What to Expect in a Personal Injury Claim

What to Expect in a Personal Injury Claim.....»»

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Limiting protein reduces post-heart attack injury in mice

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 735,000 Americans experience a heart attack each year. Opening a blocked coronary artery to restore blood flow to the heart prevents sudden cardiac death. However, doing so al.....»»

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Polis is reinventing the door-to-door salesman

 There’s really not much difference between political canvassing and the door-to-door sales pitch. Startup Polis is leveraging its campaign experience to help large companies woo customers with that personal touch that can mean so much. T.....»»

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Tesla Model 3 will Performance version next year

 The Tesla Model 3 will eventually get a more performance-oriented option, which Tesla CEO Elon Musk says we can probably expect in around a year or so. The Model 3 tuned for better performance might inherit more of the muscle of the Model S, in.....»»

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Google kills Talk so Hangouts may live

Google has a frankly absurd ecosystem of chat, messaging and texting apps. In theory, the company would like enterprise users to get on board with Hangouts while directing people to Allo for their day-to-day personal chats and texts. In prac.....»»

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Telltale’s latest episode of ‘The Walking Dead’ exposes The New Frontier

Telltale Games announced the latest chapter of its episodic adventure game series The Walking Dead: Season 3 will launch by the end of March and fans can expect answers to many long-standing questions. The post Telltale’s latest episode of R.....»»

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How to set up two-factor authentication for your Apple ID and iCloud account

If you aren’t using two-factor authentication to protect your Apple ID and iCloud account, you really should do it today. Hackers who claim to have millions of stolen iCloud credentials are demanding Apple pay a ransom or they’ll release them.....»»

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Some Of Hacker Group"s Claim Of Having Access To 250M iCloud Account Aren"t False

Earlier this week, a hacker group claimed that it had access to 250 million iCloud accounts. The hackers, who called themselves part of Turkish Crime Family group, threatened to reset passwords of all the iCloud accounts and remotely wipe those iPhon.....»»

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Dell’s 32-inch 8K UP3218K Display Now For Sale: Check Your Wallet

Back at CES in January, Dell announced the next step in personal screen resolution advancements. The recent rise of ‘4K’ (or more accurately, Ultra-HD at 3840x2160) monitors has shown that there is a demand for high resolution interfaces.....»»

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Moto G5 Plus: Economy class that gets you there (with video)

When I book a plane ticket, I fly economy, but I always cast an eye over the prices in the business class column. For three to four times the cost, I could get better food, more room, a more comfortable seat and more personal attention. What I wo.....»»

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US Senate votes to overturn rule that would have required ISPs to get permission before selling browsing history

The Federal Communications Commission last October ruled that Internet service providers would need to gain consent from customers before being allowed to share (sell) personal information regarding their browsing history to third parties......»»

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Theranos investors who pledge not to sue get Elizabeth Holmes’ shares for free

After scandals and lawsuits, hobbling company is said to have $150 million left. Enlarge / Elizabeth Holmes, Theranos CEO. (credit: Getty | CNBC) Theranos CEO and founder Elizabeth Holmes is planning to give up some of her personal shares to i.....»»

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Feds: We"re Pulling Data From 100 Phones Seized During Trump Inauguration

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: In new filings, prosecutors told a court in Washington, DC that within the coming weeks, they expect to extract all data from the seized cellphones of more than 100 allegedly violent protesters a.....»»

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U.S. Senate to America: Yeah, we’ll let internet providers pimp out your personal data

However much you hate your cable company, know that they love you—and all the money you give them. Now, they've got another reason to love you, courtesy of the U.S. Senate, and the vote they just finished: Whoever provides your internet access.....»»

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Here’s What to Expect From the Next Big Emoji Update

Back in November, Unicode Consortium, who are the overlords that determine what new emoji will come to smartphones, detailed the next round of emoji that is set to launch in mid-2017. Thanks to Emojipedia, a site that makes and showcases emoji, we.....»»

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Two-Thirds of All Cancer Mutations Are Unavoidable, Scientists Claim

In a study that’s bound to attract considerable controversy, a pair of researchers are claiming that between 60 and 66 percent of all cancer-causing mutations are the result of random DNA copying errors, making them essentially unavoidable. The new.....»»

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Feds: We’re pulling data from 100 phones seized during Trump inauguration

Prosecutor notes: "All of the Rioter Cell Phones were locked." Enlarge (credit: ymgerman / Getty Images News) In new filings, local prosecutors told a court in Washington, DC that within the coming weeks, they expect to extract all data from t.....»»

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Senate votes to allow ISPs to collect personal data without permission

 The broadband privacy rules created by the FCC last year and vigorously debated last night are in danger after the Senate voted to repeal them this morning. Among other things, the rules required ISPs to obtain consumers’ permission in or.....»»

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Beyoncé made a cancer patient"s dream come true with the power of FaceTime

Queen Bey is no stranger to surprising fans at places where they least expect it.  Just last week she surprised a group of young girls backstage at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater in Los Angeles where she was supporting her mother. But it.....»»

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Destiny 2 release date, news and rumors

Activision has confirmed that a sequel to its first-person is coming later this year. Here's what we know. Update: Activision has said multiple times that we can expect Destiny 2 to be released this year but we haven't seen any official c.....»»

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Children"s Health℠ and Toyota Bring Car Seat Safety to the Streets of North Texas

PLANO, Texas, March 23, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- In Texas, one motor vehicle crash occurred every 61 seconds in 2015.1 However, a properly installed car seat can help dramatically reduce injury and prevent death in the case of a crash. That's why Toyota.....»»

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