Wedding dress made from Taco Bell burrito wrappers is anything but mild

Diane Nguyen is on a quest to prove her love ... of Taco Bell. The bride-to-be and her fiancé, Nick Ward, want to win a wedding at Las Vegas' Taco Bell Church, a prize currently up for grabs in the fast food chain's Love and Tacos contest. So, t.....»»

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Now that SXSW is over, here was, for sure, my favorite part

SXSW is 10 days of fun. Many of colleagues (I see you Brett Williams) teased me (on Slack) for having a "great time with all the work down there." But, hey, it's actually work. Attending panel after panel, speaking on your own panels, BBQ after BBQ,.....»»

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HyperX Cloud Revolver S Gaming Headset Review

Looks like the HyperX team is at it again and has come out with a new improved version of the HyperX Cloud Revolver S Headset. This is their flagship highest end headset and is made purely for the gamer in all of us. As most of you probably.....»»

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Cooking family meals, skipping TV during those meals linked to lower odds of obesity

Adults who don’t flip on the TV during dinner and those who eat home-cooked meals are less likely to be obese, a new study has found. But the frequency of family meals doesn’t appear to make much of a difference......»»

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After United Airlines incident, women share stories of being shamed for their clothing

In response to United Airline's legging-gate, women are speaking out.  Two young girls wearing leggings were banned from a flight on Sunday morning due to a violation of the airline's internal dress code. The situation, which was live-tweeted by.....»»

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This Dystopian Riot Control Truck Is the Vehicle of the Future

We all want to believe that the future is filled with amazing technology, the end of disease, interplanetary travel, and a thriving environment. But the good folks at Bozena Security Systems know that the future is made of armored plating and riot ge.....»»

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Can this man finally deliver "Lexus envy"?

Lexus has the quality, customer service and technology. But it still lacks one thing that its German luxury competitors have. Can new branding chief Tokuo Fukuichi help generate some "Lexus envy"?.....»»

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New tools to study the origin of embryonic stem cells

Researchers have identified cell surface markers specific for the very earliest stem cells in the human embryo. These cells are thought to possess great potential for replacing damaged tissue but until now have been difficult to distinguish from clas.....»»

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A win for Apple in Beijing as court overturns iPhone patent ruling

 Apple has bigger fish frying in the world of intellectual property. But it must be a relief that an IP court in Beijing has handed the smartphone pioneers a win. On Friday, the courts overturned a May 2016 ruling that said Apple had violated de.....»»

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Lin-Manuel Miranda, Anna Kendrick and more celebs "audition" to be Stephen Hawking"s new voice

Stephen Hawking's synthesized voice is perhaps just as famous as his brilliant mind. The theoretical physicist and cosmologist has "spoken" using the same Intel-made computer system for the past two decades. Now, however, Hawking says he's ready for.....»»

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The First Six Star Wars Films Have Never Been Cheaper

The Star Wars “Complete Saga” Blu-ray isn’t actually complete anymore, since it doesn’t include The Force Awakens or Rogue One, but $58 is still the best price we’ve seen on the first six films. You also get audio commentary on each movie,.....»»

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United Airlines bans 2 girls with leggings from flight because they weren"t "properly clothed"

United Airlines is in hot water after a dress code incident on Sunday morning.  In a series of live tweets, activist Shannon Watts explained that two girls who were wearing leggings were asked by the United Airlines gate agent to either change c.....»»

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This shape-shifting chair is perfect for tiny apartments

Need somewhere to sit but don't have the space for more furniture? Check out the 'Ollie Chair,' which can transform from a chair to a hanging art piece in just seconds. Read more...More about Real Time Video, Real Time Video, Real Time, Real Time Vid.....»»

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"StarCraft: Remastered" upgrades a real-time strategy classic

Blizzard is legendary for keeping old games alive, but it's going the extra mile this time around. The studio has unveiled StarCraft: Remastered, an overhaul that drags the 1998 real-time strategy game (including the Brood War expansio.....»»

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Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli are now officially married and wow, it looked beautiful

It's tough to swallow the fact all our invitations were lost in the mail to Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli's wedding, but thankfully we got a glimpse of a photograph from the celebration to ease the FOMO.   The couple met on the set of Orange i.....»»

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Scientists Demonstrate Method of Turning Spinach Leaves Into Human Heart Tissue 

Spinach has long been understood to be good for your heart. But researchers have demonstrated that some day spinach could actually be your heart. Specifically, it could be used to repair damaged tissue by giving human heart tissue a plant-infused vas.....»»

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Tonsillotomy: Fewer adverse effects at first, but renewed inflammation/surgery possible

In the short term, tonsillotomy is associated with less pain, as well as fewer swallowing and sleeping problems, than tonsillectomy. But regrowing tissue can lead to renewed inflammation......»»

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Rightscorp Boss Signs Deal That Could Be Bad News For Pirates

The new CEO of failing anti-piracy Rightscorp has signed a deal that will see him being paid large sums of money if he can turn the company around. How that will be achieved remains to be seen, but with the pool of file-sharers getting smaller and ev.....»»

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A river of rubbish: the ugly secret threatening China’s most beautiful city

An ‘international tourism destination of peerless beauty’ say the slogans hanging in the streets of Guilin, but one of the scenic city’s rivers has recently ... The post A river of rubbish: the ugly secret threatening China’s most beautif.....»»

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Bringing Realism to Sci-Fi/Horror with Life

It’s Jake Gyllenhaal, Rebecca Ferguson and Ryan Reynolds versus a possibly unstoppable alien force. But could it really happen? Daniel Espinosa has had a successful directing career, with a number of wildly different genre films under his bel.....»»

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Can Water Naturally Flow Uphill?

Earth's gravity is strong, but can water ever naturally go against it and flow uphill?.....»»

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