White House Concedes It Won"t Close Guantanamo After All

The White House said the Guantanamo Bay detention center in Cuba will still be open when President Barack Obama leaves office......»»

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30 Most Expensive Music Videos of All-Time

Image via: Buzzfeed Going through the list of the 30 most expensive videos ever will teach you a few things, …Image via: BuzzfeedGoing through the list of the 30 most expensive videos ever will teach you a few things, among them is that Michael.....»»

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Most remaining smokers in US have low socioeconomic status

After decades of declining US smoking rates overall, most remaining smokers have low income, no college education, no health insurance or a disability. About 15 percent of US adults -- more than 36 million -- continue to smoke cigarettes. Half to thr.....»»

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Rampant Krispy Kreme product placement is the true hero of "Power Rangers"

There's a sixth ranger in the new Power Rangers film you may have never expected to see. No, we're talking about the Green Ranger or the White Ranger. This one is actually has a mix of Green, White and even has some Red. SEE ALSO: The Internet is so.....»»

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Now that SXSW is over, here was, for sure, my favorite part

SXSW is 10 days of fun. Many of colleagues (I see you Brett Williams) teased me (on Slack) for having a "great time with all the work down there." But, hey, it's actually work. Attending panel after panel, speaking on your own panels, BBQ after BBQ,.....»»

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HyperX Cloud Revolver S Gaming Headset Review

Looks like the HyperX team is at it again and has come out with a new improved version of the HyperX Cloud Revolver S Headset. This is their flagship highest end headset and is made purely for the gamer in all of us. As most of you probably.....»»

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From ‘E.T.’ to ‘Interstellar,’ these are the best movie soundtracks of all time

Whether you're a lover of beautifully composed original scores or a fan of the perfectly compiled background music, these are the thirty best movie soundtracks of all time — from Star Wars to Garden State. The post From ‘E.T.’ to ‘.....»»

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Samurai Jack: "XCIV" Review

Samurai Jack has to deal with the shocking, traumatic events of last episode while still fighting for his life. Warning: this review contains full spoilers for the episode! The fifth and final season of Samurai Jack continues to exceed all expe.....»»

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After United Airlines incident, women share stories of being shamed for their clothing

In response to United Airline's legging-gate, women are speaking out.  Two young girls wearing leggings were banned from a flight on Sunday morning due to a violation of the airline's internal dress code. The situation, which was live-tweeted by.....»»

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This Dystopian Riot Control Truck Is the Vehicle of the Future

We all want to believe that the future is filled with amazing technology, the end of disease, interplanetary travel, and a thriving environment. But the good folks at Bozena Security Systems know that the future is made of armored plating and riot ge.....»»

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Pharmacies should proactively offer naloxone to all patients who meet evidence-based criteria

Pharmacies should proactively offer naloxone, a drug that blocks or reverses the effects of overdose, to patients taking opioid medications through universal opt-out strategies in an effort to get the life-saving drug into the hands of more people wh.....»»

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Mass Effect: How to Complete the Vault on Elaaden

This vault has some of Andromeda's trickiest puzzles - here's how to solve them all and unlock every secret and bonus inside......»»

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United Airlines bans 2 girls with leggings from flight because they weren"t "properly clothed"

United Airlines is in hot water after a dress code incident on Sunday morning.  In a series of live tweets, activist Shannon Watts explained that two girls who were wearing leggings were asked by the United Airlines gate agent to either change c.....»»

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Several companies working on wireless solution for high-end VR headsets

Road to VR, a website dedicated to all things virtual reality, has shared a look into what the future of wireless VR may entail. Back in November, we looked at HTC's announcement for a $220 wireless VR upgrade kit for the HTC Vive, the TPCast. An.....»»

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Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli are now officially married and wow, it looked beautiful

It's tough to swallow the fact all our invitations were lost in the mail to Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli's wedding, but thankfully we got a glimpse of a photograph from the celebration to ease the FOMO.   The couple met on the set of Orange i.....»»

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Aerospace Startup Will Build A Supersonic Mach 2.2 Aircraft

A new commercial aircraft will fly more than twice the speed of sound, traveling from New York to London in 3.4 hours. An anonymous reader quotes Fortune: Colorado-based startup Boom Supersonic is one step closer to making such travel a reality after.....»»

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How to Unlock Every Loyalty Mission in Mass Effect: Andromeda

Each of your squad members have unique skills that won't unlock until you've earned their trust - here's what's required to unlock each of their Loyalty Missions in Andromeda......»»

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Let"s Talk About Iron Fist...

Channel Surfing discusses our reaction to Iron Fist, some recent renewals, and SNL truly going live for all of the US. Iron Fist has debuted... and we have some thoughts. In the new Channel Surfing, we discuss recent renewals (including Legion.....»»

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Microsoft axed search option after private files were shared publicly, Microsoft’s site which is described as “showcase and discover Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Sway and PDF document for free,” came under fire over the weekend as Twitter users started complaining that users of the site.....»»

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Pirate Bay’s Oldest Torrents Are ‘Teenagers’ Now

The oldest torrents on The Pirate Bay are turning thirteen years old, which means that they're 'teenagers' now. While it's not unprecedented for a website to be online for this long, keeping a torrent 'alive' through all these years is a rather impre.....»»

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Budding Prospects: Amazon Pilot Review

Amazon's Budding Prospects sets up interesting characters and delivers a nostalgic 1980s Northern California. Amazon's "Pilot Season" is here once again and we're taking a look at all the new offerings. The pilots, which you can see here are pr.....»»

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