Viral hashtag uncovers stories of everyday racism people face in Australia

Australia's government will push for changes to its race hate laws, and the internet is far from pleased about it. Conservative politicians and pundits have long pushed for alterations to Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act, which protects p.....»»

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Best new shows and movies to stream: ‘The Meyerowitz Stories’ and more

Need something to watch this weekend? Check out our list of the best new shows and movies to stream this week. On the list: 'The Meyerowitz Stories,' 'John Wick: Chapter 2,' and more. The post Best new shows and movies to stream: ‘The Meyerowit.....»»

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St. Miquel 19 Refurbishment / Carles Oliver

Refurbishment project built with € 18,000 budget that aims to bring empty homes back into use for people in housing need, which is a huge problem right now at tourist areas like Mallorca island.  © Jos.....»»

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Share anything from your Mac instantly with Dropshare 4

 Dropshare is a dead-simple file sharing utility that doesn’t tie you to any specific cloud service. A license for the Mac version is available now in the Boing Boing Store for $12.99.Sharing files with other people usually kicks off the same.....»»

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This week’s top stories: Apple’s new flagship store, iPhone production rumors, Mac mini’s future, more

In this week’s top stories: iPhone X production speculation continues, Apple opens a brand new flagship store in Chicago, iOS 11.1 betas 3 and 4, a tip for selling your Touch Bar MacBook Pro, and much more. Head below for all of this week̵.....»»

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Artificial eye dominance may speed reading for people with dyslexia

Flashing lights, eye-dominance test correlates eye physiology and dyslexia. Enlarge / Things tend to be a bit out of focus for my kids. (credit: Baruk Feddabonn) I have to admit that my only experience of dyslexia is via family members. My you.....»»

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Makers and Disaster Relief: Cistern Pump Solutions Needed

Contribute your ideas to help people get water into their homes Read more on MAKE The post Makers and Disaster Relief: Cistern Pump Solutions Needed appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers......»»

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Rural Urban Framework builds post-disaster housing in China featuring rooftop farms

Crops are planted on the roofs of these houses in China's Sichuan Province, which were designed by Rural Urban Framework as a possible solution for accommodating people affected by natural disasters. Read more Crops are planted on the roo.....»»

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Lotte de Raadt"s terracotta carafes are designed to encourage people to drink tap water

To encourage people to consume more tap water, Dutch designer Lotte de Raadt presents a range of terracotta carafes that naturally keep liquids cool at this year's Dutch Design Week, which starts today. Read more To encourage people to co.....»»

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Battery suppliers face capacity crunch

Concerns are growing that battery suppliers such as LG Chem and Samsung won't be able to keep up as automakers promise dozens of new electric vehicles in the coming years......»»

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Software Developer Creates Personal Cryptocurrency

mirandakatz writes: If you want to pick Evan Prodromou's brain -- as many people often do -- you'll have to pay him. And not just a consulting fee: You'll have to pay him in his own personal cryptocurrency, dubbed Evancoin. Currently, 20 days after h.....»»

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Spoke, a help desk automation AI chatbot for businesses, says it has raised a total of $28M from Accel, Greylock, and others since being founded last year (Jordan Novet/CNBC)

Jordan Novet / CNBC: Spoke, a help desk automation AI chatbot for businesses, says it has raised a total of $28M from Accel, Greylock, and others since being founded last year  —  - A people-operations staffer at a start-up that has.....»»

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Report: Twitter CEO took a Russian impostor’s bait in 2016

The retweets were for innocent, "positive" stories. And that was the point. Enlarge / Jack Dorsey, co-founder and chief executive officer of Twitter. (credit: Michael Nagle/Bloomberg) As the public learns more about confirmed Russian troll acc.....»»

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Project Loon LTE balloons restore some communications in Puerto Rico

Alphabet’s Project Loon has brought basic communications back to parts of Puerto Rico for individuals who have LTE phones. The communications are being made possible by Project Loon’s balloons; they’re currently giving people access.....»»

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MasterCard will finally stop forcing people to sign receipts

"Can I get you to sign on the bottom?" "Your signature, please?" "Sign here." Those prompts that you've heard forever after shopping, eating out, and spending money are coming to an end. SEE ALSO: Personalize your credit cards (and support a good cau.....»»

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"The Snowman" movie poster is so bad, it became a meme

The Snowman has been getting some lackluster reviews. So it only makes sense that the movie would get turned into a meme.   SEE ALSO: Michael Fassbender and James Corden almost defeated by an inanimate door People have been poking fun at the fil.....»»

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Google will now pay $1,000 for critical software bugs found in popular third-party apps

With malware creators becoming more aggressive and sophisticated, a number of tech companies in recent years have instituted "bug bounty" programs that provide monetary rewards to any individual or group that uncovers critical vulnerabilities in soft.....»»

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I"m not crying over a Burger King ad. You"re crying over a Burger King ad.

Burger King is taking a stand against bullying in a clever new ad that reveals what matters most to people: a bullied high school junior student or a bullied Whopper Jr.  If that sounds strange, just stick with us for a second. In the three-.....»»

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Let’s hope the T-Mobile Sprint merger keeps getting delayed forever

Much like flying cars, a T-Mobile/Sprint merger always seems to be on the horizon. Rumors first emerged in 2014 about a deal, only for everything to be called off, with regulators to blame. The grapevine sprouted new stories shortly after the corpora.....»»

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Project Loon"s LTE balloons are floating over Puerto Rico

About a month after Hurricane Maria's devastating landfall on Puerto Rico, and a couple of weeks after the FCC gave clearance, Project Loon is bringing wireless internet to people on the island. Part of (Google parent company) Alphabet&.....»»

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