Why a Fireplace Insert is a Great Home Improvement Idea

Many people are turning to fireplace inserts these days to improve their home. These units offer an array of benefits and are suitable ... The post Why a Fireplace Insert is a Great Home Improvement Idea appeared first on Architecture Lab......»»

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The Pixel 2 has its own dedicated imaging chip, and it was designed by Google

We're not sure why Google didn't toot their own horn about this at the Pixel 2 launch, but some interesting new information about the device's innards has come to light. Apparently, it has a dedicated imaging chip, the first ever designed by Google......»»

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Why aren’t there more “Mature” games for Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo reportedly encouraging more adult fare but still won't create it. Enlarge / Remember when this game was supposedly a sign of a less squeaky-clean image for Nintendo? Since removing the blood in the original Mortal Kombat on the Super.....»»

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An Hour With Gone Home"s Steve Gaynor

From QA testing at Sony to making F.E.A.R. levels to BioShock 2 to BioShock Infinite and now to Gone Home and Tacoma, Steve Gaynor's story is both fascinating and inspiring. Fullbright co-founder Steve Gaynor has had an amazing from-the-ground-.....»»

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Here"s why California"s musical road sounds so darn weird

There are many, many long stretches of road in America, but not many of them are particularly interesting. Or, for that matter, particularly musical. There are exceptions, though.  On one stretch of highway in Lancaster, California, there ar.....»»

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Apollo 11 Command Module Tour Benefits Orion Crew Vehicle Engineers

The Apollo 11 command module, Columbia, has left its Smithsonian home for a new mission—a traveling exhibit commemorating the upcoming 50th anniversary of Apollo 11’s touchdown on the Moon. read more.....»»

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Engadget giveaway: Win a Sense smart security router courtesy of F-Secure!

With smart home technology proliferating and cybercriminality afoot, adding data security to your home network is a wise move. F-Secure's new Sense router can help monitor your home and provide feedback on the state of your network, IoT.....»»

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Dealing with duplicate content

Of all of the possible SEO problems to tackle, columnist Ryan Shelley says duplicate content is one of the easiest. Learn why, and get the scoop on what you need to do. The post Dealing with duplicate content appeared first on Search Engine Land......»»

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The Impossible Dream of USB-C

Marco Arment, a prominent developer best known for co-founding Tumblr, explains why USB-C, despite being around for years and being used in mainstream products hasn't taken off yet. Arment writes: While a wide variety of USB-C dongles are available,.....»»

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Vacation rental company Vacasa raises $103.5M Series B led by Riverwood Capital; the company raised $40M Series A last year (Taylor Soper/GeekWire)

Taylor Soper / GeekWire: Vacation rental company Vacasa raises $103.5M Series B led by Riverwood Capital; the company raised $40M Series A last year  —  Even a decade ago, finding and renting a vacation home online wasn't always a s.....»»

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Signaling pathway may be key to why autism is more common in boys

Researchers have discovered sex differences in a brain signaling pathway involved in reward learning and motivation that make male mice more vulnerable to an autism-causing genetic glitch......»»

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Check out the Destiny 2 PC launch trailer and Assassin"s Creed live-action promo

The original Destiny seemed like one of those games that would have been right at home on the PC, but it was never to be. For the sequel, developer Bungie decided to bring its online-only multiplayer title to the home of the FPS. Now, over a month af.....»»

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ET Deals: Save 42% on Luma Whole Home Wi-Fi Mesh Router Three-Pack

Tired of Wi-Fi dead spots in your home? Kick your old wireless router to the curb, and start using the Luma Whole Home Wi-Fi system to get complete coverage. For a limited time, you can save 42% on a three-pack from Amazon. The post ET Deals: Save 42.....»»

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The best vaporizers for flower and concentrates (2017 update)

Why combust dead plant matter when you could vaporize the good stuff and leave the leaves behind? Here's a rundown of the best vaporizers money can buy, no matter what your style is. The post The best vaporizers for flower and concentrates (2017 upda.....»»

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Google Pixel 2 Review: Android camera magic

If there’s a rockstar of the Android world in 2017, it’s the new Pixel 2. Google’s own smartphones may not sell in as great a number as, say, Apple’s iPhone or Samsung’s Galaxy, but they’re arguably no less import.....»»

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Pixel 2 and 2 XL review—The best Android phone you can buy

Google brings the best software, an amazing camera, great performance, and fast updates. Ron Amadeo Welcome to year two of Google Hardware. In 2016, Google ju.....»»

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Why Identity Resolution Is so Important for Marketers

Working in data marketing, you’ve likely heard all about getting to know your customers. Continue reading........»»

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Review: Google’s Pixel 2 Is the Best Android Phone for Anyone Tired of Samsung

Google is playing catch up to Apple and Samsung with the Pixel 2 The good: Clean interface, great camera, long battery life. The bad: Underwhelming screen, no facial recognition or iris scanning, not much that makes it stand apart from Samsung.....»»

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Why Microsoft turned the Surface Book into a 15-inch "beast"

Why Microsoft turned the Surface Book into a 15-inch "beast".....»»

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Camera Shootout: Google Pixel 2 vs. LG V30 vs. Galaxy Note 8

It’s the battle of the 2017 heavyweights, smartphone camera style. If you haven’t yet noticed, it seems that all major 2017 launches from Android OEMs have great cameras included, and really, what you may think is best is very subjective.....»»

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Why People Refuse to Believe Scientists

It has nothing to do with science itself -- Read more on»»

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