The Royal Family celebrates the Queen"s 91st birthday by sharing special photos on Twitter

Turning 91 years old is certainly something to be celebrated — no matter who you are.  Queen Elizabeth II is 91 today and to mark the occasion, the Royal Family is tweeting black and white photographs of Elizabeth at special moments in her.....»»

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Article: Facebook and Twitter Now Have Original Content, but Can Viewers Find It?

David Oksman, head of global strategic communications planning and US activation at Reebok, shares his perspective on the advertising opportunities presented by original video content on social media......»»

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The unmatched, untamed ‘XE SV Project 8’ is just the beginning, says Jaguar

Special Vehicle Operations, Jaguar Land Rover’s in-house performance unit, has created the most powerful road-legal Jaguar ever. To get the full scoop on the XE SV Project 8, Digital Trends sits down with SVO executives in this exclusive interview......»»

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WhatsApp adds colorful text-only updates to Status

WhatsApp's Snapchat Stories clone is getting a new text-only feature. Now, instead of just photos and videos, you can update your WhatsApp Status with colorful, meme-like text posts. SEE ALSO: Facebook's dumbest feature is coming to desktop now, too.....»»

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Check out these stunning photos of today’s total solar eclipse

The momentous solar eclipse has come and gone, but you needn't worry if you missed it -- just come check out our picks for the best solar eclipse photos! You don't even need a pair of special glasses. The post Check out these stunning photos of today.....»»

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Hot Chips: Intel Knights Mill Live Blog (4:45pm PT, 11:45pm UTC)

Another talk from Hot Chips, this time on Intel's Knights Mill (KNM). The Intel Knights family stems from their Xeon Phi product line, although KNM is a bit different, with machine learning specific changes. It's not a completely new Xeon Ph.....»»

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How to stop "doctor brides" from dropping out in Pakistan

Many female doctors in Pakistan drop out when they start a family. There's a new scheme to help them continue in practice by doing online video clinics on their laptops......»»

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AMD Ryzen 3 1300X and Ryzen 3 1200 AM4 CPU Review

With the release of the AMD Ryzen 3 CPUs, the entire Ryzen CPU family is finally complete. Unlike the Ryzen 7s which will find home in high-end PCs and the Ryzen 5s which are a great bang-for-buck mainstream performance CPU, the new Ryzen 3.....»»

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Everyone"s freaking out about the eclipse giving them headaches

They say that after the party is the after-party, but what happens after the eclipse?  Well, that's when we all get to enjoy hours of post-eclipse hypochondria.  And now, the post-eclipse — Tom.....»»

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A 55 and over Facebook group where friends are made

It’s not easy getting older: Joint pain, bad knees, trouble hearing — the kinds of problems that get more challenging when there’s no one in your life to help you out. Whether your family lives far away or you’ve made the choi.....»»

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The most epic images from the 2017 total solar eclipse

Epic photos from the Great American Eclipse are pouring in as people from all over the U.S. witnessed the rare event. Here are some of our favorites. Read more...More about Space, Mashable Video, Solar Eclipses, Total Solar Eclipse, and Solar Eclipse.....»»

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CNN bets Snapchat kids won"t be bored by hard news

Snapchat's news section Discover frequently features Kim Kardashian photos, dog photos, Kylie Kardashian photos, iPhones photos, and Kourtney Kardashian photos.  CNN is hoping that hard news can break through all that click-y content. On Monday,.....»»

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Images of 2018 BMW M5 sports sedan leaked ahead of its official debut

The 2018 M5 was revealed a bit earlier than BMW wanted. Leaked photos show what the next-generation sports sedan will look like, although technical details are still under wraps for now. The post Images of 2018 BMW M5 sports sedan leaked ahead of its.....»»

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Fuchsia 720S proves McLaren will do anything for its customers

This fuchsia McLaren 720S was customized for entrepreneur Michael Fux by the automaker's McLaren Special Operations (MSO) division. The shows there really is no accounting for taste. The post Fuchsia 720S proves McLaren will do anything for its custo.....»»

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I was one of the first humans to see a solar eclipse in virtual reality

No special filtered glasses required to stare at the Sun in a Gear VR headset. Enlarge / Look all you want... in VR, this kind of view of the Sun is completely safe to stare at. I've been told that being present for a total eclipse of the Sun.....»»

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Here"s what people across the U.S. saw during the solar eclipse

The solar eclipse is taking the United States by storm today, with millions of people across the country snapping nifty photos and stunning videos of the celestial event.  SEE ALSO: How to watch the total solar eclipse from anywhere on Earth But.....»»

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Annnnnd cue the post-eclipse hypochondria

They say that after the party is the after-party, but what happens after the eclipse?  Well, that's when we all get to enjoy hours of post-eclipse hypochondria.  And now, the post-eclipse — Tom.....»»

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Total eclipse of the Ars

From thick clouds to glorious totality, a flavor of 2017's North American eclipse. Enlarge / The partial eclipse from New York City. (credit: John Timmer) Our staff is sharing its eclipse stories and photos from today. The post will be updated.....»»

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The moon literally blocked the sun on Twitter

In case you don't know by now, America is currently experiencing a total solar eclipse, and the internet is full of jokes.  So it should come as no surprise that @NASAMoon and @NASASun, two of NASA's Twitter accounts, are also getting in on the.....»»

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Facebook’s Safety Check feature gets its own dedicated button, can be accessed anytime

Facebook is giving its “Safety Check” feature a permanent home in its app and on the desktop, the company announced today. The feature, which lets you check to see whether friends and family are safe following a crisis, will now have its.....»»

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PlayStation Teases "Something New" Incoming

Mysterious tweet from PlayStation provides a video but no answers. PlayStation's Twitter accounts have begun posting a mysterious tease: We’re getting geared up for the reveal of something new. — PlayStation UK (.....»»

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