The Week in iOS Apps: Can an app be your friend? Replika wants to try

No new friends Image by Rob Schultz/MacworldThis week’s roundup includes a couple of artificial intelligence offerings—including an app that says it loves you. Think that’s weird? Read on.ReplikaImage by LukaTo read this article in full or to l.....»»

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Do you know if you"re fertile? You may be able to use your phone to test that

The bright minds at Harvard University created a device that allows men to measure their ability to procreate with nothing more than their smartphone. But it's still a ways away from public introduction. The post Do you know if you're fertile? Y.....»»

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Red-Light Camera Grace Period Goes From 0.1 To 0.3 Seconds, Chicago To Lose $17 Million

The Chicago Department of Transportation announced a new policy earlier this week that will increase the "grace period" -- the time between when a traffic light turns red to when a ticket is automatically issued. The decision has been made to increas.....»»

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Social Media Sleuths Fail Again: The London Attacker Who Wasn’t

On the dark side of digital platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Wikipedia, individuals’ misconceptions and outright falsehoods can overrun basic facts......»»

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Wow! Facebook now allows users to react to chats inside Messenger

Facebook's News Feed reactions are debuting in Messenger. The app now allows users to like or use an emoji to react to messages, while mentions also make a new appearance for group chats. The post Wow! Facebook now allows users to react to chats insi.....»»

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Article: In Japan, More People Read News Via Apps than Web

In the past year, over 73 million people were mobile news readers, and 40.9 million got their headlines through apps......»»

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Article: More than 60% of Mobile Short Video App Users in China Are Women

Mobile short video apps have found a willing user base among women and those in their late 20s in China. There are lots of platforms to choose from......»»

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VR system can help treat people with social anxiety and speech disorders

24-year-old Product Design student Gareth Walkom has developed VR software designed to help individuals work through social anxieties and speech disorders by confronting a range of virtual scenarios. The post VR system can help treat people with soci.....»»

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Take 5 Minutes To Read And Improve Your Writing Skills Forever

Take 5 Minutes To Read And Improve Your Writing Skills Forever.....»»

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Two guys trespassing an NBA player"s yard is now a judgmental meme

*New meme alert* A screenshot of a video created by viral stars Nick Joseph and Dan Rue has become the newest meme to send to your friends when you're judging them hard, but also very concerned about their choices: When you like one picture and they.....»»

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Google "can"t guarantee" ads won"t appear by offensive content, Eric Schmidt says

Google can't say for certain that ads placed with its various massive platforms won't end up near an offensive video or website. At least that's the opinion of Eric Schmidt, chairman of Google's parent company, Alphabet, and the most prominent public.....»»

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Facial recognition will help doctors detect rare genetic disease

A group of scientists have used facial recognition for something other than verifying identity or catching crooks on the run. The team from the National Human Genome Research Institute have developed a facial recognition method that can diag.....»»

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Scientists discover protein that may reverse some damaging aspects of aging process

Scientists in Germany have discovered a protein that can prompt the body's blood stem cells to act young again, potentially reversing some of the bad aspects of the aging process. The post Scientists discover protein that may reverse some damaging as.....»»

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Twitter Considering Paid, Premium Version for Some Users

Twitter wants to make its service more valuable to "marketers, journalists, professionals, and others." Twitter's been sending out surveys rousers, with a mock-up of a more powerful, possibly subscription-based TweetDeck. A Twitter spokesperson.....»»

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Of course Starbucks figured out a way to ruin avocado toast

Basics, rejoice. Starbucks has—years into the game—finally jumped onboard the avocado toast wagon, and is offering packages of organic avocado spread for all your snacking needs. SEE ALSO: Drinking coffee like the 'Gilmore Girls' is a nig.....»»

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Ads in your eye

How new technologies are transforming outdoor advertising......»»

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CREDO and Cloudflare argue against national security letter gag orders

 Earlier this week, the FBI finally allowed Cloudflare and CREDO Mobile to identify themselves as recipients of national security letters, which allow the agency to secretly order tech companies to hand over customer data. (The FBI initially all.....»»

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Price drops on Fairy Fencer F Advent Dark Force & Odin Sphere Leifthrasir in Deals

New lows on Fairy Fencer F Advent Dark Force, Odin Sphere Leifthrasir, and a big PlayStation Store sale this week in deals roundup. Read Price drops on Fairy Fencer F Advent Dark Force & Odin Sphere Leifthrasir in Deals on Siliconera!.....»»

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Check out your gaming statistics as PlayStation Store celebrates 10 years

It's PlayStation Store's tenth birthday and Sony's got statistics and cheap PS4 games for all to share......»»

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iPhone users will soon be able to send Starbucks gifts with Apple Pay via iMessage

Starbucks recently announced that this coming April it is bringing its gifting service to the iOS messaging app. iPhone owners will now be able to gift Starbucks purchases to other iOS users through the iMessage app using Apple Pay. While the details.....»»

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Post Intelligence says it can make your tweets better

 Social media can be hard. I’m not speaking hypothetically here. There have definitely been days where I’ve thought, Shoot, it’s been way too long since I’ve posted on Instagram or Twitter — and then completely fail.....»»

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