CIOs Choose Collaboration to Drive Innovation

Innovation is a top priority for CIOs, who are giving up top-down strategic approaches for more collaborative strategies that support innovative efforts......»»

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Leveraging the Value of Data Analytics

Companies that have embraced data and analytics strategies are reaping the benefits of revenue growth, increased operating margins and risk profiles......»»

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This CIO Put Amtrak on a Tech Fast Track

Jason Molfetas modernized the technology at Amtrak, while ushering in a digital transformation, and found opportunities to add value outside of the IT group......»»

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CIOs Get Nightmares From Data Storage Issues

CIOs are concerned that ever-increasing data storage issues will stall digital transformation efforts. Find out how they're responding to this challenge......»»

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Auditing Machine Learning and Algorithms

Businesses don't have a guarantee that the algorithms they use are providing the service they intended without reinforcing policies they didn't intend......»»

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Cloud Integration Is Vital for Mobile Tech

Enterprises are extending mobility efforts to support greater cloud integration and app management. They're also incorporating IoT into mobility initiatives......»»

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How to Protect Company Email From Internal Threats

Email continues to be a major source of cyber-attacks, and security and risk officers need to be more aware of both outside attackers and internal threats......»»

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CTO at Sutter Health Pays Attention to Big Data

Sutter Health's CTO, Wes Wright, is deploying big data analytics, VDI, the cloud and Hadoop, and strengthening security......»»

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Ways IT Leaders Can Enhance Employee Engagement

Organizations are recognizing that everyone—employees, teams, managers and executives—influences engagement. Find out how CIOs can make a positive impact......»»

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How to Develop a Business-Technology Ecosystem

CIOs need to be open-minded about partnerships. Find out how to redefine your tech universe to take advantage of external innovation......»»

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How to Develop a Vision Statement That Inspires

The bottom line is that people need to feel a sense of ownership and accountability for making the corporate vision come to life......»»

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Today"s Phishing Attacks Target Email Addresses

Phishing attacks are exploiting human vulnerabilities and are shifting from user names to email addresses to target organizations' and individuals' assets......»»

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Mature Identity & Access Management Fights Threats

Enterprise security is woefully inadequate, but it could benefit from more comprehensive and mature identity and access management......»»

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Why Customers Are in Charge

It's all about creating value for customers in the most efficient way possible. When businesses get this right, innovation and disruption become very real......»»

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How Collaborative Tools Boost Productivity

Collaborative solutions play an important role in meeting business goals by boosting efficiency and productivity, while enabling users to make better decisions......»»

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CIO Guide: the General Data Protection Regulation

The GDPR is putting data protection practices at the forefront of business agendas worldwide. For most organizations, the next 18 months will be a critical time......»»

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How Characteristic-Based AI Can Battle Malware

Companies should adopt machine learning-based AI that depends on algorithms to detect, prevent, and mitigate malicious files and code based on characteristics......»»

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Understanding Today"s Cyber-Security Threats

CIOs must recognize the threats, risks and dangers related to cyber-security and respond with a well-defined strategy and the right mix of processes and tools......»»

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The Cloud Has Value, but Funds Are Often Wasted

Nearly all organizations are investing in the cloud, but a lot of this funding is wasted. Find out what IT organizations are doing to address this problem......»»

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Ransomware Attacks Grow, but Malware Declines

While security professionals succeeded in crippling malware last year, ransomware surged by a factor of 167, to reach a shocking 638 million attacks in 2016......»»

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