The canaries in a coal mine

 I’ve seen startups come and go over the years and I was particularly interested to see what happened to August Smart locks today. The company originally tapped Yves Behar to make a better smart lock, one that would meld with the sensitivi.....»»

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Bento Stack is a bento box for your Apple accessories

 The only thing I hate more than schlepping around electronics is schlepping around accessories and dongles for those electronics. And even when I’m not traveling it’s still hard to organize everything in one place and resist the tem.....»»

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Amazon adds loads more branded Dash buttons in UK

 Amazon has doubled the total selection of branded Dash buttons available to UK members of its Prime subscription service, just over a year after launching the push-button wi-fi gizmos that let people reorder a specific product via its ecommerc.....»»

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Let’s talk about that Pixel 2 contrast color button though

 The Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL have one of the best features introduced on a smartphone in recent memory: That button. Admittedly, it’s just a superficial design decision, but it’s actually one of the most interesting, and most b.....»»

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Microsoft appeals to power users with the Surface Precision Mouse

 Once upon a time, Microsoft had a whole line of gaming hardware under the Sidewinder brand, and while they never really put a dent in Razer or Logitech, they put out some decent mice (the X3 “might serve as a good introduction to multiple.....»»

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A dormant chip in the Pixel 2 will soon let developers write better camera and AI apps

Here’s a surprise: Google’s Pixel 2 phones include a custom system-on-a-chip (SoC) that’s optimized for image processing — but it currently just sits there, doing nothing. Google says it’ll turn this chip on in the comin.....»»

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Two sizes really do fit all with Google’s Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL

 Google’s Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL have a number of strengths to recommend them, but what makes them really unique is that they offer two versions of phone that finally, for Android, will provide everything anyone really needs in a smartphon.....»»

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Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL reaffirm Google’s top spot among smartphone cameras

 Google’s changes to the Pixel cameras are mostly on the software side, but they gain some excellent additional abilities, including a new Portrait mode, as well as optical image stabilization to compliment Google’s digital anti-shak.....»»

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Sorry SNES Classic: Analogue’s Super Nt is the ultimate Super Nintendo

 You may or may not have scored an SNES Classic from Nintendo, but either way, you don’t have the true retro gaming fan’s SNES reboot – yet. That’s because it’s not out yet, and it’s not even made by Nintendo.....»»

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DxO One camera for Android on the way, new accessories debut

 The best compact camera smartphone attachment you can buy is getting an Android version, and a heap of updates for the existing iPhone model that make it even better (and it’s already excellent). The DxO One, DxO’s first camera hard.....»»

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LimeBike raises $50M to further its bike-sharing ambitions

 LimeBike, one of several companies competing in the rapidly expanding bike-sharing space, has raised a $50 million C round to continue building out the operation. The company is also looking into ways to differentiate itself from the competitio.....»»

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User outcry prompts OnePlus to step down its excessive data collection

 Earlier this week, it was revealed that independent phone maker OnePlus was collecting all manner of information from phones running its OxygenOS — without telling users, of course. Caught red-handed, the company is backing off from the o.....»»

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DJI’s new interchangeable lens drone camera takes aim at filmmakers

 DJI just introduced a new camera designed to work with drones, and in particular its Inspire 2 flyer. The camera is a “world first” in that its a super 35 digital film camera tailored for aerial cinematography – in other words.....»»

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A messed up Google Home Mini recorded a tech reporter 24/7

 The idea of inviting an always-on recording device into our bedrooms would have once seemed beyond creepy but now most consumers hardly give it a second thought. As Android Police reports, a small number of Google Home Mini review units given.....»»

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A batch of SNES Classic Editions goes on sale tomorrow

 If you’ve had bad luck so far in trying to nab an SNES Classic Edition, you’ll have a fresh chance tomorrow. Two major retailers have announced they have stock in hand and will be selling it starting October 11. Read More.....»»

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Intel moves towards production quantum computing with new 17-qubit chip

 Intel’s quantum computing efforts have yielded a new 17-qubit chip, which the company has just delivered to its partner in that field, QuTech. It’s not a major advance in the actual computing power or applications — those are.....»»

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A chat with the creators of Arduino

 On this week’s Technotopia I talked to Massimo Banzi and Fabio Violante, the co-creators of Arduino. This pair of Italian artists saw their little single-board computers as a gateway to high-tech art but they’ve essentially created.....»»

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BlackBerry ditches the keyboard in latest handset

 Yesterday at GITEX Technology Week in Dubai, BlackBerry announced the Motion, an all-screen smartphone with a massive battery. Made by TCL like BlackBerry’s other handsets, the Motion packs a 5.5-inch screen and running on a Snapdragon 62.....»»

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Germans are doing deep scans of ancient instruments to uncover their secrets

 I don’t know if you’re into baroque music, but I can tell you that Germans sure are. So it’s no surprise that German R&D outfit Fraunhofer has turned its considerable resources towards learning about and conserving every littl.....»»

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This smart bandage releases meds on command for better healing

 Taking care of a cut or scrape usually means swapping out the bandage a few times, and maybe putting a little healing cream or hydrogel on there. But what if the dressing could dispense that stuff on its own? That’s the idea behind a smar.....»»

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