Zhaoxin to roll out 16nm CPU in 2018

Shanghai Zhaoxin Semiconductor plans to introduce a 16nm 8-core 3GHz PC processor series in 2018, according to company vice president Cheng Fu......»»

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Say goodbye to the grid: Here’s what you need for your first backpacking adventure

Backpacking is a fun and increasingly popular activity but if you don't prep well, you may have a bad (and even dangerous) time. Check out our guide for all the gear you need to make your trip a success. The post Say goodbye to the grid: Here’s wha.....»»

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When you want to blow out workweek cobwebs, fire up the speedy Wallytender X

If you're looking for a fast day cruiser or a quick superyacht guest shuttle, the Wallytender X fills both roles nicely. The 1200 horsepower top engine configuration has will scoot between island stops at 69 miles per hour. The post When you want to.....»»

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It"s official: Uber"s Travis Kalanick and Emil Michael are actually the worst

In case there was still any doubt, Uber's top executives are really terrible.  A report in The Information out Friday night alleges that CEO Travis Kalanick and Senior Vice President of Business Emil Michael took Uber staffers to—wait for.....»»

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Mass Effect’s dialogue system started with real promise, and went downhill from there

BioWare have made many changes to Mass Effect's dialogue system over the years, but none of them have been quite right. Mass Effect: Andromeda has come in for its fair share of criticism, with its awkward dialogue singled out as a particular we.....»»

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Mythos Tales: Probe Arkham’s darkest doings in this Lovecraft deduction game

Investigate Cthulhu and his buddies in 1930s Arkham. Enlarge (credit: 8th Summit) Welcome to Ars Cardboard, our weekend look at tabletop games! Check out our complete board gaming coverage at—and let us know what you.....»»

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You use this word to help you through hard times without even knowing it

We all deal with heartbreak in somewhat predictable ways.  You might eagerly re-top that glass of wine, add a few extra miles to your daily run or binge-watch your favorite childhood TV show.  SEE ALSO: AI figured out the word people text w.....»»

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German coal mine may be prime for pumped storage

Coal mine slated for retirement in 2018 will become a 200MW source of hydropower. Enlarge (credit: Goseteufel ) In the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia, a coal mine will close in 2018. Aging coal infrastructure, low wholesale power pric.....»»

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From drone cake baking to rooftop jumping, check out the best drone shots of 2017

This year's New York Drone Film Festival featured an impressive array of winners -- get ready to fly with the winning play list right here, from drones baking a cake to flying through tight spaces. The post From drone cake baking to rooftop jumping,.....»»

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Quick Look: Comparing Vulkan & DX12 API Overhead on 3DMark

Earlier this week the crew over at Futuremark released a major update to their API Overhead testing tool, which is built into the larger 3DMark testing suite. The API Overhead tool, first rolled out in 2015, is a relatively straightforward test that.....»»

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Earn rewards by making healthy choices with Carrot Rewards [App of the Week]

The post Earn rewards by making healthy choices with Carrot Rewards [App of the Week] appeared first on MobileSyrup.Would you work out if you got to go to the movies for free? How about if you could guarantee yourself a discount on your monthly gas b.....»»

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Google is streamlining its chat apps again

Google Talk is killed off, Hangouts loses SMS support, and more in another Google spring clean. Google has a baffling array of chat apps and platforms out there at the moment, so the tech behemoth has decided to try and simplify its approach ju.....»»

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The Week in Apple News and Rumors: New iPad, Red iPhone 7, new Apple Watch bands, and more

Apple headlines for the week ending Mar. 24, 2017Image by AppleApple released a new iPad, a new red iPhone and new Apple Watch bands. But there’s plenty more news about the Cupertino-based company. Check out the Apple-related headlines in this week.....»»

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Best video editing software of 2017

Whatever you want to do, and whatever your budget, we’ll pick out the best editing app for you. If you're looking for a video editor there are some amazing free tools around, but they're not always the best choice. Developing a good.....»»

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Destiny Age of Triumph Raid gear and armor revealed

Check out the new Destiny Age of Triumph raid gear and armor as Bungie begins planning for the upcoming Destiny 2 release......»»

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Supermassive Black Hole Rocketing Out of Distant Galaxy At 5 Million MPH

The Bad Astronomer writes: Astronomers have found a supermassive black hole barreling out of its home galaxy at 5 million miles per hour. The 3 billion solar mass behemoth formed from the merger of two slightly smaller black holes after two galaxies.....»»

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Adata introduces the XPS SD700X, a fast and rugged external SSD for gamers

SSDs are more expensive than HDDs, and so they're not the most economical solution for high-volume storage. That usually rules out SSDs as external drives, but ADATA wants to change that with its new XPG SD700X 1TB external drive. The post Adata intr.....»»

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Nasa discovers a supermassive black hole that got kicked out of its galactic core by gravitational waves

The supermassive black hole has the mass of one billion suns. To eject it from the center of the galaxy, would require the energy of 100 million supernovas. The post Nasa discovers a supermassive black hole that got kicked out of its galactic core b.....»»

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Splatoon 2 Global Testfire Times in Every Time Zone

No matter where you are in the world, find out the Splatoon 2 Testfire times in your region. The Splatoon 2 Global Testfire will be occurring periodically throughout the weekend, and fans have put together a handy guide to when you can play, no.....»»

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Nom Nom Nom: Prehistoric Human Bones Show Signs of Cannibalism

Human cannibals likely took a big bite out of their fellow humans about 10,000 years ago, according to a study that examined prehistoric bones with scratch and bite marks on them......»»

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Women are calling men out for their ridiculous birth control opinions

According to a recent study from polling group PerryUndem, 52% of men do not believe they have personally benefited from women having access to contraception. We can only assume these men have forgotten how sex works, perhaps because they're so busy.....»»

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