A Clever Short Story About Discrimination

On May 23rd, I got an email from one of my favorite sci-fi writers (and close friend) Eliot Peper. It was titled “My very first scifi short story” and said: “David Cohen shared the idea that inspired this story. I drafted it last we.....»»

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Happy 24th Anniversary Amy

Happy Anniversary Amy. We’ve been together for 27 years and we’ve been married for 24 of them. It amazes me that you put up with me. I look forward to spending as many years together as we get on this planet. And, if we are lucky, some te.....»»

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Join My Chorus Marathon Team

I’m going to run my next marathon in October. I haven’t chosen it yet, but I’m getting close to deciding which one I want to do. And – I’m looking for some help on my training. Early this year, we invested in Dick Costol.....»»

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Lessons From The Internet Bubble: Growth vs. Profitability

Over the weekend, Mark Suster and Fred Wilson each put up awesome posts discussing the idea of profitability in startups. Mark’s is a master class about how to look at the financial characteristics of a startup and Fred’s discusses what h.....»»

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My Parents Wedding 54 Years Ago

My parents have been married for 54 years today. That’s 19,710 days. Mom / Dad – happy anniversary! Your relationship is an inspiration to me. You have set an incredible example of a full and equal partnership that I know has deeply influ.....»»

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Verizon – I Can’t Hear You Now

My cell phone experience is so fucking miserable. As I drove home last night and tried to have a conversation, I had five drops during a 30-minute drive from downtown Boulder to my house on the edge of Boulder and Longmont. When I drive into my offic.....»»

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Does VC Fund Differentiation Matter?

I’ve met and emailed with many pre-seed and seed GPs in the past year. Over sushi last night with two of them, who are also long-time friends, one of them asked me “Brad, how do you think we are differentiated?” This generated a ran.....»»

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Global EIR and Silicon Valley Bank Funding Match

Today Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) announced their support for Global EIR, a cause for which I care deeply. As you may know, over breakfast in 2015 Jeff Bussgang and I launched Global EIR with the hope of advancing the startup visa effort on a local and.....»»

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Go For Culture Add, Not Culture Fit

I’ve come to despise the phrase “culture fit.” I don’t remember when I first heard it, but it was many years ago. Over time, it became woven into the world of entrepreneurship, as companies used it as a primary frame of refe.....»»

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I’m Proud of Our Community

I woke up this morning to see the following on our Human Utility monthly match Crowdrise campaign. It blew me away. I’m proud of our community. Y’all are awesome. THANK YOU. I then poked around to see how we got there and saw Fred Wilson&.....»»

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Monthly Match: The Human Utility #GiveWater

Does it surprise you that some people in the United States don’t have regular access to water? Our month match for June is The Human Utility. Fred Wilson, Joanne Wilson, Amy Batchelor, and I are matching up to $20,000 of contributions via our #.....»»

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New Foundry Group Company Jobs Page

We very rarely hire anyone at Foundry Group (although we are hiring an Executive Assistant). However, many of the companies we invest in are often hiring. Over the years we’ve had a Foundry Group Jobs Page but we’ve never found software.....»»

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Learn To Do Everything Lightly

An hour into dinner last night with Alex Rigopulos, he picked up his phone, tapped away at it for a few seconds, and slid it across the table to me. I then read the following: “It’s dark because you are trying too hard. Lightly child, light.....»»

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Join the Startup Opportunities Launch Team

We are getting ready to launch the 2nd Edition of Startup Opportunities. Sean and I are working with Jesse Tevelow, a founder from the very first Techstars Boulder program, on this launch. If you are interested in helping out, join our Startup Opport.....»»

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Wandering Around Cambridge

It’s a gray and rainy early summer day in Cambridge. As I was walking home from dinner last night through Kendall Square, I had a thought as I passed the Otto Piene designed Galaxy Earth Sphere sculpture. “I will never be lost here.̶.....»»

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Two Major Supreme Court Decisions on Patents

In moments of political despair, Amy reminds me that we have three branches of government. Around issues that I care a lot about and have engaged in over the years, the Judicial Branch seems to be the most functional right now, at least from my persp.....»»

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littleBits Code Kit

littleBits just shipped their newest product – the littleBits Code Kit. If you have a kid, this product is for you (and them). littleBits Code Kit leverages kids love of games to learn to code. It uses Google Blockly which has rapidly become a.....»»

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This Is What Democracy Looks Like

Following is a beautiful and brilliant TED talk by Anthony D. Romero, the executive director of the ACLU. It’s definitely worth 12 minutes of your life to watch. The post This Is What Democracy Looks Like appeared first on Feld Thoughts. Fo.....»»

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Phil Weiser For Colorado Attorney General

Over the past fifteen years, Phil Weiser and I have worked together to make Colorado a stronger, more collaborative, and more innovative entrepreneurial community. Together, we co-chaired Governor Bill Ritter’s Innovation Council, worked to launch.....»»

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Sphero’s Ultimate Lightning McQueen

If you’ve been in our office recently, you’ve seen me fiddling around with one of my newest toys – Ultimate Lightning McQueen by Sphero. It’s now available for the world. Based on what I know about robotic toys, I believe it&.....»»

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