Wanna have a catch? Play with this crazy agile drone from ETH Zurich

Researchers from Switzerland’s ETH Zurich have programmed an omnidirectional drone to be able to catch a ball in a tiny net when one is thrown in its direction. Check out a video of it in action. The post Wanna have a catch? Play with this crazy ag.....»»

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How To Hide Last Seen On WhatsApp | Easy Steps

Hello there, our cookbook full of tech tutorials offers an amazing tutorial that involves hiding last seen on WhatsApp. After this post, you will have learned how to hide last seen on WhatsApp. Have you ever noticed that your contacts ”last see.....»»

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Vitamin Girl Aims To Be An All-New Pepsiman

Vitamin Girl will have players racing through the streets on bikes, hoverboards, and on foot collecting drinks to clean out the evils of Koko Cola. Read Vitamin Girl Aims To Be An All-New Pepsiman on Siliconera!.....»»

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Google will give you a $1,000 to hack Android’s most popular apps

In order to help ensure that the Google Play Store remains secure and safe, Google has partnered with several app developers to offer an increased bug bounty on those who can help find and fix exploits within Android apps. The post Google will give y.....»»

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New York City ordered to share code for DNA evidence software

Many attempts to open up access to software in the justice system have fallen flat. Advocates in New York, however, have just scored a significant victory. A federal judge has publicly unsealed the source code for DNA analysis software pre.....»»

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Verizon’s new phone insurance might be better than AppleCare

Insurance plans offered by carriers are, by and large, a waste of money. Generally, you end up paying too much for a plan that still has a high deductible, and which will leave you waiting weeks just to have your phone replaced with a banged-up refur.....»»

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How to play a Hammond organ

I have a 1956 Hammond M3, youtube and this here book. Wish me luck! I bought Hammond Organ Complete because I literally had no clue how to even turn on the Hammond M3 I decided would complete my living room. Took me a while to figure out it wasn'.....»»

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Google Offers $1,000 Bounties For Hacking Dropbox, Tinder, Snapchat, and Others

An anonymous reader quotes Mashable: Google, in collaboration with bug bounty platform HackerOne, has launched the Google Play Security Reward Program, which promises $1,000 to anyone who can identify security vulnerabilities in participating Google.....»»

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GitHub’s scandalized ex-CEO returns with Chatterbug

 Translation earbuds might eliminate some utilitarian reasons to know a language, but if you want to understand jokes, read poetry, or fall in love in a foreign tongue, you’ll have to actually learn it. Unfortunately, products like Rosetta.....»»

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Lightweight and Compact Shelter Is The Last Base Before the Climb to the Highest Point in Europe

At an altitude of 3,800 meters, Ice-Age architects have designed and produced a compact and lightweight shelter as the last base before climbers venture up Mount Elbrus, the highest point in Europe. Inspired by Buckminster Fuller's 2V geodes.....»»

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5 super spooky Halloween sex toys

What better way to get into the Halloween spirit than by getting freaky? There’s already a glut of sexy halloween costumes —  have you seen Sexy Jon Snow and Sexy Fake News? But if that's not kinky enough for you, here are a few seas.....»»

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YouTube Red’s next original series is a Tinder-based comedy called ‘Swipe Right’

YouTube Red‘s original programs have yet to catch up to those from Netflix and Amazon in terms of quality and viewership, but the premium service continues to expand its catalog of content. The company has now greenlit a scripted comedy series.....»»

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Stop what you are doing and watch Nathan for You’s brilliant Uber episode right now

 If you have not yet had the pleasure of being introduced to Nathan for You, you’re in for a treat! The man behind the show, Nathan Fielder, is so wonderfully awkward in his delivery he might just make you pee your pants from laughing so h.....»»

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Now"s not the time to politicize the roving gangs of giant spiders slowly taking over America

First and foremost, let me say that what’s happening in this country right now is simply tragic. Families have lost loved ones, and this nation mourns with them.  But it is both premature and reprehensible to inject politics into this sudd.....»»

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Robert Scoble has allegedly continued to sexually harass women after going sober (Sarah Buhr/TechCrunch)

Sarah Buhr / TechCrunch: Robert Scoble has allegedly continued to sexually harass women after going sober  —  Venture capitalists Dave McClure, Justin Caldbeck and Chris Sacca, SoFi CEO Mike Cagney and a top Uber engineer have all b.....»»

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Somalia"s Death Toll Now at 358 as "State of War" Planned

The U.S. has stepped up military involvement in Somalia, carrying out at least 19 drone strikes against al-Shabab since January......»»

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Artificial eye dominance may speed reading for people with dyslexia

Flashing lights, eye-dominance test correlates eye physiology and dyslexia. Enlarge / Things tend to be a bit out of focus for my kids. (credit: Baruk Feddabonn) I have to admit that my only experience of dyslexia is via family members. My you.....»»

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Weekend Open Forum: What tech do your kids have and how is it managed?

If you remember, I wrote an article back in September about parental controls for iOS. I focused on that (outside of the fact that it was iPhone tip week) because my daughter has an iPad. Apart from that, the only other tech my daughter has is a five.....»»

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Porsche Design Huawei Mate 10 redefines luxurious style in smartphones

Huawei has certainly done very well for itself to be one of the major smartphone manufacturers in the world, and some of their flagship models like the Honor 9 and Mate 9 have definitely captured the attention of many. However, they have also collabo.....»»

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The origins of trick-or-treating begins and ends with honoring the dead on Halloween

The best part of Halloween by far is the candy.  If you're young and hungry for those sweets, obviously the best way to get them is to go trick-or-treating  But, have you ever wondered who created this prestigious celebration (still not a f.....»»

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BLACK+DECKER Smart Dog Collar

Every dog deserves its very own collar, and this is exactly what the folks over at BLACK+DECKER have done, coming up with the all new Smart Dog Collar. This is a path that is less traveled by BLACK+DECKER, where through their licensing program, they.....»»

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