Watch Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Control a Giant Mech Robot

A mysterious mech robot makes its debut for Amazon......»»

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Snag a Sony PlayStation 4 Slim with 500 GB storage for only $265 on Amazon

Right now you can score one of the most popular gaming systems at a great price. This Sony PlayStation 4 Slim with 500 GB storage normally retails for $300 but is currently discounted to just $264 on Amazon, saving you $35 or 12 percent. The post Sna.....»»

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Amazon sees strong AWS growth in Q1 results

Amazon Web Services, the jewel in the company's crowd, fared well — despite a brief outage during the quarter......»»

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Amazon blows past earnings expectations

 Amazon reported first quarter earnings after the bell on Thursday. The company shattered earning expectations, reporting $1.48 per share, when Wall Street was expecting $1.12. Net income stood at $724 million. Revenue came in at $35.71 billion,.....»»

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F5’s new CEO shares his early impressions, his vision for the app delivery powerhouse

 F5’s new President and CEO, Francois Locoh-Donou, took over the reins of the application delivery networking company April 3, replacing longtime leader John McAdam who retired in 2015 but stepped back into the position when his replacement res.....»»

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Micron Hires New CEO: Sanjay Mehrotra, SanDisk Co-Founder And Former CEO

In February, Micron CEO Mark Durcan announced his retirement after three decades with the company. Durcan had previously announced plans to retire in 2012 while serving as the company's president, but the death of then-CEO Steve Appleton prompte.....»»

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Acer"s $139 fitness watch promises to monitor your stamina

Acer is adding to its stable of quirky fitness trackers that measure unusual health metrics with the newly unveiled Leap Ware. It follows the company's Liquid Leap lineup, which offered continuous heart-rate monitoring and stress-measur.....»»

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7-year-old who wrote adorable letter to Google CEO continues to crush it with new tech job

Chloe Bridgewater is only 7 years old but she's already getting paid to test products for a computer company.  Her new side hustle comes only a few months after she wrote a letter asking "Google boss" Sundar Pichai for a future job in tech. .....»»

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BlackBerry KEYone sales delayed a month to meet demand, TCL CEO says

Enterprise customers eager to get their hands on the new BlackBerry KEYone, with its old-fashioned hardware keyboard, will have to wait another month until its May 31 release.The delay isn't expected to hurt sales much, analysts said, partly becau.....»»

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MIT"s mobile 3D printer built the largest structure to date

Your next house could be built by a robot. Following the recent success of San Francisco-based startup Apis Cor, a team of MIT researchers have created a mobile autonomous 3D printer of their own. And to prove that the prototype works, the t.....»»

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Trends with Benefits: What gaming system do you most want & did a drunk guy just start a robot war?

Nintendo knocked it out of the park with the Switch and expects to sell 10 million consoles this year. But is the Switch the console for you? The post Trends with Benefits: What gaming system do you most want & did a drunk guy just start a robot war?.....»»

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Amazon taught Alexa to whisper sweet nothings in your ear

Soon enough, Amazon's Alexa will shout out your grocery list. That's assuming developers take advantage of the new language framework that Amazon has added to its digital assistant. The idea is that the Speech Synthesis Markup Lang.....»»

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Samsung Lifted by Strong Memory Chip Sales

Best ever quarterly profit for semiconductor division helps South Korean electronics giant shake off Galaxy 7 recall fiasco......»»

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Score a Garmin Vivofit 3 Activity Tracker for only $76 right now on Amazon

Get in shape just in time for summer with one of the most popular fitness trackers. The Garmin Vivofit 3 Activity Tracker normally retails for $100 but is currently discounted to $76 on Amazon. The post Score a Garmin Vivofit 3 Activity Tracker for o.....»»

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Forget the shopping channel, Amazon’s testing out a shopping app for Fire TV

Amazon’s long-rumored shopping app made an appearance on Fire TV before disappearing into the abyss. Amazon might be ready to overthrow QVC as the best way to buy unnecessary commodities from the comfort of your couch. The Seattle-based.....»»

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The FCC’s anti-net neutrality proposal is a giant question mark

 Yesterday the FCC’s Chairman, Ajit Pai, put existing net neutrality rules on notice, saying that the agency would continue to protect consumers — but with a lighter touch. Just how he plans to do that, however, is an open question......»»

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Micron Makes Mehrotra Next CEO

Micron named flash co-inventor and former SanDisk CEO Sanjay Mehrotra as its next chief executive, effective May 8......»»

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Help marine biologists eliminate an invasive species with an underwater robot

The Guardian LF1 is a tethered, underwater robot that hunts invasive lionfish at depths unreachable by most divers. Robotics in the Service of Environment, the nonprofit behind the Guardian, is now seeking funding via Kickstarter. The post Help marin.....»»

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Where’s Apple’s Amazon Echo competitor?

 Amazon is iterating quickly with the Amazon Echo as the company just announced the Amazon Echo Look, which is essentially an Echo with a camera. What is Apple’s answer? All we have is yet another rumor that Apple is working on a sort of c.....»»

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Google search on iOS will now help you find TV shows, movies and music on streaming services

 Google is today launching an update for iOS users that will make it easier to find media content – like TV shows, movies and songs –  on various streaming services and content marketplaces, including iTunes, Hulu, Amazon Video,.....»»

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How Google and Amazon think about multi-cloud workloads

It was not a big announcement from Google this week, but in a way it could be seen as a symbolic one.In a blog post, Google announced new functionality that will allow its Cloud Endpoints API (Application Programming Interface) management platform.....»»

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