IT Pros Share Tech Responsibilities With Business

As the line between IT and the business blurs, they are working closely to address barriers to digitization: security threats, software challenges, data issues......»»

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The Maturity of Security Operations Varies Greatly

Security Operations Centers are not mature, so companies are shifting to outsourcing, managed security services and automation to cope with talent shortages......»»

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Keys to a Successful Cloud Adoption for CIOs

Developing and implementing plans for cloud-driven change in structure and processes empowers CIOs to deliver the speed and agility of cloud infrastructure......»»

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Poor Data Quality Is Harming Companies

Many managers don't trust their data to make important business decisions. Instead, they rely on "gut feelings." Find out how IT execs can improve data quality......»»

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Will a Single Unifying Platform Aid Security Pros?

Despite companies making heavy investments in data security tools, security pros face challenges protecting data, and they want a unified data security platform......»»

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First-Year Achievements of a CDO

Finding the right CDO—one with the necessary skills, characteristics and experience to pull off a digital transformation—requires more than intuition or luck......»»

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Internet Disruptions Can Cripple a Business

Internet disruptions result in business-damaging impacts—frequently in the form of increased customer support calls, decreased productivity and revenue losses......»»

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IT"s Role in Enabling a Customer-Centric Mindset

Companies should put customers at the center of their business strategy and support them throughout their buying journey......»»

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Blaming Social Media for Rise in Stolen Passwords

A study says the huge growth in passwords and users' unawareness of shared data between social media platforms will lead to more password thefts and breaches......»»

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Innovation, Digital Transformation and Security

As a result of digital transformation and innovation—including the growth of public clouds—many organizations are changing their cyber-security strategies......»»

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Developing a Competitive Compensation Culture

In the workplace, money does talk, so find out how to better recruit and retain talented IT employees by redefining and enhancing your compensation strategies......»»

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Wholesaler Advances Business With Data Analytics

AI-driven data analytics helps pharmaceutical distributor HD Smith streamline operations, manage inventory and cut costs......»»

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College Automates IT Management

Lone Star College, a fast-growing community college system, automates IT management to boost customer satisfaction and trim support and service resolution times......»»

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Agile and DevOps Processes Are Key to Digitization

Many companies are now adopting agile and DevOps processes, two IT-driven approaches that now considered "critical" for a successful digital transformation......»»

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CIO of Quest Diagnostics Works With the Business

CIO Lidia Fonseca is the executive sponsor for Quest Diagnostics' business transformation program, and she develops many of the company's client-facing systems......»»

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Digital Systems Affect the Risk Landscape

New technologies and an array of digital systems are affecting the risk landscape, so it's critical for IT and business leaders to keep up with security trends......»»

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Supplier of Data Services Improves Website and App

CattleFax redesigns its website and mobile app to make them more useful with improved menus and content links that drill down into data......»»

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IT Staffs Want Automated Software Testing

Many IT teams don't have enough time to run software tests and often lack testing resources. They also don't have staff qualified to oversee test automation......»»

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Mobile Tech Drives Digital Business

Mobile frameworks—and their role in the digital enterprise—create huge opportunities, but navigating mobility is increasingly challenging......»»

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Agility, Databases Support Digital Transformation

Databases are essential to the success of digital transformations, and companies agree that agility is also vital to those initiatives......»»

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