An AI taught me to be a better tweeter

My name is Daniel Cooper, and I tweet ... a lot. Twitter is an extension of my subconscious, a pressure valve that lets half-baked thoughts escape my mind. In the last seven years, I've tweeted 73,811 times, and yet none of those 140-c.....»»

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SpaceX prepares to reuse the first rocket it landed on a barge

We might be days away from witnessing SpaceX make history. The private space corporation has conducted a static test fire (yet again) of the first rocket it landed on an ocean platform. SpaceX wants to make sure it's in tip-top shape fo.....»»

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What"s on TV: "Planet Earth II," "Review," "Legion" and "Walking Dead" finale

This week it's time to pick up some new demo material for your Ultra HD television, since Planet Earth II is available in 4K and HDR. Other than that it's a big week for finales, with Legion and The Walking Dead wrapping up their m.....»»

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The Apple TV Remote app is finally optimized for iPads

No, we still don't have an iPad version of the Instagram app, but another longtime holdout has gotten some big(ger) screen love. Apple has finally given its Apple TV Remote app a refresh tailored for the slate's display. The iTunes.....»»

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Gigantic drones may be the key to low-cost air shipping

Wonder why some companies still ship products on boats instead of speedy aircraft? It's because air freight is much more expensive -- the costs of the crew and fuel quickly add up. Natilus, however, thinks drones might offer a solution......»»

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Verizon plans to test 4K TV for its FiOS customers

Verizon has been relatively late to 4K TV (its competitors hopped aboard a while back), but it's at least making up for lost time. The carrier and its partner SES have confirmed that they'll soon test 4K delivery to FiOS TV custome.....»»

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Elon Musk"s Neuralink will plug AI into your brain

Somewhere between rolling out new Teslas, launching re-usable rockets and digging a tunnel under Los Angeles, Elon Musk managed to start yet another new company. According to a Wall Street Journal report, Musk's latest project is called.....»»

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Scientists turn spinach into a farm for human heart cells

In the future, you might not have to resort to exotic materials to create heart cells -- you could just raid your grocery store's produce section. Scientists have invented a process that turns spinach leaves into farms for functioning h.....»»

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Dell"s 8K monitor is available for $5,000

Dell introduced its 31.5-inch 8K monitor at CES, which the company claims is the world's first consumer screen to meet such a ridiculous resolution. While it took a backseat to the artist-aimed Canvas at the tech show, the Ultrasharp 32.....»»

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Sarah Silverman is hosting a weekly talk show on Hulu

The success of new shows like John Oliver's Last Week Tonight on HBO, Chelsea Handler's Chelsea on Netflix and Samantha Bee's Full Frontal on TBS show there's a pretty big market for comedians giving funny and impassioned.....»»

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Apple knows you keep losing your AirPods

If you're an AirPod owner, you've probably felt a twinge of panic or two over the thought of losing one on your daily commute. Luckily, Apple now has a solution. As part of the company's fresh 10.3 iOS update, you can now trac.....»»

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Uber resumes self-driving car tests following crash (updated)

Uber's freeze on self-driving car tests following the Arizona crash was very short-lived. The ridesharing firm tells Engadget that it's "resuming our development operations" in San Francisco as of this morning -- you should see tes.....»»

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Air pollution makes surprisingly good art supplies

Plumes of diesel exhaust contain a mixture of things both nasty and harmless. A lot of it, however, is carbon. Carbon can be useful and (as you might recall from school) is often jet black in color. Start-up Graviky has created an exhaust fi.....»»

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Amazon"s store of the future has bugs to work out

Amazon was planning on a public launch of its cashier-less Go convenience store at the end of March according to The Wall Street Journal, but the retailer has hit a few speed bumps. The test location in Seattle uses cameras, sensors and algo.....»»

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FBI"s facial recognition database is dangerously inaccurate

Despite law enforcement's attempt to conceal its existence, it's no secret that half of Americans over the age of 18 -- 117 million people in total -- are part of a massive facial recognition database, their personal information cu.....»»

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Intel"s extra-fast 3D storage comes to your desktop PC

It didn't take long for Intel's 3D Optane storage to reach a product you can realistically buy. The chip maker has introduced Optane modules designed to boost the performance of your desktop PC. They're strictly cache drives t.....»»

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Amazon taps "Moonlight" director for "The Underground Railroad" show

In the arms race for filmmaking talent and marquee shows, Amazon just scored a big win for its streaming originals. Oscar winning writer and Moonlight director Barry Jenkins has signed on with Amazon to adapt Colson Whitehead's best-sel.....»»

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Spotify"s latest acquisition could bring better recommendations

Spotify's recommendations still leave some room for improvement -- and that's bad for both you and the company's bottom line, since you're not likely to play an irrelevant song or tap on an off-the-mark promo. It might ge.....»»

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Facebook Messenger can share your location in real time

Plenty of messenger and map apps let you share your location with friends. iOS has its "Find My Friends" app and you can share your location through iMessage, while Hangouts similarly lets you share where you're at with friends. And tha.....»»

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Facebook will remind you to vote in local elections

Facebook isn't limiting its get-out-the-vote initiatives to federal elections. The social network is now offering reminders to vote in local US elections, whether they're at the county, municipal or state level. You'll see the.....»»

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