Why is IR Automation and Orchestration So Hot?

I couldn’t attend the RSA Conference this year but many cybersecurity professionals and my ESG colleagues told me that incident response automation and orchestration was one of the hottest topics in the halls of the Moscone Center, through the b.....»»

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How the world of esports is affecting console play

Looking into the world of esports and its evolution on console......»»

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Verizon"s $80 prepaid plan is unlimited but not perfect

Verizon has launched a new prepaid plan that sounds more enticing than many of its competitors'. At $80 a month, it offers unlimited data, talk and text in the country. The carrier also tacked on unlimited text to 200 other internationa.....»»

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Samsung DeX Review: The Galaxy S8 desktop dock really works

Can you survive business travel with just a Galaxy S8+ smartphone and DeX dock? Seven days of dedicated productivity testing says yes......»»

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Voot Rolls Out VOD Progressive Web App

Viacom18’s Foot has recently announced that it has turned its mobile website into a Progressive Web App (PWA) using features such as Add to Home-screen and a service worker. According to a recent press release, PWA allows reliable, fast, and engagi.....»»

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Micron, Microsoft announce collaboration

Micron Technology and Microsoft have announced a collaboration that aims to address the major challenge of providing trusted computing models for IoT deployments in industrial, automotive and consumer environments. As digitization and adoption of Int.....»»

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PTI looks to sequential revenue growth through 4Q17

Packaging and testing company Powertech Technology (PTI) expects to post mid single-digit sequential growth in revenues for the second quarter of 2017, said company president JY Hung at a April 25 investor meeting. Revenues are set to enjoy sequentia.....»»

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Taiwan server makers see reshuffle of orders from Microsoft, Facebook, Google

For Taiwan-based makers of servers for direct sale to clients, there has been a reshuffle of orders for servers used in cloud computing data centers from Microsoft, Facebook and Google in 2017, according to Taiwan-based server supply chain makers......»»

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GCL-Poly fails to team up with Motech, NSP

China-based solar wafer maker GCL-Poly Energy Holdings has talked with Taiwan-based solar cell makers Motech Industries and Neo Solar Power (NSP) about cooperation to produce solar cells in China for two years, but the talks have finally ended up wit.....»»

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Taiwan market: Bank launches AI financial advisory services

E.Sun Bank has launched AI (artificial intelligence) ChatBot financial advisory services in the Taiwan market through cooperation with IBM Taiwan and LINE......»»

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Digitimes Research: Biometric sensor shipments to see CAGR of over 30% from 2017-2020

Biometric sensor technologies are mainly separated into two major categories: the static type such as fingerprint, iris, face, palm vein recognition; and the dynamic type such as voiceprint, heartbeat and gait recognition. In 2016, fingerprint recogn.....»»

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Realtek sees profits down in 1Q17

Tight supply of memory devices, LCD panels and other key components is discouraging downstream OEMs and brand companies from placing chip orders, according to Alex Chiu, president of Realtek Semiconductor......»»

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Heligoland Island Becomes Tourism Destination Despite Britain’s Revenge

German island Heligoland was flattened by Britain but it has recovered and is now a must-see tourist destination......»»

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Attenborough to guide users in virtual world

If you’ve always fancied one-on-one time with national treasure and world renowned naturalist Sir David Attenborough, now could be your chance......»»

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Two-man crew (and toy dog) arrive at ISS

A Russian cosmonaut and an American astronaut have arrived at the International Space Station, taking a toy dog for company......»»

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Plastic-eating moths may solve pollution crisis

A moth with a taste for plastic could help researchers solve the problem of how to get rid of shopping bags and packaging......»»

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Astronaut Peggy Whitson Spent Record-Breaking Time In Space: President Trump Congratulates

Astronaut Peggy Whitson spent the longest time in space and broke the record of astronaut Jeff Williams......»»

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Scientists Found Wax Worms To Do The Job: New, Natural Way To Rid Of Plastics

Natural and effective, wax worms were discovered by scientists to help degrade the polyethylene plastics that clogs our environment......»»

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Green, Biodegradable Rubbers & Plastics Will Soon Be Available

Rubbers used in tires and plastics will soon be biodegradable and could be safely recycled back to the environment......»»

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Kuki Gallmann, "I Dreamed of Africa" Italian Born Author & Conservationist Shot In Kenya

Kuki Gallmann, 73-years-old was in her car when she was attacked. She was hit by a bullet and it is still unknown who is responsible for the attack......»»

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"Build Spaceships, Not Walls": One Student"s Take at the March for Science | Video

Paige Campbell, an astrophysics and meteorology student of Pennsylvania State University, explains why she's marching in the March for Science in Washington D.C. on April 22, 2017......»»

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