This Is The Surest Way To Lead An Unsuccessful Life

This Is The Surest Way To Lead An Unsuccessful Life.....»»

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You can share the taste of lemonade through the internet

Ever see a friend post a photo of a drink online and wonder whether it's really as delicious as it looks? You might not have to pay a visit to find out: researchers have found a way to send the basic look and taste of lemonade through t.....»»

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Scientists find a low-cost way to build genomes from scratch

To put it mildly, sequencing and building a genome from scratch isn't cheap. It's sometimes affordable for human genomes, but it's often prohibitively expensive (hundreds of thousands of dollars) whenever you're charting.....»»

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Poor oral health, food scarcity major contributors to malnutrition in older adults

Food scarcity and poor oral health are major risk factors for malnutrition that leads an older adult – already at high risk of functional decline, decreased quality of life, and increased mortality – to land in the emergency department, say inves.....»»

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MashReads Podcast: "Fever Dream" is a surrealist "WTF!?" kind of novel

If you were to look back on the past, could you pinpoint the exact moment that shaped the course of your life? It's this very challenging and quixotic task that propels Samanta Schweblin's surrealist novel Fever Dream.  SEE ALSO: Listen here: 10.....»»

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EPA chief calls historic climate treaty a "bad deal" because this is our life now

The Trump administration has made no secret of its plans to dismantle the climate policies of former President Barack Obama. But what Trump officials bring in fervor, they sometimes lack in understanding. Scott Pruitt, head of the Environmental Prote.....»»

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"NBA Jam" creator talks about Midway"s little-known history

If you hung around arcades in the 1990s, you were likely extremely familiar with Midway sports games like NBA Jam and NFL Blitz. Apparently, though, even these classics have a few secrets left. Former Midway design lead Mark Turmell has part.....»»

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Samurai Jack: "XCIV" Review

Samurai Jack has to deal with the shocking, traumatic events of last episode while still fighting for his life. Warning: this review contains full spoilers for the episode! The fifth and final season of Samurai Jack continues to exceed all expe.....»»

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Dad trolls son at Cavs game to make him get better grades

Parenting 101: Trolling your kids is the best way to get them to do something.  Imagine you're a young Cavs fan, eager to watch LeBron James dominate in person. You turn on the TV to watch the game and you see... this.  Whose dad is this #.....»»

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Exercising 2.5 hours per week associated with slower declines in Parkinson"s disease patients

Parkinson's disease (PD) is a progressive condition that often results in mobility impairments and can lead to decreased health-related quality of life (HRQL) and death. There is evidence that physical activity can delay decline in PD patients. Resea.....»»

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Pharmacies should proactively offer naloxone to all patients who meet evidence-based criteria

Pharmacies should proactively offer naloxone, a drug that blocks or reverses the effects of overdose, to patients taking opioid medications through universal opt-out strategies in an effort to get the life-saving drug into the hands of more people wh.....»»

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Research team develops first-of-a-kind model to research post-malaria epilepsy

A first-of-its-kind mouse model could lead to an understanding of how cerebral malaria infection leads to the development of epilepsy in children, and to the prevention of seizures. The model -- a way for researchers to simulate the effects of malari.....»»

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When CGI Characters Rule Live-Action Movies

In the wake of Beauty and the Beast and Kong: Skull Island, here are some of the greatest CGI characters to come to life on the big screen......»»

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Power Rangers Has Solid Second Place Debut

Meanwhile, Life and CHiPS had less than stellar opening weekends. Power Rangers' solid debut this weekend wasn't enough to dethrone Beauty and the Beast, as Disney's live-action film held strong in first place at the domestic box office for its.....»»

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The mechanism of mucus: Discovery could lead to better cystic fibrosis treatments

Scientists found that mucin proteins, which make mucus thick and sticky, fail to unfold properly in the airways of people with cystic fibrosis. And they found the lack of water in the lung can trigger the misfolding mucins......»»

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Tonsillotomy: Fewer adverse effects at first, but renewed inflammation/surgery possible

In the short term, tonsillotomy is associated with less pain, as well as fewer swallowing and sleeping problems, than tonsillectomy. But regrowing tissue can lead to renewed inflammation......»»

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Bringing Realism to Sci-Fi/Horror with Life

It’s Jake Gyllenhaal, Rebecca Ferguson and Ryan Reynolds versus a possibly unstoppable alien force. But could it really happen? Daniel Espinosa has had a successful directing career, with a number of wildly different genre films under his bel.....»»

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What Did You Think of Tonight"s Samurai Jack?

Samurai Jack has to deal with the shocking, traumatic events of last episode while still fighting for his life. The review for this episode of Samurai Jack will be posted on Sunday at this same URL. In the meantime, share your thoughts on "XCIV.....»»

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These scientists turned spinach leaves into beating heart tissue

Popeye was fond of cramming cans of spinach to beef up his cartoon biceps. Now scientists say the leafy green really could help build a real-world muscle, only this time, it's the human heart. A team of U.S. researchers found a way to use the veins o.....»»

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Cardiac lead extractions safer in high volume centers

Cardiac lead extraction is safer in high volume centres, according to the largest study of contemporary practice in Europe. Extraction in a low volume centre was associated with a doubled risk of death while in hospital......»»

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Sunday"s Best Deals: Star Wars Saga, WeMo Mini, Amazon Luggage Sale, and More

The complete* Star Wars Blu-ray, Belkin’s WeMo Mini Smart Plug, and discounted luggage lead off Sunday’s best deals. Read more........»»

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