Now THAT"S what we call a proper test!

It's a few decades back, and this company has finally decided its disaster recovery plan needs a backup generator to keep the data center going if all power is lost, reports a pilot fish there."The solution was to have a generator, located in a se.....»»

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Stress test: Cisco Nexus 9516 data center core switch

An inside look at the Cisco Nexus 9516 data center core switch......»»

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Stress test: Cisco Nexus 9615 data center core switch

An inside look at the Cisco Nexus 9615 data center core switch......»»

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Back to the bleeding-edge future

Flashback to the 1980s, when the data center where this pilot fish works is on the bleeding edge of technology: a new, top-of-the-line IBM multiprocessor mainframe."After it was installed, we started to run our normal workloads -- and then we star.....»»

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Lucky he was sort of dropping by, huh?

Flashback to the late 1970s, when this regional insurance company's data center is all about its mainframe, according to a pilot fish on the scene."My team was developing an agency software package to be run on a minicomputer," fish says. "But due.....»»

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Mingis on Tech: The lowdown on Cisco Live

Network World's Brandon Butler checks in from Las Vegas, where this week's Cisco Live is under way. The big story: Cisco's efforts to move from hardware to software, security and "intent-based networking.".....»»

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WD aims to tame growing data needs with latest enterprise SAS SSD

With data centers seeing rapid data growth, Western Digital Corp. (WD) has announced its highest performing 2.5-in. small form-factor SSD. The drive is aimed at helping companies deal with increasing needs for virtualized storage systems, online.....»»

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HPE shows off The Machine prototype without memristors

In 2004, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise's Kirk Bresniker set out to make radical changes to computer architecture with The Machine and drew out the first concept design on a whiteboard.At the time Bresniker, now chief architect at HP Labs, wanted to b.....»»

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A third of virtual servers are zombies

New research finds that 25% of all physical servers -- and 30% of all virtual servers -- are comatose. These are systems that have no activity in the last six months.The problem with comatose, or zombie, physical servers is well known. Past studie.....»»

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HPE offers an escape from the aging HP-UX OS -- with containers

Hewlett Packard Enterprises' HP-UX OS has been around for more than 30 years, and users may be looking to move on from the Unix-based OS.Now HPE is offering a way out of the ancient OS using containers, which are small buckets running instances of.....»»

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Nvidia"s Volta-based DGX-1 supercomputer puts 400 servers in a box

You won't need to buy a rack of 400 servers if you have one high-powered Nvidia DGX-1 supercomputer with a Volta GPU sitting on your desktop.The DGX-1 supercomputer -- which looks like a regular rack server -- gets most of its computing power from.....»»

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Dell takes Intel"s cue on PCs, puts enterprise on top of the agenda

For the umpteenth time, Dell Technologies has reiterated that PCs are important to the company, and it won't quit the market.But PCs occupied only a few minutes of CEO Michael Dell's opening keynote at Dell EMC World in Las Vegas on Monday. PCs ar.....»»

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Let me just show you how nothing can go wrong...

At the big data center where this pilot fish works, they're always pulling new cables under the floor -- and the space is so stuffed that if someone pulls up a tile to access a plug or a cable, getting the tile back in place can mean jumping up an.....»»

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Congress includes funds for faster computers

The budget deal reached by Congress increases U.S. government support for supercomputing. It's a sign that lawmakers are pushing back on President Trump's science-cutting agenda.The bipartisan 2017 fiscal year budget agreement, which funds the gov.....»»

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Cloud vs. on-premises: Finding the right balance

Greg Downer, senior IT director at Oshkosh Corp., a manufacturer of specialty heavy vehicles in Oshkosh, Wisc., wishes he could tip the balance of on-premises vs. cloud more in the direction of the cloud, which currently accounts for only about 20.....»»

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Because NOBODY can see through cardboard, right?

It's the mid-1980s and, in this close-knit IT shop, the dozen techies have a regular game they play: Spot the Bonuses."There were about eight developers, two guys on the network side of the team and two people on the operations team," says fish."O.....»»

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Microgrids: Energy independence (and money saved) for companies

ANDOVER, Mass. -- At the end of a heavily wooded, sparse industrial park here sits the North American headquarters and R&D center for Schneider Electric, which earlier this month unveiled its own campus power microgrid.The microgrid for the global.....»»

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Windows Server 2016 Hyper-V: More secure, but not faster

With Windows Server 2016, Microsoft has introduced a lengthy list of improvements to Hyper-V. Along with functional additions like container support, nested virtualization, and increased memory and vCPU limits, you’ll find a number of new features,.....»»

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By comparison, "What"s your sign?" would be cool

It's the late 1980s, and this young, single IT pilot fish is working for a company where the computing mainstays are Wang minicomputers."There was a cute girl who worked in one of the other buildings," says fish. "So, using my godlike admin powers.....»»

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Data centers decline as users turn to rented servers

Data centers are declining worldwide both in numbers and square footage, according to IDC -- a remarkable change for an industry that has seen booming growth for many years.Users are consolidating data centers and increasingly renting server power.....»»

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