Meerkat breaks up with Twitter, jumps into bed with Facebook instead

If your social media startup uses Twitter as a link to the people, then you run the risk of getting your lifeline cut off should you get too popular. After all, Twitter tried to crowd Instagram out with Twitter Video, Picture Sharing and Vine, and th........»»

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Meerkat for Android beta pops up in Play Store

Meerkat for Android is now available in beta from the Play Store. Now, even more lucky users can experience this new level of self-aggrandizement. The live-streaming video app has been a hit on iOS, but it faces an uncertain future with competition from.....»»

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Skype’s new SDK will bring chat to any web app

Of all the things Microsoft has been historically good at, video chat wasn’t one of them. They left Skype lingering on the vine for far too long, and are only now bringing the service up to speed. It’s coming along nicely, though, and it’s about to .....»»

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Facebook Messenger gets a new feature to take on Skype and FaceTime

Facebook is jumping into the video calling competition with its latest Messenger update. The new feature, which seems designed to challenge Skype and FaceTime, is available now through the Facebook Messenger mobile app. You can launch a video call from........»»

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Collin Burns in 5.253 seconds sets Rubik"s Cube time record (w/ Video)

Collin Burns took part in a Rubik's Cube competition at a high school in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, over the weekend. The event is recognized as an official World Cube Association competition. He solved the cube in 5.253 seconds. Hold that thought in remem.....»»

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Now you can share your Vine masterpieces with all your social networks at once

Vine has updated its iOS app to allow you to share your video loops with Vine friends, Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr through a single share action. Previously you had to share to each network individually, and Tumblr was not supported. Vine is a free downl.....»»

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Vine makes it easier to share videos everywhere at once

So you've discovered a catch Vine video that you know your friends will instantly appreciate, but they're scattered across multiple social networks. Will you have to sit there diligently tapping the share button over and over again to make sure every........»»

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Vine’s new share screen lets you post to multiple social networks at once, including Tumblr

Vine today received a little update that should make sharing just a touch easier… literally. With a new share screen, Vine users can choose to send a specific Vine to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, or revine the original video – all at the same time. The.....»»

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Watch: Samsung thinks these 3 features make the Galaxy S6 the ‘smartphone of your dreams’

Samsung has a lot to be proud of with the Galaxy S6 and a new video from the company highlights three key Galaxy S6 features it believes will make it stand apart from the competition. DON’T MISS: Google just unveiled a hugely ambitious Android Wear.....»»

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Young Mazda Motorsports Racers Discourage Distracted Driving

This past weekend, Mazda Road to Indy took to the streets of Long Beach for the Toyota Grand Prix to promote a specific message: drive safely! Mazda Motorsports has begun spreading the message of Project Yellow Light, a video-based scholarship competition.....»»

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Mi Pad: Beating the competition hands down

The Mi pad hosts a full HD IPS Retina Display with a 2048X1536 screen resolution. On the 7.9-inch screen, clarity and sharpness of the video playback is stunning......»»

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With Hykoo, You Can Combine Video And Text To Create 12-Second Short Films

 Despite all the mobile video apps out there, Gary Krieger said there’s still something missing — a need he’s trying to fill with his new app Hykoo. See, Vine has created its own set of stars, and Meerkat and Periscope offer new.....»»

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Here"s video of SpaceX"s rocket landing, and the explosion

Yesterday SpaceX made another unsuccessful try at landing a Falcon 9 first stage on a barge in the ocean, but the fuzzy Vine clip posted cut off right before things got exciting. Today, the company posted a longer, higher res video but quickly pulled........»»

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Play that funky music, second missed SpaceX landing

For the second time, SpaceX didn't quite manage to land a Falcon 9 rocket after it visited the ISS Tuesday, but the effort did yield a cool Vine and super-geeky satirical music video......»»

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Vine reveals its secret recipe for pitch-perfect audio loops

Vine, the six second video sharing app and social platform, may not be as widely used as Facebook or its parent, Twitter. But it does have tens of millions of users who make all sorts of endlessly entertaining video loops, in which the audio and video is .....»»

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Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Teases Nazi Zombies

Bethesda Softworks has released a vine video for Wolfenstein: The Old Blood which teases the coming of Nazi Zombies. They were not part of the original game, but the developer has seemingly honed in on the popular undead aspect and decided to include it i.....»»

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Mechanical Carnage: Gallery and Video from RoboGames’ Triumphant Return

We’re only a couple months in, and 2015 has already been a good year for robot combat. Battle Bots is back, and RoboGames ran a successful competition this past weekend. Make: was on-site at the San Mateo (California) County Event Center to see cont.....»»

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Gallery and Video from RoboGames’ Triumphant Return

We’re only a couple months in, and 2015 has already been a good year for robot combat. Battle Bots is back, and RoboGames ran a successful competition this past weekend. Make: was on-site at the San Mateo (California) County Event Center to see cont.....»»

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HTC enlists Robinson Cano to smash competitors’ phones with baseball bats for latest ad [VIDEO]

HTC is taking a break from Robert Downey Jr's services to indulge in some baseball fun with Robinson Cano, a world class second baseman hitter for the Seattle Mariners. The baseball player's task? To knock the competition out of the park... literally. .....»»

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Video-sharing startup Vibbidi wants to be the next Vine

We got a first look at a new video sharing app that's gearing up to take on Vine and Instagram this spring. Gaming execs: Join 180 select leaders from King, Glu, Rovio, Unity, Facebook, and more to plan your path to global domination in 2015. Ga.....»»

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