Why David and Goliath Should Collaborate

When David-Goliath culture gaps are managed properly, organizations can bridge the divide and drive benefits beyond the initial technological and market gains......»»

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Boost Software Performance With DevOps and Cloud

Few organizations are making extensive use of both the cloud and DevOps, even though the combination greatly improves software delivery......»»

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It"s Vital to Patch Vulnerabilities Immediately

Security leaders struggle to implement vendor-supplied patches, but virtual patching can help prevent both lost revenue and lost user productivity......»»

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Firms Are Not Prepared for Expected Cyber-Attacks

Most security leaders expect a cyber-attack to strike this year, but many of them are unprepared and struggling to keep pace with the threat environment......»»

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Tech Execs Don"t Have Enough Time for Innovation

IT leaders and staff spend far more time maintaining current technology than innovating. This, along with limited budgets, is restraining technology advances......»»

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The Misalignment of Digital Transformation

Digital transformation has stalled due to a misalignment between its definition and meaning, delayed ROI, complexity and resistance to new ways of working......»»

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A Different Approach to Two-Speed IT

In part two of this series, we will walk you through the remaining steps in our framework and lead you down a path toward implementing a technology lifecycle......»»

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How to Handle the Increasing Number of IoT Risks

Many organizations aren't keeping up with key IoT security requirements, and hackers are increasingly planting backdoors to launch automated IoT botnet attacks......»»

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Digital Transformation Stalled by Cultural Issues

Cultural issues are the main hurdle to digital transformation. Leaders think they've cultivated a culture of innovation and risk-taking, but few workers agree......»»

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CEOs Want to Be More Involved in Tech Investments

Many CEOs view tech disruption as a business opportunity, rather than a burden. Find out how they plan to steer IT spending to maximize competitive advantage......»»

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IT Leaders Juggle Seemingly Competing Agendas

It’s too easy for IT leaders to try to implement solutions that sound good on paper but create problems when implemented in the real world......»»

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The Importance of Building Strong Relationships

Of all the competencies required to be an effective CIO, none may be more important than being able to build positive relationships with your key stakeholders......»»

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Gaining a Competitive Edge With Advanced Analytics

Most companies use analytics to make business decisions, but very few invest in advanced data tools that provide predictive insights and a competitive advantage......»»

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IT Balancing Act: Daily Operations Vs. Innovation

Tech leaders must execute day-to-day IT operations efficiently and cost-effectively, and develop the technological foundations for innovation and future growth......»»

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We Should Be Honest About Tech History

To obtain a more accurate view of technology's past, including all the individuals who made contributions, we must look beyond books, movies and other media......»»

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AI & Automation Are Key to Digital Transformations

Automation and artificial intelligence (AI) are essential for digital transformations, freeing up employees from mundane tasks so they can pursue creative ones......»»

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Top Benefits of As-a-Service Delivery Models

A 2016 survey found that 56 percent of business leaders were looking to adopt as-a-service features within two years. These five drivers are behind the growth......»»

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Leading U.S. Tech Company CEOs

Which technology company CEOs are most admired by their employees? The following list contains some familiar names—and some surprises......»»

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The Potential Impact of the GDPR Has CIOs Worried

With the May 2018 compliance deadline for the General Data Protection Regulation, CIOs are preparing for big changes in how they handle EU customer data......»»

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Why Aren"t Security Programs as Good as IT Thinks?

Operations teams are frustrated by "a façade of program maturity," as each level of security is buffering the level above in an effort to appear more efficient......»»

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