Trump administration cuts LGBTQ questions from elder care surveys

Activists and supporters are furious after it appears the Trump administration has removed any questions about the LGBTQ community from its national surveys that help decide funding for groups that support the elderly. SEE ALSO: Professor asks class.....»»

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How one man triggered a GM airbag sensor recall

Saturn Sky owner Troy Lyman's 67-page report on airbag sensor failures caused a recall of two General Motors cars. Before Lyman, the automaker and the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration had not acted......»»

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EPA chief calls historic climate treaty a "bad deal" because this is our life now

The Trump administration has made no secret of its plans to dismantle the climate policies of former President Barack Obama. But what Trump officials bring in fervor, they sometimes lack in understanding. Scott Pruitt, head of the Environmental Prote.....»»

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Sean Hannity is so very sad that Ted Koppel thinks he"s bad for America

Sean Hannity strong. Sean Hannity love America. So Sean Hannity sad when Ted Koppel say he bad for America.  Here's the transcript, from Sunday Morning on CBS:  SEE ALSO: Even this Fox News anchor thinks Trump's 'ridiculous' lies have gone.....»»

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How one sleepy town spent Saturday afternoon in the Great Depression

Image: Library of CongressFounded in 1762, the small city of Hagerstown, Maryland sits just south of the Mason-Dixon line and changed hands several times during the Civil War.In October 1937, Farm Security Administration photographer Arthur Rothstein.....»»

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Immunotherapy drug becomes first therapy approved by FDA for rare skin cancer

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has granted accelerated approval to the checkpoint inhibitor Bavencio (avelumab) for the treatment of patients with metastatic Merkel cell carcinoma......»»

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Uh oh: The "Pretty Little Liars" series finale will have a "huge twist"

Pretty Little Liars is notorious for creating a dozen more questions for every one it answers, so it’s no surprise that the Freeform show set up a big mystery even before it kicked off its panel at the fan-friendly PaleyFest on Saturday. Before.....»»

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Hey, Paul Ryan: Twitter thinks it"s time to call your office

President Donald Trump is doing just great after the Republican healthcare bill failed to make it to a vote Friday, thank you so much. No heads will roll for that humiliating defeat. Especially not the Just Cuts noggin of House Speaker Paul Ryan. It'.....»»

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Mosquito monitoring has limited utility in dengue control, study finds

Cross-sectional surveys of mosquito abundance carried out in the subtropics and tropics are meant to give researchers an indication of the risk of a dengue virus outbreak in any given area. This type of entomological monitoring, however, is not a goo.....»»

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California"s new car emission standards defy the White House

The Trump administration may be rethinking car efficiency regulations, but that isn't stopping California from putting its foot down. The state's Air Resources Board has finalized car emissions standards for 2022-2025 that the Whit.....»»

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Yes, the "Game of Thrones" showrunners hated HBO"s stupid melting ice stunt as much as you did

If you care about that which is best in life, or if you're (somehow) out of TV to catch up on or binge, then you're probably anxiously anticipating the new season of Game of Thrones like the rest of us.  But now one of the show's lead actors, Ni.....»»

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Alex Jones apologized for stoking the Pizzagate conspiracy theory, but all these protesters don"t care

Conspiracy theory peddling InfoWars host Alex Jones apologized on Friday for spreading the unfounded conspiracy theory that a D.C. pizza restaurant was at the center of a child sex-abuse ring run by Hillary Clinton.  But outside the White House.....»»

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After Healthcare Defeat, Can The Trump Administration Fix America"s H-1B Visa Program?

Friday the Trump administration suffered a political setback when divisions in the president's party halted a move to repeal healthcare policies passed in 2010. But if Trump hopes to turn his attention to how America's H-1B visa program is affecting.....»»

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Tobias Stone talks about identity, cryptography, and the future of citizenship

 In this episode of Technotopia I walk to Tobias Stone, a writer, entrepreneur, and academic. Tobias has been writing on Trump and Brexit and worked with, a workgroup focused on cryptographically proven citizenship. Stone believes th.....»»

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Tired of folding laundry? Let ThreadRobe take care of that for you

ThreadRobe sorts and hangs each item. When someone requests a piece of clothing, the system returns it wrinkle-free and ready to wear. Better yet, each item is steamed fresh to a user's specifications. The post Tired of folding laundry? Let ThreadRob.....»»

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#GOPDnD Has the Best Dungeons & Dragons Game Ever After Trumpcare Failed

After a series of closed-door meetings, rejected promises, and thinly veiled threats from President Donald Trump, Republicans finally pulled the American Health Care Act before taking a vote on Friday. This was met with laughter by many, and a few te.....»»

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Why You Should Care About the Supreme Court Case On Toner Cartridges

rmdingler quotes a report from Consumerist: A corporate squabble over printer toner cartridges doesn't sound particularly glamorous, and the phrase "patent exhaustion" is probably already causing your eyes to glaze over. However, these otherwise bori.....»»

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For architects, Trump’s wall reveals as much as it promises to close off

Walls that divide one country, or one ideology, from another are like that. We think of them as being pinned along an edge by necessity The post For architects, Trump’s wall reveals as much as it promises to close off appeared first on Architec.....»»

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"The Art of the Deal" gets a new chapter on Twitter after TrumpCare collapses

Welpity welp welp welpington.  If you care to venture onto the Twittersphere over the next few hours, you're likely to be bowled over with tweets about the flaming pile of sewage that was once the healthcare bill championed by President Donald T.....»»

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Pete Souza joins chorus gloating over Trumpcare failure with epic Instagram

The schadenfreude online when Trumpcare collapsed for a second time was deafening. However, amid all the resurfaced Trump tweets and Art of the Deal jokes one troll stood out once again. Pete Souza, Obama's official White House photographer, added an.....»»

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10 people afflicted by the failure of Trumpcare

President Trump, in a major defeat for republican efforts, pulled the Trump-Ryan Obamacare repeal bill on Friday afternoon after learning it didn't have enough votes to pass.  The failure is a huge win for millions of Americans who would have fo.....»»

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