complete spacewalk to upgrade station’s solar arrays

The crew of the International Space Station completed another spacewalk yesterday, successfully installing modifications for the station's new solar arrays......»»

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The Biden Administration Weighs the Social Cost of Carbon

A new White House policy tries to put a dollar value on the future harm of greenhouse gas emissions......»»

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White House could shake up auto finance

A stack of concerns awaits the vehicle finance sector as the Biden administration and new Congress settle in and consider changes in regulatory and enforcement priorities......»»

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CDC Study Says On-Premises Dining Linked To COVID-19 Spread

Thelasko shares a new study published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. NPR reports on the key findings: As several states face criticism for lifting coronavirus-related public health restrictions, a study published Friday confirms t.....»»

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How the Biden administration is approaching crypto regulations

Given the chaos created by the Trump administration, bitcoin fans are anxiously optimistic about how regulators will approach the cryptocurrency space during President Joe Biden’s administration.    Leigh Cuen Contr.....»»

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New evidence COVID-19 antibodies, vaccines less effective against variants

New research has found that new variants of the virus that causes COVID-19 can evade antibodies that work against the original form of the virus that sparked the pandemic, potentially undermining the effectiveness of vaccines and antibody-based drugs.....»»

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Under intense pressure, WHO skips summary report on coronavirus origin

The full report, however, is expected the week of March 15. Enlarge / Liang Wannian (2nd L) and Peter Ben Embarek (3rd R) both members of the WHO-China joint study team, shake hands after the WHO-China joint study press conference in Wuhan, cent.....»»

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How and when to hire your first product manager

In the world of early-stage startups, job titles are often a formality. In reality, each employee may handle a dozen responsibilities outside their job description. The choose-your-own-adventure type of work style is part of the magic of startups and.....»»

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The US Has a Covid "Scariants" Problem. Here"s How to Fix It

Researchers are racing to understand new versions of the coronavirus. But without scientific standards, too many mutants are getting the monster treatment......»»

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Samsung and Mastercard team up to create a payment card with a built-in fingerprint reader

In announcing the collaboration, the companies said that instead of having to enter in a PIN on a keypad, users would simply verify their identity using the fingerprint reader built into their cards......»»

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