Windows 10 Will Download Some Updates Even Over a Metered Connection

Reader AmiMoJo writes: Until now Windows 10 has allowed users to avoid downloading updates over metered (pay-per-byte) connections, to avoid racking up huge bills. Some users were setting their ethernet/wifi connections as metered in order to prevent.....»»

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Air pollution may disrupt sleep

High levels of air pollution over time may get in the way of a good night's sleep, according to new research......»»

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Netgear NightHawk R7000 routers now collect user data

Netgear makes some popular routers, but do you really want the company behind your model of router to collect data such as your IP address and MAC address? If the answer is no, then you need to disable the "analytics" data collection.Netgear’s N.....»»

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Here are all the changes to Canadian carrier rate plans this week [May 22-28]

There are over 30 million wireless subscribers in Canada and if you’re in the market to switch carriers, then you’ll want to know about the latest promotions and cellphone rate plan changes. You can find all those changes and additions be.....»»

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One of Android"s Easter Eggs is a Flappy Bird-style Game

Android Tech Tip Week Need to kill some time off? Google loves Easter eggs and in Android Lollipop it introduced a hidden game within the operating system's settings. The game was a nod to the once popular Flappy Bird that sparked countless clone.....»»

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Jim Hackett, head of Ford"s autonomous vehicle unit, replaces Mark Fields as CEO

Ford Motor Company on Monday announced that Jim Hackett, who has served as chairman of Ford Smart Mobility LLC since its inception in March 2016, will take over as president and chief executive officer effective immediately......»»

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Origin Chronos Small Form Factor Gaming PC Review

"Pre-Built" and "Small Form Factor PC" are terms that can strike fear in the minds of hardcore PC gamers. Pre-built systems don't necessarily put quality or performance over costs, while small form factor PCs don't always get high end GPU opt.....»»

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PayPal sues Pandora over logo similarities

PayPal has filed a lawsuit against struggling music service Pandora. It claims the latter’s ‘P’ logo is purposely designed to look like the payment processing firm’s ‘PP’ logo to trick PayPal customers into mixing.....»»

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Valve has quietly hired the team behind Kerbal Space Program

News that Chet Faliszek, the last remaining Half-Life writer still at Valve, had departed the company earlier this month left some questioning the firm’s commitment to traditional video game development. But it seems the studio could have an un.....»»

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Dubai"s robot cop is the first step towards a 25% non-human police force by 2030

Are we heading for a future populated by robotic police officers? Over in Dubai, the largest city in the United Arab Emirates, that scenario could become a reality sooner than expected. The emirate is set to introduce the first robotic law enforcemen.....»»

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The digital car

The evolution of the modern automobile is arguably one of the most exciting and most important developments in the tech world today. In fact, it’s probably one of the most important business and societal stories we’ve seen in some time......»»

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iPhone SE tops US customer satisfaction survey

Most smartphone companies today seem to follow the mantra that bigger is better; handsets that come with larger, ‘Plus’ variants are often preferred over their smaller counterparts. But in the annual American Customer Satisfaction Index (.....»»

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Bizarre Star Dims Again, and Astronomers Scramble to Catch It in the Act

A new observing campaign aims to understand a star that some have suggested might even host an alien civilization -- Read more on»»

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Citizens give up data in blockchain project to improve cities

The DECODE project will give residents of Barcelona and Amsterdam more control over how their personal data is harnessed by local government and businesses.....»»

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Mouse sperm sent into space produces healthy IVF babies

The first experiment to test how space travel could affect mammals’ reproduction shows that pregnancy can smooth over DNA damage from cosmic radiation.....»»

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Unprecedented cholera outbreak tears through war-torn Yemen

Cholera has killed 332 people and left more than 32,000 ill over the past four weeks, spreading faster than any previous known outbreak in the country.....»»

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Artificial Venus flytrap grabs things over 100 times its weight

Less than a centimetre in size, the soft robotic device can detect items based on how they reflect light and grasp them with impressive force.....»»

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Target settles with 47 states over its 2013 data breach

Believe it or not, Target still isn't done paying the price for the 2013 breach that exposed the shopping data of tens of millions of customers. The retailer has reached a settlement with 47 states (and the District of Columbia) that wi.....»»

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Microsoft shows some love with Xbox Games With Gold for June

Xbox Live Gold members will get a bunch of great free games in June through Games With Gold, including Watch Dogs and Dragon Age: Origins. As always, the Xbox 360 freebies are also playable on Xbox One. The post Microsoft shows some love with Xbox Ga.....»»

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Got a half hour and 5 ingredients? New Pinterest features have dinner covered

The 15 billion food ideas on Pinterest can now be searched based on a photo, ingredients available, prep time, or even dietary restrictions. Pinterest has launched a number of new features geared toward finding that perfect recipe. The post Got a hal.....»»

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Forget faces and hands — the binary City Clock uses windows to display time

Freshly arrived on Kickstarter, the City Clock is a beautiful binary decorative clock that resembles the kind of grand Parisian building you’d spot on a stroll along the Seine. You'll love this clever time-telling device. The post Forget faces and.....»»

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