Wireless charging demand boosting PDC technology popularity

Wireless charging demand is expected to pick up with the arrival of the next-generation iPhones and the trend is also expected to prompt smartphone vendors to adopt glass- or ceramic-based chassis instead of the traditional metal one because of its n.....»»

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Get rich slow

The past few years have seen an explosion in startups aimed at helping you save, invest and spend in a cheaper and wiser way.It's mostly a good thing. For too long, the financial industry hasn't had much competition from the technology industry—.....»»

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MIT scientists built a 3D-printed robot ‘skin’ that changes color with stimuli

Researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology have created an insect-inspired, 3D-printed robot “skin” capable of changing color in response to the physical stimuli that it receives. The post MIT scientists built a 3D-printed robot ‘.....»»

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Amazon Wants to Crush Your Store With Its Technology Might

The online retailing giant is trying to bring its own formula to traditional retailing. If it is successful, it could change how all stores operate......»»

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Scientists Name 11 New Cloud Types

The increased use of technology capable of photographing and sharing images has prompted the World Meteorological Organization to add 11 new cloud classifications to their International Cloud Atlas. "A far cry from simple white puffs, these 11 new cl.....»»

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March 25 in LEM history

99: The wow factor - 01: Firmware update disables RAM - 02: OS X on a beige G3 - Great Industrial-Design Shift - 03: 5 things Apple is doing right - Wireless for older 'Books - 08: Rise of the Microsoft monopoly.....»»

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NAB Show Technology Luncheon Will Feature Tim Wu

He address discuss the technology innovation cycle.....»»

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Big Data Can Enhance Business Decision Making

Big data isn’t about technology. It’s about creating that one-to-one personal experience that each of us craves as a consumer......»»

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World"s First Deep-Sea Mining Venture Set to Launch in 2019

Remote-controlled robots will journey to the bottom of the ocean in search of copper, nickel, cobalt, gold, and platinum as global demand for minerals surges......»»

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Erato’s Muse 5 wireless in-ear headphones give AirPods a run for their money

 Apple’s AirPods are probably the first really mainstream completely wireless headphones, but Erato has been making these for a while now. The company’s latest is the Muse 5, a set of in-ear buds that are cheaper than their debut Apo.....»»

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This half-price, 23-inch Dell monitor is the deal of the day

A 23-inch screen with wireless device charging for this much is a major monitor deal. Over the past few years, monitors have grown to become practically luxury computing items. Well, for those who have been holding out for a high-tech scre.....»»

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"Moore"s Law" For Carbon Would Defeat Global Warming

An anonymous reader quotes a report from MIT Technology Review: A streamlined set of goals for reducing carbon emissions could simplify the way nations approach the quest to reduce human impact on the planet. A group of European researchers have a re.....»»

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Complete security deception includes detection and incident response

Deception tools have been growing in popularity over the past several years, but customers need to ensure they are using the technology to its fullest potential. The concept behind deception is fairly simple to understand: Security teams deploy a.....»»

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Blockchain can help secure medical devices, improve patient privacy

BOSTON -- Blockchain can help secure medical devices and improve patient privacy, but the key is proper implementation, according to a top security pro at Partners Healthcare.The downsides would include mistrust of the technology because of blockc.....»»

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Consultant urges never pay ransomware demands

When ransomware criminals lock up files and demand payment to decrypt them, don’t pay, was the advice a consultant gave to a group at SecureWorld.When there’s no risk of losing crucial data, that’s easy to say, and to make is possible requir.....»»

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GameStop Says It Is Still Seeing An “Incredibly Strong” Demand For The Nintendo Switch

In addition to the high demand for the Switch, the system is doing very well in the software department, with Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild doing particularly well with nearly a one-to-one attach rate. Read GameStop Says It Is Still Seeing An &.....»»

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Videotron named ‘Québec’s most respected telecommunications company’ for the 12th year in a row

Quebec is a hotbed for wireless competition but it seems, at least from an annual survey, that Videotron reigns king in the province. For the 12th consecutive year, the Quebecor-owned company has been named Québec’s most respected telecommunicatio.....»»

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The Nougat-powered Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is now available in Canada for $799

Samsung’s Android Nougat-powered Galaxy Tab S3 is now available in Canada, aiming to outperform competitors in entertainment and gaming performance. The $799.99 CAD premium tablet Galaxy Tab S3 features quad speakers using AKG Harman technology.....»»

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Video-hijacking algorithms make this music video different each time you watch it

A British band by the name of Shaking Chains has taken a unique approach with its debut single, “Midnight Oil.” Rather than film a single music video that’s the same every time it is viewed, they’re using technology to create.....»»

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T-Mobile steps up anti-scam efforts with Scam ID, Scam Block

T-Mobile on Friday became the latest wireless carrier to step up their anti-scam efforts with the introduction of Scam ID and Scam Block......»»

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Weekend Open Forum: Should we be worried about robots taking human jobs?

It’s been estimated that over a third of all jobs could be lost through automation from robots and artificial intelligences over the next 20 years. As technology advances and machines get smarter and cheaper, should we be worried about the huma.....»»

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