SilverStone Shrinks Depth of Strider Titanium PSUs: 180 mm, Up to 1.5 kW, 80 Plus Titanium

SilverStone has announced its new high-wattage 80 Plus Titanium PSUs for high-performance desktop computers. The new Strider Titanium power supplies are rated for up to 1500 W output. The main selling point of the new power supplies is their depth,.....»»

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ADATA Launches XPG SX9000: 2.8 GB/s Seq. Read, Marvell Controller, Up to 1 TB of MLC

ADATA has announced its new SSD aimed at the very high end of the market. The new flagship XPG SX9000 drives are based on the Marvell 88SS1093 BTB2 controller and are paired with Toshiba’s 2D MLC NAND flash memory. Later on, the company plans.....»»

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AnandTech Parent Company Employee Killed in Terrorist Attack

We lost a friend and a colleague to terrorism yesterday (Aug. 17). Bruno Gulotta, 35, an employee of Tom's Hardware Italy — a brand owned by AnandTech parent company Purch — was on holiday in Barcelona, Spain, strolling along Las.....»»

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Dell Now Offers Aquantia AQtion AQN-108-Based 5 GbE Cards with Select PCs

Aquantia and Dell this week began to offer Aquantia’s AQtion AQN-108 5 GbE network controller as a build-to-order option for the OptiPlex 7050 workstations. Dell is the first major PC brand to offer an Aquantia AQtion card with its systems, an.....»»

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Lian-Li releases PC-Q39 Tempered Glass Mini-ITX Tower

On Tuesday, Lian-Li announced a new Mini-ITX Tower chassis with its PC-Q39. A progression from the PC-Q37 case, the PC-Q39 is a bit larger and can now house an ATX form factor PSU, up to 2x120mm radiator, and a triple slot graphics card. The outside.....»»

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Unannounced 8th Generation Core 15W U-Series CPUs Appear on Intel’s Public Price List

More news from Intel this morning, this time published directly on their website. With the upcoming announcement of the 8th Generation Core next week to which Intel has already posted teasers to the media, it would seem that someone at Intel decided.....»»

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Intel Provides Partners Preliminary 8th Gen Desktop Details: Core i7-8700K to Core i3-8100

At a closed-session partner in China, Intel revealed a number of preliminary details about its upcoming 8th generation Core processors for desktops. As expected, Intel is telling its business customers that is increasing core count of its CPUs for m.....»»

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Retesting AMD Ryzen Threadripper’s Game Mode: Halving Cores for More Performance

For the launch of AMD’s Ryzen Threadripper processors, one of the features being advertised was Game Mode. This was a special profile under the updated Ryzen Master software that was designed to give the Threadripper CPU more performance in ga.....»»

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MSI Launches the X299M Gaming Pro Carbon AC: Going Micro-ATX

MSI has announced a new Micro ATX motherboard added to the X299 lineup in the X299M Gaming Pro Carbon AC. Based on the ATX sized X299 Gaming Pro Carbon AC, it has a similar I/O cover shape as well as the painted carbon pattern on the black board. MS.....»»

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Samsung & SK Hynix Graphics Memory Prices Increase Over 30% In August

In the midst of a global DRAM shortage, Digitimes reports that the market prices for graphics memory from Samsung and SK Hynix have increased by over 30% for August. This latest jump in memory prices is apparently due to the pair of DRAM manufacture.....»»

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ASUS ROG Strix XG27VQ Available: 27” Curved, FHD@144Hz & FreeSync w/ELMB

ASUS is about to start shipments of its ROG Strix XG27VQ display — an inexpensive curved 27” screen with a high refresh rate and AMD’s FreeSync technology designed for gamers and modders. The monitor has all the features that one e.....»»

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The Corsair Neutron NX500 (400GB) PCIe SSD Review: Big Card, Big Pricetag

Today we're taking a look at Corsair's Neutron NX500 SSD . This is the company's second PCIe SSD, again based on the Phison E7 controller, but this time distinguishing itself with a custom heatsink, larger overprovisioning than almost an.....»»

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Samsung Portable SSD T5 Review: 64-Layer V-NAND Debuts in Retail

​Samsung has been an active participant in the high-performance external SSD market with their Portable SSD series. The T1 was introduced in early 2015, while the T3 came out in early 2016. The T3 was the first retail product to utilize Samsung.....»»

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Intel Officially Reveals Post-8th Generation Core Architecture Code Name: Ice Lake, Built on 10nm+

In an unusual move for Intel, the chip giant has ever so slightly taken the wraps off of one of their future generation Core architectures. Basic information on the Ice Lake architecture has been published over on Intel's codename decoder, offic.....»»

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Geil Announces EVO Spear Series DRAM: Up to DDR4-3466

Geil recently announced the availability of its new EVO Spear series of memory, with kits labeled specifically for either Intel and AMD Ryzen based systems. Geil states the EVO Spear series is intended for gamers, enthusiasts, and case modders .....»»

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Seagate Demos New SSD Features And Prototypes At FMS

In spite of a fire that closed the exhibition floor last week at Flash Memory Summit, Seagate managed to set up several live demos and display their latest SSDs along with a few prototypes, all in a  meeting room safely away from the ruined exh.....»»

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More Denverton Noise: GIGABYTE’s MA10-ST0 Features Unannounced 16-Core C3958

Today GIGABYTE Server (the server arm of GIGABYTE, a different BU to the motherboard team) has lifted the lid on their new MA10-ST0 motherboard and SoC combination, aimed squarely at the cold storage or edge storage market. This includes base suppor.....»»

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EVGA Launches SC17 1080 Laptop: Core i7-7820HK, GeForce GTX 1080, TB3

EVGA has launched its new flagship 17.3” laptop with a new CPU, a new GPU, and with Thunderbolt 3 support. The new SC17 1080 gaming notebook is thicker than its predecessors, but it features higher performance due to Intel’s latest Core.....»»

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EKWB Unveils Threadripper Edition EK Supremacy EVO CPU Water Blocks

Since Threadripper was first spotted in the wild, enthusiasts interested in the CPU noticed just how big the CPU actually was. For the past several CPU generations, the size of the integrated heat spreader (IHS) on high-end platforms has not changed.....»»

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Arctic Announces the Freezer 33 TR: An Air Cooler Designed for AMD’s Threadripper

Arctic has announced a special version of its popular Freezer 33-series cooler, this time designed specifically for AMD’s Ryzen Threadripper microprocessor. The cooler is not only physically compatible with the Socket TR4 mounting mechanism, b.....»»

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