This $400 appliance that squeezes juice out of a bag appears unnecessary

Investors scrambling to get in on subscription services made this juice presser a star in 2016. Enlarge (credit: Juicero/ PR Newswire) A cold-press juice company called Juicero was one of the top-funded hardware startups in Silicon Valley las.....»»

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Maybe Don"t Manually Install Windows 10 Creators Update, Says Microsoft

Two weeks after Microsoft started rolling out Windows 10 Creators Update, the company has asked the users to avoid manually installing the major update. A report adds: But why? Because the update is causing problems for users. The first phase of the.....»»

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Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update starts rolling out to supported devices

The Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update is now rolling across regions in waves, so owners may have to wait until they receive the notification. The post Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update starts rolling out to supported devices appea.....»»

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OMG Jeff Goldblum will return in "Jurassic World" sequel

Life finds a way ... to bring Jeff Goldblum back into the Jurassic franchise. The Jurassic Park star is set to appear in the upcoming Jurassic World sequel, according to The Hollywood Reporter.  SEE ALSO: Jeff Goldblum's handing out free sausage.....»»

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8 of the best Huawei P10 cases for your new phone

We've picked out a selection of the best Huawei P10 cases for all budgets, styles and needs. The Huawei P10 might not be the most exciting flagship of 2017, but it’s still a dependable handset and a solid upgrade to one of 2016’s.....»»

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VR"s latest victim: "live" standup comedy

Comedy Living Room started in 2012 as a way for emergent stand-ups to try out gags in the safety of a friend's living room. Now, the event is embracing virtual reality, enabling everyone to watch a low-fi comedy gig in someone else'.....»»

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Baidu Battles Google on Robo-Car Derby

Baidu’s plan to “open up” its autonomous driving platform to others surprised many auto industry watchers. One analyst described it “a bit of a moon shot.” But he thinks China is the right place to try this out......»»

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Delta is handing out premium headphones to rich people

Starting on July 15th, you'll find a pair of premium LSTN headphones in your seat when you fly overseas in first or business class with Delta. They're really not quite like your typically plain onboard headset, with beautiful woode.....»»

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The highway to the ‘Danger Zone’ ends this May with Burnout-inspired crashes

Danger Zone is a spiritual successor to Burnout created by members of the original game's development team. It's out next month on both PlayStation 4 and PC, with no plans to bring it to other consoles. The post The highway to the ‘Danger Zone&.....»»

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Someone is enlisting the public to help find an old iPod filled with 10 years worth of terrible music

iPods have gone out of fashion, but there are still people who hold those portable media players as sacred — like this now musically deprived person who posted a sign for a missing iPod in Airdrie, Scotland. SEE ALSO: The small corner of Reddit.....»»

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Nasa"s Cassini probe is preparing to plunge between Saturn and its rings

Engineers at Nasa are readying the Cassini probe for its most daring mission yet. We know quite a bit about the inner planets of the solar system - particularly Mars - but much less about the gas giants further out. That's why, in 1997, Na.....»»

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An artificial womb that looks straight out of the Matrix could save the most fragile premature babies

Eight premature lambs grew inside a plastic bag-like artificial womb filled with artificial amniotic fluid.  The successful animal tests mean that the technique could soon be used for extremely premature and vulnerable newborn babies. Read more......»»

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Three Comets Will Pass Near Earth in 2017 and 2018 | video

Comets 46P/Wirtanen, 45P/Honda-Mrkos-Pajdusakova and 41P/Tuttle-Giacobini-Kresak will make close passes. Find out when, how far and what we hope to learn about them in the latest installment of Science@NASA......»»

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Grande Communications Gigabit Rolled Out in Four Texas Markets

Grande Communications Gigabit Rolled Out in Four Texas Markets Grande Communications gigabit is now available to homes and businesses in four Texas cities — Austin, Dallas, Midland, Odessa and San Marcos —  for prices starting at $69.99.....»»

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Huddly raises $10M to “reinvent the camera” with a computer-vision platform for video meetings

 Huddly, a Norway-based startup that sells a camera targeting remote company meetings (or huddles) and is building out what it describes as a “computer-vision” platform to help managers glean better data from those meetings, has rais.....»»

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How to save your parking spot in Google Maps

Update, 4/26/17: The article has been updated with additional information now that the parking feature is out of beta testing.Google Maps is finally starting to understand the headache that is parking. Earlier this year it added a parking availabi.....»»

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"White Collar" crime tracker mocks police profiling bias

As Police forces edge ever closer to realizing the plot of Minority Report, a new art-slash-research project aims to point out inequality in our society. With White Collar Crime Risk Zones, three artists come researchers are reworking predic.....»»

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700 million people are using Instagram

Instagram's Stories feature beating out all of Snapchat in terms of users is so two weeks ago. Now the photo-minded social network is crowing about hitting 700 million users in rapid fashion. Specifically, 100 million folks flocked to t.....»»

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7 things you can do to make your iPhone safer

If you’re worried about your iPhone, and all your data being stolen, then you need to take certain preventive measures. Check out our guide to iOS security and make the most out of your device’s security features. The post 7 things you can do to.....»»

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Packing Materials Trivia: Facts That Will Amaze Your Friends

Have you ever been at a party and wanted to discuss a topic that was a little out of the ordinary? The post Packing Materials Trivia: Facts That Will Amaze Your Friends appeared first on Architecture Lab......»»

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Mossy Oak and SnowLizard reveals iPhone 7’s SLXtreme 7 case

A totally new iPhone 7 might be something that is on your wish list at the moment, although you cannot but help to wonder whether you would prefer to wait it out for the all new iPhone 8 when that arrives. Having said that, a protective case for your.....»»

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