Fast-Forwarding the Tech Transformation With ITSM

Companies are struggling to keep up with tech changes while aligning IT efforts with business needs. Find out why many view ITSM as a game-changer in this area......»»

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Cloud-Based Accounting Helps Foundation

Cloud-based financial software helps the Cesar Chavez Foundation address financial and business concerns faster and more efficiently......»»

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The CIO"s Status Grows as Security Threats Mount

CEOs consider CIOs among the most important C-level executives, saying that these IT leaders play an important role in bringing security to board-level thinking......»»

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Containers Pays Off for Research Institute

The Translational Genomics Research Institute is making use of containers to facilitate collaboration across the research community in which it participates......»»

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Firms Have Trouble Keeping Up With Digital Changes

While IT and business executives value digital opportunities, many feel as if they're falling behind and want more support from all levels of the enterprise......»»

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Cloud and Mobile Safety Concern IT Security Pros

Companies are flocking to mobile devices and the cloud, but IT security professionals worry about data loss, which is their main mobile security concern......»»

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Cloud Strategies Must Be Clear and Comprehensive

There's a growing recognition that the cloud is more than a way to trim expenses and manage costs effectively. It can deliver strategic and practical gains......»»

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Why It"s Important to Show Appreciation to Workers

There are all kinds of ways—both good and bad—to show appreciation for your IT employees. Find out how to avoid giving rewards that send the wrong message......»»

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Manufacturer of Elevator Systems Turns to the IoT

A leading global manufacturer of elevator systems turns to the internet of things and analytics to take business performance to a higher level......»»

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CIOs Choose Collaboration to Drive Innovation

Innovation is a top priority for CIOs, who are giving up top-down strategic approaches for more collaborative strategies that support innovative efforts......»»

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Leveraging the Value of Data Analytics

Companies that have embraced data and analytics strategies are reaping the benefits of revenue growth, increased operating margins and risk profiles......»»

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This CIO Put Amtrak on a Tech Fast Track

Jason Molfetas modernized the technology at Amtrak, while ushering in a digital transformation, and found opportunities to add value outside of the IT group......»»

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CIOs Get Nightmares From Data Storage Issues

CIOs are concerned that ever-increasing data storage issues will stall digital transformation efforts. Find out how they're responding to this challenge......»»

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Auditing Machine Learning and Algorithms

Businesses don't have a guarantee that the algorithms they use are providing the service they intended without reinforcing policies they didn't intend......»»

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Cloud Integration Is Vital for Mobile Tech

Enterprises are extending mobility efforts to support greater cloud integration and app management. They're also incorporating IoT into mobility initiatives......»»

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How to Protect Company Email From Internal Threats

Email continues to be a major source of cyber-attacks, and security and risk officers need to be more aware of both outside attackers and internal threats......»»

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CTO at Sutter Health Pays Attention to Big Data

Sutter Health's CTO, Wes Wright, is deploying big data analytics, VDI, the cloud and Hadoop, and strengthening security......»»

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Ways IT Leaders Can Enhance Employee Engagement

Organizations are recognizing that everyone—employees, teams, managers and executives—influences engagement. Find out how CIOs can make a positive impact......»»

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How to Develop a Business-Technology Ecosystem

CIOs need to be open-minded about partnerships. Find out how to redefine your tech universe to take advantage of external innovation......»»

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How to Develop a Vision Statement That Inspires

The bottom line is that people need to feel a sense of ownership and accountability for making the corporate vision come to life......»»

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