Walmart is opening its own tech incubator in Silicon Valley

Like Target and Amazon, Walmart is trying to figure out what the future of retail looks like. The company already bought up startups like and clothing store ModCloth to better compete online, but Walmart's next move will invest.....»»

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How the world of esports is affecting console play

Looking into the world of esports and its evolution on console......»»

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Verizon"s $80 prepaid plan is unlimited but not perfect

Verizon has launched a new prepaid plan that sounds more enticing than many of its competitors'. At $80 a month, it offers unlimited data, talk and text in the country. The carrier also tacked on unlimited text to 200 other internationa.....»»

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Voot Rolls Out VOD Progressive Web App

Viacom18’s Foot has recently announced that it has turned its mobile website into a Progressive Web App (PWA) using features such as Add to Home-screen and a service worker. According to a recent press release, PWA allows reliable, fast, and engagi.....»»

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AMD unveils Radeon Pro Duo graphics card

AMD has announced its first dual-GPU graphics card designed for professionals: the Polaris-architecture-based Radeon Pro Duo. Built on the capabilities of the Radeon Pro WX 7100......»»

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GlobalWafers seeing robust semiconductor wafer demand

Demand for semiconductor-grade silicon wafers has been robust, according to GlobalWafers, which expects the market to see tight supply through the end of 2018......»»

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Facebook video gunman kills himself after chase

A man who filmed himself killing a 74-year-old man before putting the video on Facebook has taken his own life after a chase......»»

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Samsung Galaxy S8: New Software Patches To Be Released; Red Screen Issue Fixed

With just about a week after its release, Samsung now has patches for issues with the Samsung Galaxy S8.....»»

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Trump Wants Mars One To Happen At the End of His Term: NASA Says Its Impossible

President Trump wants the Mars One mission to take place on his second term. However, NASA believes that this is not feasible......»»

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Nasal Flu Vaccine Warnings From Federal Should Not Last Long, Study Suggests

A new analysis shows that it would be detrimental for the country if the nasal influenza vaccines would not be recommended despite its effectiveness against flu......»»

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"Genius": Albert Einstein"s Wild Side Stars in New Nat Geo Series

"Genius," a gripping new series about the life of Albert Einstein, makes its television debut tonight. The show delves into the more controversial aspects of Einstein's life, with plenty of violence and debauchery right off the bat......»»

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FreedomPop Lifeline Database Makes Lemonade Out of Lemons

FreedomPop Lifeline Database Makes Lemonade Out of Lemons Just a few months after having its credentials for participation in the FCC’s low-income Lifeline program revoked, FreedomPop has found a new Lifeline-related revenue stream: The company is.....»»

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Comcast DOCSIS 3.1 Gigabit Rollout to Cover Utah

Comcast DOCSIS 3.1 Gigabit Rollout to Cover Utah The Comcast DOCSIS 3.1 gigabit rollout continues with the news that Comcast is leveraging its investment in DOCSIS 3.1 technology to deliver residential broadband service as fast as 1 Gbps throughout.....»»

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Software-Defined Storage: Where It’s Headed

Software defined storage, though still in its infancy, is sure to be a major technology in the years ahead......»»

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SAS Tackles the Cybersecurity Analytics Challenge

Cybersecurity analytics is far from perfect, so data analytics pioneer SAS is hoping its expertise can help make it easier......»»

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Twistlock 2.0 Sharpens Its Focus on Container Security and Compliance

Twistlock 2.0 offers improved security visibility into their application container environments and drives compliance......»»

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Twistlock Raises $17M for Container Security

The application container security startup plans to expand into more markets and grow its product......»»

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IT Salaries Are Going Up—but Not Enough

While salaries for IT pros have increased in recent years, satisfaction with compensation has declined. As a result, many tech employees will seek a new job......»»

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Jerry"s Vodka Moves to an Agile Tech Platform

The company implemented an agile tech platform to accelerate its growth from a startup to a fully functional business that could fulfill orders effectively......»»

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The High Cost of the Growing IT Delivery Gap

As the gulf widens between expectations of IT and IT's ability to deliver, tech leaders are looking at new strategies to make the most of emerging technologies......»»

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What IT Pros Do—and Would Rather Do—at Work

Tech workers spend far too much time during the day troubleshooting and documenting tickets. They'd prefer to dedicate themselves to innovative projects......»»

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