5 fatal flaws that dog the new Windows 10

Windows 10 will get better in the forthcoming Creators Update. That isn’t a hollow promise or more marketing drivel. It’s a straightforward observation, comparing the most egregious parts of the current version, Win10 1607 Anniversary Update, wit.....»»

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Discover the power of Bash on Windows

Microsoft Windows may be the dominant player on the desktop, but the rapidly increasing open source software market—especially for admin and dev tools—clearly favors Linux. Not to mention the mobile market, where Android uses Linux variants. I.....»»

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Microsoft killing vowel-challenged social networking service on March 15

Microsoft's FUSE Labs has announced it is killing (or just plain Socl), a multimedia-infused social network and search tool positioned as a complement to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and other more established social services. The S.....»»

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What"s Microsoft after with Windows Server on ARM?

It was unclear today exactly what kind of edge Microsoft might gain by partnering with Qualcomm and others to run Windows Server on ARM processors, an analyst said."Microsoft must see something that is interesting enough to port over Azure and Win.....»»

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Raspberry Pi roundup: Happy 5th birthday, baby! Also, new software, a tough piano, and, well, Windows 98

I am a shameful forgetter of important dates, as family and ex-girlfriends will be happy to tell you. They can detail the brainless “duh?” expression, with tinges of dawning comprehension, that I make when I am reminded that, yes, it’s today.....»»

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How to remotely control your Windows 10 computer via Google Chrome

Google provides a free and powerful tool, Chrome Remote Desktop, that lets you connect to and control your Windows 10 computer over the internet. (It also works with Windows 7 and Windows 8.) The computer has to be running Chrome, of course, and you.....»»

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IDC projects Windows Phone share to be big fat goose egg by 2021

Market watcher IDC anticipates the worldwide smartphone market will bounce back over the next few years from a sluggish 2016, but Microsoft is not expected to take part in that celebration.In fact, while Android smartphone shipments are projected.....»»

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Microsoft starts selling 6 more years of Windows Server support

Microsoft yesterday started selling extended support for its Windows Server software, letting corporate customers add up to six years to the lifespan of Windows Server 2008 and later, and SQL Server 2008 and later.The company had announced this "P.....»»

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Hottest iPad & Surface alternatives from Mobile World Congress 2017

While the traditional tablet market has had a tough go of it lately, some industry watchers do see growth ahead particularly in the 2-in-1 detachables sector, and the batch of new devices shown at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week could.....»»

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Understanding Windows 10"s Unified Update Platform

The Unified Update Platform (UUP) was introduced to the Windows 10 Insider Preview with Build 14986 on December 11, 2016. It changes how Windows Update works in a profound and interesting way. This is explained in some detail in a Windows Insider blo.....»»

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Coolest new Android phones at Mobile World Congress 2017

MWC 2017 Smartphone CentralImage by LenovoNo, Apple isn’t at Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona teasing its iPhone 8 and Samsung isn’t formally unveiling its Galaxy S8, but plenty of other big name vendors are using the annual wireless netwo.....»»

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REVIEW: Deep dive into Windows Server 2016

Windows Server 2016 was officially released in September, but we waited until all of the bits were at production level before taking a deep dive into Microsoft’s flagship server operating system.To read this article in full or to leave a comment,.....»»

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Microsoft releases Adobe Flash Player fix, but doesn"t patch 2 zero-day exploits

Microsoft released MS17-005 to patch critical flaws in Adobe Flash Player, but that’s it. Microsoft didn’t release the fix for the two zero-day exploits disclosed this month.After the company said patches would be delayed in February, it clari.....»»

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5 built-in Windows 10 apps that do the job (with video)

The touch-friendly apps built into Windows 8 and Windows 10 (originally called Metro apps and now just called Windows apps) were, for a long time, roundly denounced by many reviewers as being underpowered -- and justifiably so. The first release o.....»»

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Microsoft launches Insider program for business users

The Windows Insider program has been an important program for Microsoft, soliciting feedback from thousands of individual customers to help with the development and debugging of Windows 10. Now the company has launched an equivalent program for co.....»»

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Microsoft says tech companies need to protect and not to help attack customers

No Microsoft patches today, but have you looked at your Office 365 Secure Score? It is one step Microsoft has taken to help customer mitigate risks. And at RSA, the company called on tech companies to be a “neutral Digital Switzerland” and to.....»»

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New LibreOffice release sparks record donations to Document Foundation

The release of version 5.3 of LibreOffice, the free software productivity suite, has pushed the number of donations to the Document Foundation to a record high, according to the group’s co-founder, Italo Vignoli.“Donations are the key to the l.....»»

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A real sweetheart deal for Microsoft Build tickets

Tickets for the Microsoft Build 2017, this year's edition of the annual developers' confab, will go on sale at noon EST/9am PST on Valentine's Day, Feb. 14.If you're interested in going, you should register for a shot at tickets at this Microsoft.....»»

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Everything you need to know about drive cloning in Windows 10

Cloning a drive comes in handy for a variety of reasons, but primarily when you want to replace one drive on a PC with another that is either bigger or faster than the original drive, if not both.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, pl.....»»

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Microsoft readies Vista for retirement

Microsoft will stop all support for Windows Vista in two months, ending the problem-plagued operating system's usefulness when it issues final patches on April 11.The OS won't be missed: According to analytics vendor Net Applications, which estima.....»»

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