What"s Behind Phantom Cellphone Buzzes?

Have you ever checked your phone thinking you had felt it vibrate or heard it ring, only to see that no one tried to reach you? One researcher decided to study this phenomenon......»»

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Hagerty Driveshare is the Airbnb of the classic and exotic car world

Hagerty DriveShare peer-to-peer platform puts enthusiasts behind the wheel of their dream classic or exotic car. It brings new blood to the hobby, while letting owners offset the cost of keeping an old or a high-end car on the road. The post Hagerty.....»»

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New patent reveals more about Facebook"s AR glasses

Some of the details behind Facebook's own take on the HoloLens have leaked out through a patent application. We know Facebook has some augmented reality specs in the pipeline - their own version of Microsoft HoloLens, without the bulk - though.....»»

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"Assassin"s Creed" badassery is even cooler with Leonard Cohen behind it

Ubisoft has always had a knack for nailing trailer music, and this latest look at Assassin's Creed Origins is no exception. Leonard Cohen's "You Want It Darker" provides the backbeat for this cinematic peek at the next Assassin's adventure, set i.....»»

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Jurassic World Evolution is a theme park sim from Planet Coaster dev Frontier

Theme Park with dinosaurs coming to PC, PS4, and Xbox One in 2018. Frontier, the developer behind the sublime Elite Dangerous and Planet Coaster has new sim in the works. Jurassic World Evolution is a theme park sim, but instead of ferris.....»»

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The Daily Stormer was back online for a quick second

 Neo-Nazi site The Daily Stormer is running out of options to stay online. There has been a public outcry against tech companies helping websites, such as The Daily Stormer. On August 18th, the team behind The Daily Stormer found a way to put th.....»»

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Prisma shifts focus to b2b with an API for AI-powered mobile effects

 The startup behind the Prisma style transfer app is shifting focus onto the b2b space, building tools for developers that draw on its expertise using neural networks and deep learning technology to power visual effects on mobile devices. Read M.....»»

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Comcast Completes Xfinity Mobile Rollout in U.S.

Comcast Corp.'s new cellphone service is now available in all its U.S. markets, the company said Thursday. Comcast launched Xfinity Mobile -- which the company says can save consumers 30 percent on wireless bills -- earlier this year to its employees.....»»

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Remember software"s dearly departed with Product Graveyard

Vine. Sunrise. Google Reader. Over the years, we've seen many pieces of software thrown on the virtual garbage pile. The reasons behind their demise are numerous: Sometimes a startup is acquired, only to be have its indie darling absorb.....»»

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Kit Kat Accused of Copying Atari Game Breakout

An anonymous reader shares a report: Kit Kat's maker Nestle has been accused of copying Breakout, the 1970s computer game, in a marketing campaign. Atari, the company behind some of the most popular early video games, has filed a suit alleging Nestle.....»»

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E-Commerce To Evolve Next Month As Amazon Loses the 1-Click Patent

An anonymous reader shares an article: Next month e-commerce will change forever thanks to Amazon. September 12 marks 20 years since Amazon filed for their 1-Click patent. This means that the patent will expire and the technology behind it will be fr.....»»

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How DC Comics Is Improving Creator Relations

Jesse Schedeen explores how DC's new Dark Matter imprint marks an important change in the relationship between comic publishers and creators. DC is clearly placing a lot of muscle behind the new Dark Matter imprint. Spinning out of the events o.....»»

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There are families of eclipses—and the science behind them is fascinating

Ancient civilizations have used solar eclipses to predict patterns for the phenomena. They were pretty on point with how often eclipses happen. Neil deGrasse Tyson sat down with Meteorologist Joe Rao to discuss more about the solar eclipse. Check out.....»»

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Rick and Morty Studio Seeks Funding for Fantasy Book

Starburns Industries, the studio behind Rick and Morty, hopes to publish The Crawling King, an upcoming dark fantasy novel. Starburns Industries, the studio co-founded by Rock and Morty co-creator Dan Harmon, is holding a Kickstarter campaign.....»»

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The new "Uncharted"s photo mode hilariously lets you ruin all the game"s best moments

Naughty Dog's games are too beautiful for your run-of-the-mill screenshots. The team behind titles like Uncharted and The Last of Us heard the cry from fans for more ways to capture their games' beauty by incorporating a photo mode into their latest.....»»

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"Volume" developer launches a surprise, bite-sized sci-fi game

Subsurface Circular came out of nowhere. Well, that's not entirely true. Mike Bithell, the developer behind Thomas Was Alone and Volume, tweeted a prescient question in April, asking followers if they'd be interested in paying $5.....»»

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Culture not biology is behind many differences between the sexes

It is becoming ever clearer that environment and culture may be determining traits we think are down to male or female biology, says neuroscientist Gina Rippon.....»»

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[QUIZ] Match the CEO to Their Automotive Brand

When we’re talking about automotive news here on The News Wheel, half of it is about the CEOs and other executives running the show behind the scenes. Can you match the CEO with their automotive company? Let’s find out! Vehicle Spotlight:.....»»

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Apple & other tech companies ask U.S. Supreme Court to apply 4th Amendment protection to location data

Apple has joined with Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Verizon and others in asking the U.S. Supreme Court to rule that 4th Amendment protections apply to cellphone location data. This would mean that location data could not be accessed without a warrant.....»»

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The human point: Gaining visibility into the context behind user actions

In this podcast recorded at Black Hat USA 2017, Dr. Richard Ford, Chief Scientist at Forcepoint, talks about the security industry’s need of a paradigm shift toward examining user behavior and intent. Here’s a transcript of the podcast fo.....»»

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Behind the Scenes of the Mayweather-McGregor Showtime Deal

Behind the Scenes of the Mayweather-McGregor Showtime Deal.....»»

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