White House Concedes It Won"t Close Guantanamo After All

The White House said the Guantanamo Bay detention center in Cuba will still be open when President Barack Obama leaves office......»»

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Micron Discontinues Lexar Business, Plans to Focus on Higher-Margin Products

Micron this week announced plans to discontinue its Lexar removable media storage business as a part of the company’s strategy to shift to higher margin NAND flash-based products. The company intends to sell all or part of its Lexar business d.....»»

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Arm your PC against the global NotPetya ransomware attack with these easy tips

The NotPetya ransomware seems to be a global epidemic, attacking organizations across 64 countries. Here, we look into what this ransomware is all about, what platform it's attacking, and how you can protect your PC. The post Arm your PC against the.....»»

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Nissan, Infiniti shuffle finance unit executives

Mark Kaczynski, after six years as president of Nissan Motor Acceptance Corp., is leaving his post to become vice president of administration and finance for Infiniti Motor Co., effective Aug. 1......»»

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Podcast 565: So long (for now) and thanks for all the Mbps!

Roman and Glenn reminisce over the iPhone's introduction 10 years ago, and discuss Roman's review of the new iMac. We also advise not installing iOS 11's public beta quite yet—for most people—and look at Virgin Mobile's iPhone-only plan, as we.....»»

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GTA Online: Everything You Need to Know About Gunrunning

The latest update to GTA Online is the biggest since heists - here's all the key info you need to run a successful arms race in San Andreas......»»

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The NotPetya ransomware may not actually be ransomware at all — it could be something worse

Is ransomware still ransomware if its goal is purely to destroy? This is less if-a-tree-falls hypothetical and more sobering reality for the untold number of people across the globe whose computer systems have been infected with the NotPetya ransomwa.....»»

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Congrats to the Portland Trail Blazers, who just won sports Twitter

As far as NBA trades go, this one was a snoozer.  But the way the Portland Trail Blazers played it on Twitter was downright brilliant.  Portland traded guard Tim Quarterman and his 1.9 points per game to the Houston Rockets for "cash consid.....»»

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US Imposes Stricter Security Screenings At Foreign Airports, But Won"t Expand Laptop Ban Yet

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Verge: The United States will require foreign airports to implement stricter security practices and screenings for any passengers headed to the U.S. John Kelly, the U.S. secretary of Homeland Security, ann.....»»

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SpaceX Falcon 9 Returns To Los Angeles

The first stage of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launched on Sunday from Vandenberg Air Force base has just returned to Los Angeles, to the Port of Los Angeles, after a successful landing on Sunday afternoon. The Falcon 9 was used to launch ten Iridium.....»»

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Notorious crow single-handedly shuts down mail delivery in neighborhood

And now for some very Canadian news: Mail delivery has been halted in certain areas of Vancouver because a "well-known crow" attacked a mailman.  SEE ALSO: Buy this house and you'll live in 2 countries at once Canuck the crow, who is identifiabl.....»»

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Google now offering early access to Area 120’s experimental apps and creations

Many of Google's most interesting creations lately have come out of Area 120 -- the company's in-house incubator for interesting and offbeat ideas. You can now sign up for early access through a link on the department's site. The post Google now offe.....»»

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NotPetya ransomware is a global epidemic – here’s how to protect your PC

The NotPetya ransomware seems to be a global epidemic, attacking organizations across 64 countries. We look into what this ransomware is all about, what platform it's attacking, and how you can protect your PC against this threat. The post NotPetya r.....»»

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Dude tries showing off a fish he caught and fails miserably

If you're going to brag, maybe do it a little farther away from the water.  A fisherman showing off a huge carp he just caught in Brno, Czech Republic was quickly embarrassed after the large fish slipped away, right back into the water nearb.....»»

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Travelers into the U.S. just dodged an expanded electronics ban — for now

We've been waiting for the electronics ban to expand beyond flights coming to the U.S. from the Middle East and parts of Africa, but on Wednesday the U.S. Department of Homeland Security made it sound like some new security procedures are all we shou.....»»

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See iPhone 8 at every angle in this purported leak video

You want to see the Apple iPhone 8 in a detailed video. The rumors appear to be true in this close look. We hit peak iPhone 8 rumors today, thanks to a very detailed video showing off a mockup of Apple's 10th anniversary smartphone at ever.....»»

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Facebook"s Secret Censorship Rules Protect White Men From Hate Speech But Not Black Children

Sidney Fussell from Gizmodo summarizes a report from ProPublica, which brings to light dozens of training documents used by Facebook to train moderators on hate speech: As the trove of slides and quizzes reveals, Facebook uses a warped, one-sided rea.....»»

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Man drives into Ten Commandments monument in Arkansas Capitol, streams it on Facebook

Replicas of the Ten Commandments on public property always spark controversy. (video link) This is one way to break the Ten Commandments. An Arkansas man was arrested early Wednesday after police said he rammed his vehicle into a newly in.....»»

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Toshiba Fires Back at Western Digital, Seeks $1.1B in Damages

Feud between partners deepens as Toshiba says it won't meet deadline for selling chip business......»»

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LG’s 77-inch W7 Wallpaper OLED TV is a window to another world in your living room

LG's W7 Wallpaper OLEDs are the next big innovation in TV, and they're only getting bigger -- literally. LG launched a 77-inch model that's just as thin as its 65-inch sibling, with all the bells, whistles, and high-end picture quality. The post LG&#.....»»

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Director Matt Reeves hints at elements of noir and mystery in ‘The Batman’

After rejoining The Batman in a directorial role, Matt Reeves explains that his vision for the film is different than in Batman movies past. This time around, the film will include elements of mystery and noir. The post Director Matt Reeves hints at.....»»

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