Use of biofuel could reduce aviation-related emissions

But burning biofuel still gives off a lot of soot particles. (credit: Bill Abbott) Emissions from aviation often result in jet trails, a specific type of cloud formation. These clouds can influence climate through alteration of water vapor and.....»»

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Nintendo Switch could outsell the Wii U in its first year

Nintendo's profits are up. It's claimed an operating profit of $1.6 billion (178 billion yen) for the last quarter, which, while around the same level as the last earnings report, is almost a billion dollars more than the same quar.....»»

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DJI could be about to unveil its smallest drone yet

DJI could be about to launch a quadcopter even smaller than its compact and foldable Mavic machine. All will be revealed at a special event hosted by the drone giant in New York City on May 24. The post DJI could be about to unveil its smallest drone.....»»

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Amazon’s Echo Look camera will use artificial intelligence to help you choose what to wear

Amazon unveiled a voice-controlled camera, the Echo Look, and an app that recommends which of two outfits is best. The post Amazon’s Echo Look camera will use artificial intelligence to help you choose what to wear appeared first on Tech2......»»

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Spotify might be working on a connected device

This diversification could be a sign that Spotify is ready to break free from Apple and Google by making its own peripherals for using its service. The post Spotify might be working on a connected device appeared first on Tech2. Spotify recentl.....»»

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Samsung"s new app aims to tackle driver distraction

Samsung's new In-Traffic Reply app for Android hopes to prevent accidents caused by tech-related distractions while driving. Despite all of us being told (many times over) that we need to keep our eyes on the road and our hands on the wheel whe.....»»

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Curb the Use of Overseas Tax Havens? Yes! But How?

There is wide accord that the current system encourages companies to keep money abroad. The question is how to tax funds brought home, now and in the future......»»

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Drones that pass packages to each other could be the future of home delivery

If Amazon has its way, the skies could soon be buzzing with drones, carrying our online purchases directly to our doors.  But today's drones can only travel so far — so what happens when you live out of range of a distribution hub? On Wedn.....»»

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The world of "Cars" has a dark and terrifying origin theory

Once you hear it, it's the only thing that makes sense. So, spoiler alert (Lightning McQueen pun intended): What you're about to read could forever warp the way you look at Cars. Screen Crush editor Matt Singer spoke with Jay Ward, creative director.....»»

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DJI"s smallest drone to date could be revealed next month

The even tinier follow-up to the popular Mavic Pro could be unveiled at a May 24 event. DJI is hosting an event on May 24, with all signs pointing to its smallest drone to date touching down amidst the gathered media (not literally, we imagine).....»»

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See how much sharper Project Scorpio games could look, even without 4K

Get a glimpse of what Microsoft's 4K-ready console can do to bump up your games. As E3 2017 fast approaches and its holiday release date not far behind, we're itching to know more about Microsoft's 4K-ready Project Scorpio, especially.....»»

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Major health benefits linked to indoor temperature variation, study finds

Exposure to environments outside a comfortable temperature could help tackle major metabolic diseases, such as diabetes and obesity......»»

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Chronic fatigue syndrome linked to imbalanced microbiome

Abnormal levels of specific gut bacteria are related to chronic fatigue syndrome/myalgic encephalomyelitis, or ME/CFS, in patients with and without concurrent irritable bowel syndrome, or IBS, scientists have discovered......»»

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p53 critical to recovering from acetaminophen overdose

A new study shows that after an acetaminophen overdose, the p53 protein plays a key role in preventing the progression of liver damage and signaling the liver to repair itself. The findings could lead to new treatments for people who overdose on this.....»»

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Clearing out old cells could extend joint health, stop osteoarthritis

Selectively removing old or 'senescent' cells from joints could stop and even reverse the progression of osteoarthritis, researchers report after a preclinical study in mice and human cells......»»

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Do medical marijuana laws promote illicit cannabis use and disorder?

Illicit cannabis use and cannabis use disorders increased at a greater rate in states that passed medical marijuana laws than in other states, according to latest research. The new study is among the first to analyze the differences in cannabis use a.....»»

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How to get adults to eat their vegetables? Study explores potential of spices and herbs use

Researchers interested in developing interventions to encourage adults to make better food choices are investigating whether using more spices and herbs, like ginger, curry, rosemary, or garlic, for example, can help adults consume more vegetables as.....»»

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Cannabis use in adolescence linked to schizophrenia

A new study points to cannabis as a trigger for schizophrenia. The research finds that smoking pot or using cannabis in other ways during adolescence may serve as a catalyst for schizophrenia in individuals already susceptible to the disorder......»»

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Possible new tool for first responders: An ice bag to the face

Cardiovascular decompensation is a significant risk after blood loss, even once the person is no longer actively bleeding. Applying a bag of ice to a person's forehead could help prevent this life-threatening complication while patients are being tra.....»»

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Simple treatment for severe bleeding could save lives of mothers around the world

An inexpensive and widely available drug could save the lives of one in three mothers who would otherwise bleed to death after childbirth, according to a major study. The global trial of 20,000 women found that death due to bleeding was reduced by 31.....»»

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IDG Contributor Network: Cyber crime as a service forces changes in information security

Cyber crime has been commercialized. Infecting computers with ransomware or using an advanced persistent threat to pilfer intellectual property no longer requires deep technical knowledge. Just use Google to learn how to access the Dark Web, and y.....»»

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